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  1. @CptToffer @KennethMcCormick legends! I have added you both to the list, especially for Plat'n That 2030 edition πŸ˜‰ As for the rugby games, mate I played Union all through University! I adore seeing those games on a list, even if the quality has dropped since the ps2 days
  2. @Pray_4_the_End @viperlance34 Added you both to the list, thankyou for the support! Love hearing that people get a kick out of these videos! Currently trying to get a video out for little nightmares but hot damn that speedrun/no death trophy is.......... well it's a thing
  3. Just a lil update two or so months later, I am still very much enjoying making content on youtube regarding trophies and profile reviews, there has been a profile review every week and we have seen some absolute cracking good accounts on the series but, I have also branched out into other trophy content as well. I know a few people were curious as to whether this would be the case. For those that are curious, give the following two videos a crack, they show off the variety of trophy content that I have been thoroughly enjoying making! Happy Hunting!
  4. Legends! Thankyou for the support! I have added all of the new accounts. Next video will be out sometime tomorrow, it's a big one!
  5. I think this trophy took me about 15-20 minutes of attempts. There was one section in the alleyway that I struggled with mostly. The drop essentially vertically down from the left and I was grabbed every time. My work around here was essentially to just stop running, let em drop down and then zig zag once they were on the ground. Besides that one tiny section, the rest of the run was essentially hugging a wall and then zig zagging as a mob homing missiled me. I posted a video of the game and my path to the platinum with my successful full run of the trophy included if people need a visual reference. It's about 4 minutes into the video.
  6. @Baranov_925 alrighty mate, I have you down! @Destructor-8 I am definitely looking forward to hitting your account and seeing some racing plats, it is a genre I am largely uneducated in besides Wreckfest. I would like to do Dirt and some need for speed at some point!
  7. @Steva24 got you down mate! I have also chucked a bit of a different formatted video up on the channel, I know a few of you guys were curious as to what content would be made besides the profile reviews, well there will be this sort of stuff, alongside the longer form content like the RE7 Platinum video
  8. I've added you both in!
  9. Hey mate, added you to the list! I usually ramble a few suggestions out whilst recording, so I am sure we can find a few!
  10. Sorry about the late reply guys, don't think I missed you! @MikeCheck-- @Prometheous101 that is really neat that you guys focus on vr, it's an aspect of trophy hunting that I have neglected almost entirely. Prometheous, if you ever wanted to post your reviews, you are more than welcome to promote then in my discord server mate. @Axeman_Phoenix thankyou for the sub and support! This past month has been crazy with the youtube and it is genuinely really nice to hear people are enjoying the content! I will chuck you down on the list! @Axeman_Phoenix thankyou for the sub and support! This past month has been crazy with the youtube and it is genuinely really nice to hear people are enjoying the content! I will chuck you down on the list! @D-E-U-S-X I will also jot you down as well! There are some cracker profiles here!
  11. I probably won't post each episode in here and keep reviving this thread but do keep the profiles coming! Episode 7 is up tonight with @platinumplayer12 account! That crisis 2 platinum πŸ‘Œ I was also asked what other sort of content I plan on doing on the channel, this resident evil 7 video is the start of a series essentially documenting the run to a platinum! I am definitely bloody proud of how this one turned out There should also be a list video up over the weekend about some trophies from my own account that have alluded me.
  12. It's that time of the week with another really good account! Really enjoyed seeing a tonne of racing plats, a genre I neglect so bad
  13. Mate! I am glad to hear you are enjoying the videos! You have been added!
  14. Counted you in, you have been added to the list mate! Impressive Fortnite plat you have there! I will also be starting to branch out into other trophy related videos (including an RE7 platinum run video) so stay tuned for that !
  15. Can do mate, knowing me, I will probably be asking a bunch of questions and such during the video itself too but I'd be down to post a follow up post too