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  1. I can confirm that the host cant get hit in order for others to get the trophy. A friend of mine and I did it multiple times with no trophy then he finally got to the end without getting hit and then I joined in on his game and then he killed him without still getting hit and we got the trophy. I think it has to do with the host on not getting hit. He did it with another friend of ours as well and he also got it without true host player getting hit.
  2. Ok thank you.
  3. I wonder if this update allows you to get trophies in private again or if the user level went up past 50. Can someone confirm
  4. That’s where two of my friends got the trophy from. I just got mine last night and I did it in a couple different spots each day but mainly it was the metro under the fish joint. I rubberband mine for about 8 hrs each night for 4 days while I slept.
  5. Try doing it all in one session. A friend left his system on for 31hr straight and got the trophy. The ones that are having a hard time getting it, try this method if you haven’t already. Also using the broom does work, there has been confirmation from true achievements that it works.
  6. Has anyone had issues with their character and weapon not leveling up right since the latest update? So my character was on 14 then went to 15 then played a couple more matches and noticed it was back down to 14 and wasn’t leveling up anymore or right; what I’m meaning by that is I was watching it and it would level up 14 a bit again then drop back down to like the start of 14 every match afterwards. Got it back to 15 but I ended up doing a challenge card for that character for it to track. This just seems odd.
  7. I got the trophy by buying an item on chapter 6.
  8. I wonder if I do new game plus and collect new stuff like in chapter 6 if it will pop that one trophy. I have everything else so I’m not to concern with the guardians collectibles as I should have over the percent in that area. If I don’t get it by chapter 6, I may just start a new playthrough.
  9. I’m having trouble with this on the ps5, I also followed the guide to a t and still didn’t get it. I wonder if loading a save causes it to get messed up. I loaded a previous save and then loaded back into my main save once I was done with that so I’m not sure if it messed it up. I hope I don’t have to replay the whole game for this.
  10. Sweet thanks for confirming this.
  11. I hope the trophy pops for people that didn’t fully have 30 guns upgrade and are upgrading them now to 4 stars as well. Anyone can confirm this?
  12. I think if you play a level in private it will update you with a percent in trophy progress for that difficulty but that’s only after you play matches online that it will do that. That’s what it did for me but that’s before the update
  13. It’s defiantly doable on Ps5. You have to have a solid 3 player team. The thing is always run back to an area before and funnel the aliens to you. You need to make sure you have the pump shotgun with you. A gunner, tech, and recon are the three we run with. Use overclock when the big guys get close to you and also when the green spitter guys spawn in front or behind you. Aways communicate with your team is a big key on the harder difficulties. If you have more questions, I’m happy to help with those.
  14. Can you give me a ball park on how many times you ran it to get them all on biome 2? I’m about 77hrs into it lol that’s with beating the game and all.
  15. ok, I will keep pushing and trying at it then. Yea I don’t really want to do the whole game over again. The one your talking about is one of the two I’m missing. The one you use the floating ball to make those steps appear and then the one where it’s in the middle and you have to jump to it with lava below. Thanks for the advice