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  1. X-Men: Destiny. Never played it and I love the X-Men.
  2. #10 DEATH STRANDING I absolutely love this game. Something about it is so therapeutic for me and it's unlike anything I've ever played before. While the platinum may be viewed as a "grind", I never really viewed it as such and hated that it had to come to an end. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a "trophy hunter" per se, but I had to make this game my 10th platinum.
  3. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
  4. Infamous: First Light. I do plan to platinum it eventually.
  5. Old thread, I know. Thought I'd add that you can also skip fighting the BT and just walk outside of the BT zone to despawn it. Saves you time!
  6. GTA V for you as well.
  7. I really hope they don't go the game as a service route.
  8. God of War. Fantastic game and the trophies really aren't that difficult. Leave the Valkyrie Queen for last.
  9. Battlefield 4 - Fishing in Baku
  10. Dead Space Trilogy Mass Effect Trilogy Silent Hill HD Collection (With original cast and OST)
  11. So many but off the top of my head: Donkey Kong Country Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Silent Hill 2 Death Stranding
  12. Sweet! Thanks guys!
  13. I'm a little late to the MHW party and want to get Iceborne for the new weapons and weapon attacks. Will purchasing Iceborne make the grind for the platinum harder? I know for certain games, like Binding of Isaac for instance, the platinum became harder with each expansion. For instance, in Binding of Isaac it made finding all of the Rebirth items harder because the RNG pool of items was expanded. Is there anything in MHW: Iceborne that makes getting the original trophies more difficult?
  14. Have the "platinum" on Xbox and would like to have it on PS4. If anyone needs a fireteam member, hit me up.
  15. Titanfall 2. Man, this game is underrated.