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  1. good to know there is no new trophies added and we can play it just for fun. 😙
  2. from 28(3%) to 407(34%) still like the old system more, so strange to see many casual players are 100lvl up.
  3. I havent play this game yet, but just checked some chinese trophy sites about this. You can transfer the japanese version save to chinese version like money and items, but not all trophies will pop in sec, some trophies you still have to replay on chinese version. And looks like he is a big fan of Disgaea games. Hope this help.
  4. Heard that they didnt fixed some old bugs before release the remake. Havent play this game before and want to play very hard. Thats lame, hope them fix it quick.
  5. tonight i just got another 5 win in a row without a quit. I still gonna say this is still a 70% luck base trophy, cause i was playing with seven friends together and almost everytime we can join into a same match. at least, you really cant easy to win all team games with random people but friends and they know what to do.
  6. Just played 1 game and showdown is the final stage...the last two boards didnt stack... oh well its like more random and base on luck...
  7. Finally got mine, relax and stay calm on every match. careful on some pushers on perfect match, roll out and block party. these 3 curse me a lot. I have closed the bgm and open spotify, listening some piano music songs like "to the moon" (a indie pc game i like) I can finally can get a good sleep, thanks for all my friends helping me for 2 weeks, finally we can all leave the hell. Good Luck to you all, you can do it.
  8. i have tried this before and broke my streak too.
  9. Broke my 3 streak again on perfect match, someone push me very far away in sudden, thanks for that toxic player again. I am super bad luck in this game met loads of pusher, lags and bug. Just helped my friend and he got this I still trying hard but losing on all bad luck.
  10. Getting 5 wins in a day sounds a LOT better. This is much easier. Win a game is not hard but win in a row needs lots of luck.
  11. How many more bugs curse me in this game? Was playing hex-a-gone, i was the only one on the top, landed to the last floor but dropped me to the pit, wtf lost my streak again.
  12. Fucking game, fall mountain i was the only one there waiting for the crown go down, then the game freezing and the crown not moving and i dropped down and lost. Fucking game lost my streaks again cause of lags, fuck it.
  13. Keep trying after a week, i have lost 4 streaks x 3, 3 streaks x n times. I am so sure I quited on a safe place or at the beginning but my kudos still goes up. Really hate this game have lots of bug, lag, server error etc. If they fixed the trick and not make a way to get the trophy easier, not going to play this game anymore till they do, its just wasting time and not fair cos lots of bug.
  14. Just updated, hope it still works... donno what bug they have fixed the game still lags always.
  15. same thing happens to me too... was in slime climb i quited on a safe place but kudos went up. lost my 3 streak again x many times. not sure is the server problem the game is always lag and delay since yesterday. catching a guy like 3-4 times still cant grab his tail.