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  1. Can you give me a ball park on how many times you ran it to get them all on biome 2? I’m about 77hrs into it lol that’s with beating the game and all.
  2. ok, I will keep pushing and trying at it then. Yea I don’t really want to do the whole game over again. The one your talking about is one of the two I’m missing. The one you use the floating ball to make those steps appear and then the one where it’s in the middle and you have to jump to it with lava below. Thanks for the advice
  3. Funny thing is how much trouble your having with biome 6, that’s what I’m running into with biome 2. The two really rare places are just not showing up for me. I feel your pain for sure
  4. Has anyone tried to do a new game instead of just restarting cycle over and over to see if doing that biome 2 collectibles would be easier to get. I’m just curious bc I’m not getting anywhere doing the cycle restart.
  5. Yes that’s correct and I’m in the same boat with needing two and both are very rare.
  6. Thanks for the video
  7. I know I haven’t ran it 100 times yet but dang I’m getting tired of seeing the same builds over and over again. Congrats on the plat though
  8. I have tried this a couple of times without success. I’m also needing some in biome 2. I wonder if I delete my save and start over if they will show up quicker.
  9. How many times did people usually get there last two in? I feel like giving up on it right now. Been trying for the last two days speed running through it without getting anywhere. I have found the hand room 3 times now. I wonder what is needed to get the other rooms to spawn in.
  10. I have been doing that for the last day and half with no luck except for getting the hand to spawn twice already but nothing else. I’m missing two and I know which ones they are just need them to show lol
  11. I’m having a hard time finding the last two I need, I’ve been running through biome 2 the last two days with no luck. Is there something I’m missing? Do you have to have parasites for them to spawn? I have the one from the hand room but not from the one that you use the ball to get up higher in the area and the one that uses the circular room. I’m about 75hrs into the game and it’s all I have left. Ready to be done. Lol
  12. I’m missing the last record in this area and it doesn’t show up as a !, if anyone can help with location or send me a picture with this part of the area that has it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. Don’t use the construction worker, use the person you start the game with. Like I said in my post. I have tried what you did and didn’t work before. Like I said I have tried many things with no luck. That was the only thing that worked. I didn’t even do any missions. Once I got out of the safe house, I went across the street and hyjacked a drone and went from there with the starting character. You don’t need to delete saves or anything like that. It has to be in one sitting, no closing the game, 1 server. I have tried the way you did it khantoo before and didn’t pop so that’s why I put what worked for many after trying many methods like what others have tried.
  14. I just got this with many attempts, many days. What works is a combination of what everyone has tried before. I used one character and the fly drone. I didn’t fast travel or use cars, I just flew around the whole map with the drone. Make sure the drone is away from the paste so that it zooms out on the picture after you paint it. Also it has to be done on 1 SERVER that is a must. Do not do part of them and come back later or close the game. It takes around 2 hours to do it. This is done on the latest update, 1.09. If you have questions, ask. Do not skip the cutscene. I did this on another attempt at doing it after I had them all done before on the same save file.