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  1. Mass Effect got damn it, is the only game I want a remaster 😁
  2. PLATINUM 69 😏😏 JAK 3
  3. The only message I received is "founds were added to your wallet" and "thanks for your purchase" 😒😒
  4. That's weird 😮
  5. NEVER PRE ORDER A GAME I really hope you learned the lesson this time 😒😒
  6. 😂😂😂 Well Bethesda is the kind of game developer that do that things
  7. Damn, you really have to pay for this "dlc"... Only Bethesda can charge you money for this shit that had to be at launch
  8. I was planning to buy this game... Thankfully I didn't 😁
  9. @totallycrushed too bad, thanks.
  10. I have a doubt too. This works with the battlefield hardline?? 🤔🤔
  11. That was the part that I used a few days ago for the weapons kills 😅😅. I'm going to use it again for the remastered
  12. 1. Platinum almost any game that easy medium difficulty, and a couple of hard ones (definitely not going for any fifa, titanfall 2, crash team racing and most of the cod) 2. One game with a lot of stacks is more than welcome 3. 100%... Only if the game is good enough (personal opinion) 4. Not platinum of games with 100+ hours (the Witcher 3😭)
  13. Ciberpunk 2077 The only game that deserves to be pre ordered
  14. If you played online with someone else maybe one of the places glitch for you. That happened to me one time