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  1. A patch for console version 1.03 just out finally. Looks like they have fixed some major bugs. Hope everything is good now.
  2. Oh, I was thinking to buy this on this sale tho it was fixed. So the second patch is bugged again and no sight of getting the trophy now if we not earn some trophies between patches. :/ That sucks and thanks for the information. Will wait and hope they will fix the game.
  3. Both. It takes a long time to plat and No one knows yet cause the game is buggy. People currently stucked on some chef quests cause some recipes are missing. Some people also reported that their saves get deleted after they get to lv20. The dev are working on pc patches now but still nothing fixed on consoles for 2-3 weeks. Its a good game but not recommend to buy it now till they fixed these major bugs. Dont feel like they have tested the game before selling it cause those main quests bug happened in very early game. You can still play the game but its so annoying like those bug block you play.
  4. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Its not on PS4, gonna try some Lego games.
  5. PS4 The Legend of Tianding 廖添丁- 稀代兇賊の最期 comes with a tiny comic book
  6. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse 零〜月蝕の仮面〜
  7. I would like Beholgar, thank you
  8. 龍が如く維新!極 Ryuu ga Gotoku Ishin! Kiwami
  9. Theres lots of bug not a few bug...I found a few bug while start playing it. Now I cant even boot the game with my 10+ hours save, It also cant fix itself on reload. The game is fun but I cant accept a bug like this, just like my save is now broken and nothing I can do. I have already replay it few times. The PC version has released few years ago and still so buggy on the console, did they even test it themself? Just wasting time to play it right now till some major bug get fixed. I shouldnt buy it day 1. 🙄
  10. Congratulation to all winners 😺 Love to read the guides on PSNP they lead us to get more Plats!
  11. Resident Evil 1,2,3 Parasite Eve 1,2 Metal Gear Soild Metal Gear Peace Walker Monster Hunter Portable 2G Final Fantasy Tactics Jeanne D’Arc
  12. Thanks to all guide writers who have worked hard on their great guildes, and congrats to all nominees. Most people nowadays write guides in form of videos, making a guide by typing and screen shots should takes more time than that. There are so many great guides this year and its hard to choose which is the best. Hope people will continue to make more great guides next year. Good Luck. GOTY: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 100% Walkthrough written by Argandalf_01 Exceptional Trophy Guides: Elden Ring Trophy Guide written by ZOLANTON Sol Cresta Trophy Guide written by CelestialRequiem Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Final Fantasy X HD - The Remaster Supplement Guide written by The_Kopite Resident Evil - Don't Stop Running | Speedrun Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Tunnel1ngEffect Exceptional DLC Guides: Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course DLC Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Repentance DLC Trophy Guide written by BalefulFrog New Author Excellence: Siralim 3 Trophy Guide written by MattPieti Desperados III written by joaomsousa Retro Enthusiasts: Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trophy guide written by Meurtor Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Trophy Guide written by angelbless45 Exceptional Use of Original Content: Iconoclasts Trophy Guide written by Ric_373 Tamashii Trophy Guide written by FMJInertia Exceptional Use of Formatting: Spelunky Trophy Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Uzi_wad Mistover Trophy Guide written by Shikotei-kun
  13. Yakuza: Ishin Persona3 Portable Monster hunter rise and sunbreak Rockman EXE Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Moving out 2 Hollow knight silksong Final fanstary pixel collection Resident evil 4 remake
  14. Merek's Market Was That Really Necessary?Teleport a piece of coal in environment 5 Its a fun crafting and about running a medieval shop game like Overcooked. Happy New Year.
  15. Congratulation Messi, finally won World Cup!