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  1. I got 2 codes, feel free to take them. AHQB-QQN7-L9DG (JP) F5K5-5RNE-L95G (EU)
  2. I think no problem on this. The OP already explained why he did it offline. He used the spare vita (vita B ) to test when the trophies will pop before each ending, save before each endings on difference saves to prevent the trophies pop. Then load each save to get every ending trophies to get the fastest plat. After the vita B tested, do it once again on vita A. Do it offline is just to be safe if he failed and can redo it again.
  3. Just bought it, killed a boss and unlocked a trophy, but it can not be upload yet. Have contacted them and hope it will be fixed soon.
  4. Must buy it on day one for trophiessss!
  5. Theres some translation error. What he means his "friends" is saying the warrior team characters "仲間" in the game. Both games allows players transfer save data from 3 to utaga or utaga to 3, like 99characters, levels and skills which listed in the link. The last ally can be unlocked by cleaning a stage after you got 99characters. As I see he has already plat the game 戦国BASARA3 宴 so he is used the save from this, I think theres no problem at all. -「戦国BASARA3」から「戦国BASARA3 宴」への引継ぎ -「戦国BASARA3」と「戦国BASARA3 宴」での共有・プレイヤー武将の経験値、体力、固有技、固有奥義※本作でLv100~200のキャラクターは、前作ではLv99になります。・仲間武将の獲得状況(織田信長を除く99人)
  6. Haha, yeah me too. My sister is tired for this game and dont want to play anymore lol. Thats really sucks we played for a long time for all gold and the last stage is bugged, feel so annoying and wasting time about this. I think the China one isnt so hard, maybe we have tried many method but still cant pass the last boss.
  7. I guess they will release ps4 version later cause the DLC only exclusive for six months. And that is SE, still many ppl dont own a ps5 yet it makes money.
  8. No, we wasted a few days playing this stage, tried many ways and also built a great maze is just the same. I read many ppl on steam having the same problem too. The dev said it was fixed on all platform but still bugged. Yup, the single player is easier. Anyway, thanks for the reply, just wasted a lot of time on this game.
  9. the coop play is bugged and crash all the time on the last stage Japan. Me and my sister at least played that stage for 10 times and cant complete, we keep restart the stage is just the same. like the boss not stop moving, not dead, not moving on wave 3 or stucked at somewhere in the middle of the map. But the single player is super easy to gold and no bug at all. Damnit I have to replay all gold on single player to get all medals again. what a dumb game. edit: typo
  10. Just set the game to 2 wins and win them both. We tried the 1 win and didnt pop. You dont have to be the host to get the trophy.
  11. Love baldur's gate and want to play this game, but seeing the list feel like they are so lazy to make it better. Wont buy it for full price. 🙄
  12. thanks for the recommend. Just bought it and very cheap during sale. I love the characters art and the story looks quite funny. 😶
  13. I dont see any problem on this list, it's so weird the trophies pop like this. 🤔 Hope your flag can be lifted.
  14. It's down for everyone now.
  15. Great news, many old classic games are saved now. 😌