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  1. Race master seems completely random, I tried the method of doing an online race on authentic difficulty, then doing a quick race on easy and it wouldn't pop (and neither did the online trophy). I tried many different times with different stages, swapping hosts, etc and it just wouldn't work. A few days later I continued my career and race master popped after doing a career race on easy, the online trophy still won't pop for me though despite winning many online races...
  2. On my journey to get all of the intercept DLC trophies I discovered this very easy method to win the coop matches which doesn't require capturing uplinks or killing anyone! You do need two accounts but it's so simple it can be done solo if you have two PS4s. Initially I was dreading getting the 2500 points with the medic class as you only get a primary fire arm and no offensive abilities. So I figured the least frustrating way would be to spam the resupply box with my alt account since you get points every time someone uses it. To my surprise this turned into a very easy method to win the match. Enough rambling here's how I do it- The Method: 1- Start a two player match on any map* with yourself and your boosting buddy or second PS4. One player has to pick medic and it doesn't matter what class the other player picks. 2- Now go to the bank and find a nice corner out of line of sight from any openings (particularly from any uplinks since that's where the enemies like to hang around). The medic just needs to stand outside of the bank circumference so they don't bank points until they're ready. 3- Have the medic place a supply crate and have the other player just keep resupplying**, once the crate disappears simply rinse and repeat***. 4- The medics multiplier and points will keep going up and once you reach 1000 points - bank and win the match****! *I haven't tried this on all of the maps but so far I haven't found a map it doesn't work on. **For some reason when you do this the enemy only captures two uplinks and then stops doing anything so you don't have to bother capturing uplinks. This does mean your initial banked points will go to zero but don't worry about that since as long as you don't die you won't lose the match. ***If it works the way I've experienced then the enemy will never attack you so you won't have to fire a single shot. ****Depending on how quick you set up it takes about 17 minutes so it can be done faster legit with good players, but that's why I prefer this as a solo method as it's stress free and allows me to do it in the background while catching up on some tv or watching a movie