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  1. I'd say 7 to 8 hours, even less if you can get the Ooh, in ya face! trophy early
  2. Just a little wrap-up: I couldn't find Ninja Gaiden 3 online pass in the US store, but I found it in the EU store. Razor's Edge pass is available on both stores. So, in Ninja Gaiden 3 case, if anyone wants to attempt the 100% you have to either: 1. buy a sealed BLUS copy, then the 3 DLCs (Ninja Pack 1, 2 and Ultimate, which totals 28$); or 2. a used BLES copy, plus 38€ for the online pass and the 3 DLCs. Now, that's probably not worth the money IMO. However, it might be worth to get the digital versions of NGRE and NGS2 since you don't need an online pass or DLC to plat those games.
  3. I'd recommend these games, among many others: Black Knight Sword Blast Factor Braid Dustforce Explodemon Oddworld Munch's Oddyssey HD Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD Pid Sky Fighter
  4. Is it Ninja Gaiden 3, Razor's Edge or both? Also, is there any DLC that helps with the platinum/100%?
  5. Well, I guess I just got confused after all lol. I found out after some googling that they changed the requirements for titles in SSFIV. So, the online titles related to victories and winning rounds with a certain amount of HP in SFIV are now related to completing trials in SSFIV.
  6. Hi guys. I'm playing SFIV and I recently finished the online part of the game (wins, medals, titles, etc.) so I thought I'd double check if I've managed to do all the online stuff in SSFIV, but to my surprise I'm still missing some titles related to wins, even though I've won over 800 matches. Here is a video showing my stats: So, has anyone had a similar problem? Is there anything I can do to fix it or do I need to grind it all over again?
  7. Alright, thanks for the answers. I'll try this trial again later
  8. I'm trying to do M. Bison last trial but I noticed something weird: Anyone know why I keep getting a Double Knee Press even though I didn't press any kick button after c.MK?
  9. Alright, thanks for the answers. Guess I'll have to buy a Move then lol
  10. In some boss fights if you survive long enough the boss eventually stops shooting at you. After that the fight becomes a joke
  11. If you're having problems with gameplay or just want to get a better grasp at the game's mechanics, use this guide: It's an amazing, very detailed guide made by one of the best players in the Dustforce community.
  12. I played a bit on an alt account and it seems the arcade in this game is much harder than Time Crisis. So, is it doable with a DS?
  13. I'm having problems with this level in Time Mode on the PS3 version. Once I start the level the game just tells me to 'advertise' but no matter how fast I try to do the objectives the level doesn't end. So what do I have to do to complete this level?
  14. Its been some time since I played this game but I can share some strats for the missions I had more trouble with. Campaign mission 16 (Alarm!): First of all, if at any point you notice that the enemies destroyed the power-up machine, restart the mission. When the mission starts get an air mine power-up, destroy the 3 allied balloons and kill your teammate (using the mines). After that, make a minefield, placing as many bombs as possible. You can do this for as long as necessary, as the enemies will only appear when you get close enough to the end of the level. However, as you progress through waves the enemies won't wait, so be quick to put bombs between one wave and another. In some waves you can place bombs where the enemies spawn, when one or two planes starts wandering midmap for example, so you practically deny the next wave. After some waves the game warns you about the bombers, as soon as you see it grab a rocket power-up, then fly very close but somewhat above and shoot, usually one shot is enough. Air combat mission Human Shield: Start flying low and destroying the enemy planes. Beware with the two fighters arriving at 1 min mark, as they'll most likely kill you spamming grenades. To avoid that do zigzags and try to get rid of them quickly. After that the game will spawn, among other planes, two more fighters, however this time they shot rockets, so make those planes your priority. For the last 30-20 secs just reach maximum height, turn upside down, accelerate and destroy the remaining planes at distance. As for the Elusive Avenger mission I think sometimes you get a pattern where those searchlights are parallel which makes that section much easier because you can just fly through it using the clouds at the bottom of the screen.
  15. Eh, not saying OP cheated or not. But is just OPs word enough for they to stay on the leaderboards? I mean, if it's legit it should be, right? I would like to know because it could be me in the same spot. Although I'm pretty sure I don't have the skills to get this 100% lol