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  1. I already got postmaster on all levels included overtime shift, then played a single level in each season (summer>fall>winter) but still didnt pop. Also a mission on winter called Z39 Soaring Auk is bugged on PS4 verion. After I put the code then the letter fly away then wont let me do the next step. edit: Deano1337's solution works, you have to gold every levels included overtime shift before playing a single level in each season it will pop. I have informed them the mission bug and they are fixing on it.
  2. JP PSN will get Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood for replacement of MKX. And looks like Hong Kong PSN will get all of them.
  3. Hello, Delta is the newest version and included the original content. I am not sure the server is still on or not. Ad hoc mode means local coop.
  4. It is easier than other yakuza game because you dont have to finish all mini games. The game itself is pretty easy but the true final millennium tower is like ex hard difficult. Have to waste some extra hours to level up for that or get yourself killed by one hit. 😇
  5. Got the plat already, feel free to add for better chest rewards. 🙂 for someone who dont know, you cant get diamonds from friends so do some more runs to farm on normal/easy. Good Luck.
  6. Thats why we need rarity leaderboard here people asked for some years. Sony wont do anything but at least the owner of this site can make the things better. How sad to see these trash games flooding with a plat and Sony approves them to do this.
  7. I got 2 codes, feel free to take them. AHQB-QQN7-L9DG (JP) F5K5-5RNE-L95G (EU)
  8. Just bought it, killed a boss and unlocked a trophy, but it can not be upload yet. Have contacted them and hope it will be fixed soon.
  9. Must buy it on day one for trophiessss!
  10. Haha, yeah me too. My sister is tired for this game and dont want to play anymore lol. Thats really sucks we played for a long time for all gold and the last stage is bugged, feel so annoying and wasting time about this. I think the China one isnt so hard, maybe we have tried many method but still cant pass the last boss.
  11. I guess they will release ps4 version later cause the DLC only exclusive for six months. And that is SE, still many ppl dont own a ps5 yet it makes money.
  12. No, we wasted a few days playing this stage, tried many ways and also built a great maze is just the same. I read many ppl on steam having the same problem too. The dev said it was fixed on all platform but still bugged. Yup, the single player is easier. Anyway, thanks for the reply, just wasted a lot of time on this game.
  13. the coop play is bugged and crash all the time on the last stage Japan. Me and my sister at least played that stage for 10 times and cant complete, we keep restart the stage is just the same. like the boss not stop moving, not dead, not moving on wave 3 or stucked at somewhere in the middle of the map. But the single player is super easy to gold and no bug at all. Damnit I have to replay all gold on single player to get all medals again. what a dumb game. edit: typo
  14. Just set the game to 2 wins and win them both. We tried the 1 win and didnt pop. You dont have to be the host to get the trophy.
  15. Love baldur's gate and want to play this game, but seeing the list feel like they are so lazy to make it better. Wont buy it for full price. 🙄