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  1. If you want to find the original chinese asian version there is no more. But you can still find the delta asian version on play asia.
  2. going to buy it tomorrow, hope they will add more trophies for the dlcs.
  3. That sucks they removed communities, its helped to keep friends and find groups for coop games. They removed communities from apps last year and feel like they will do that sooner on ps4. some codes for share: EU: MFCE-XNNF-3FNG JP: NLLL-MJNJ-596N
  4. PSN: weh2cat Feel Free to add I like comparing trophies, see what games people play and what trophy they got. I like indie and single player games a lot, also play online coop sometimes.
  5. Nice, they finially out a DLC for this game. Will get it tonight, cant wait to play.
  6. I just bought this for ps4 and got the 1st trophy. But the trophy seems like can not be sync and uploaded yet. So far it is quite fun to play.
  7. Just checked the asia and jp ps4 versions are still on psn stores.
  8. Not again...
  9. 100% sure the elder dragon event quests do not have increased chance to get gold crowns. investigations with 4-5 purple rewards, 20mins, 1 life have higher chances to meet.
  10. Prison Architect and Two Point Hospital.
  11. #100 Monster Hunter World Iceborne Conqueror of the HinterlandsUnlock all trophies for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne This version is the longest time I have played since monster hunter 1 on psp, have been played 4000+ hours in last 2 years. (1700hours on mhp2g) this game brings me so much fun with friends, helping noobs, gathering and chats everynight. To be honest I still like mhp2g more than mhwib cause this isnt so hard to play and I really like more challenging and more strong monsters. Extreme Behemoth is the most I like, it was really challenging when release. It needs 3 skillful players to help a noob pass it and we like to use all melee like lance/bow tank, so we have spent lots ot time to train togather and really enjoyable. Btw still fails with pick up groups sometimes till now :D. We really hope capcom will releases one more dlc after ib but now they have stopped updated on it, well hope there will be mhw2 in future on PS5. I have planned to give my 100th plat for this game long ago and now did it. Thanks for all my friends helped on the crown quests and I really happy to play with my guildmates every nights especially Gi who teached us and helps a lot. Hope we can still play many games and mh together in future.
  12. Still using vita for many DRPG games. ☺️
  13. Sent an email to their support yesterday, not getting any response yet. :/
  14. same here...good to know thats not only me. trying to buy a game tho japanese psn store days ago, got np 2245-3 error and cant download anything from my library... tried another account and vita, reset modem and tried diff network, no luck to fix it. damn you sony.
  15. Same problem happened to me months ago on my vita. The color of the banner turned to grey, about me and my languages are gone. I think it is Sony problem. Havent change my password cause I have 2 step verification enable and looks like nothing strange at that time. Everything is fine till now.