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  1. Would you STOP posting this shit? You did it twice over on This information is already well documented both in the guide on this site and the guide on PlayStationTrophies. I swear it's like you're purposely doing this just to get clicks on your YouTube channel.
  2. Repetitive? Yes, very much so. Especially the tailgunner portion. But the land based isn't too bad and a lot more enjoyable.
  3. Same happened to me. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Good lord this game is riddled with problems galore.
  4. I guess what I can always do (though a bit grimey on my part) is buy a new controller, swap the batteries out and return the new controller for a full refund claiming the controller isn't working. If worse comes to worse, that is.
  5. Jesus. Exactly, thank you. Hence the reason I came on here asking other gamers if they know of any TRUSTWORTHY sellers. Near impossible, he says. Good lord.
  6. Can someone please post a link to a reliable, trustworthy seller? I'm in need of two new batteries for an OG and Slim system. I'd rather pay a low price for batteries instead of 50 bucks for a new controller. I live in North America if it matters? Thank you.
  7. Dump a bunch of points into alchemy so that way you're harvesting waaay more than coming up empty. Once the trophy pops (hopefully soon for you as it did for others) go see a Fateweaver to get your points back.
  8. I've platinumed/100%'ed this game twice back on the PS3. I don't remember this game not only being so goddamn laggy but also so frustrating and difficult. I played as a mage both times on the previous two platinums and I'm playing one currently. Previous two platinums: annihilated enemies and I don't ever remember dying. This time around? I don't do much damage and I'm dying. A lot. I don't remember it ever being like this so I'm curious, did they make some kind of change that I'm unaware of?
  9. Even though I had a lot of points invested in alchemy for the sake of this trophy it still popped wicked early. I remember when I platinumed both versions back on the PS3 this trophy took a long time.
  10. Hey man thanks a lot for your time. =)
  11. I don't know if there's a compiled list (if there is delete this thread please) but I was hoping to get one going because there's a JP stack that I want (Daggerhood) and once purchased I'll have quite a few Yen left over. I don't want it to go to waste so if we can get a list going of Japanese games on the PSN store that offer full English support that would be great. I made the mistake once of buying a game not realizing it was completely in Japanese so I'd like to avoid that mistake again.
  12. I've read that the infinite backpack glitch still does. Not sure about the other ones. Funny, I platinumed and 100%'ed both versions years ago and just recently I learned about these glitches, lol.
  13. I've been wondering since the first time ever I watched gameplay videos: where's Hawkeye? Vision? Where's the rest of the Avengers??? Spider-Man is being added eventually from what I've read (PS4 exclusive) so are the rest of the Avengers exclusive to other platforms or something?
  14. Um... when did I ever say this? Nevermind, I'll answer that for you: never. I said twice that I'm moving on but I've also stated more than once that if people keep quoting me, continuing to attack my profile that I will continue to respond and defend myself. Really? It seems like Akrioz, Connorsonicblura, VegaMan-X4, Wild-Arms-R and ZJW44 took quite an interest in it seeing how they're the ones that attacked my profile and what started all this shit in the first place. If no one cares why say anything at all about what I've played and platinumed? Why??? Besides, I care about my profile and no way in hell am I letting anyone talk shit about it. For 8 long years I've worked hard to get to where I am and to get my game completion percentage rating as high as it is (because it used to be atrocious). I take pride in that. All of this isn't because I like to argue and start trouble or because I think I'm "holier than thou" or "righteous" or whatever it was exactly that you said. Not at all. These people deliberately took potshots at my account for no justifiable reason and I took it very personally. Damn straight I did. To me it's like a form of bullying and I don't back down to bullies. Ever. You didn't see me attacking them because of their likes and dislikes and games they've played, right? But them ridiculing the Ratalaika trash I have on my account is excusable while me defending myself is just me "drawing people to attack me with my attitude", as you stated? Come on with all that. If I remember correctly you even took a little dig at me as well a while ago? Something to the effect of "People like you really do exist? How exciting!" or something like that. I took it as sarcasm, like a little cheap shot without going too overboard with it. Perhaps I read into it wrong? Perhaps not. But that didn't bother me and I responded with some sarcasm of my own and just let it be. This other shit though? Nah. Not letting it go. The more they run their mouths about my profile the more I'm responding back. I know this isn't the place for all of this Ptirle. I'm well aware of it. But I'm not the one who started it. ---I just wanted to make a quick edit to say that lets all just drop it. All that's involved. Agreed? I'll gladly move the hell on. Stop quoting me. No more profile attacks. Drop it. Cool? Better yet... Mod. Any mod: Edit and delete all posts that aren't related to the O.P.'s topic.
  15. On a side note, I really hope others in this thread don't view me as some kind of asshole. I'm really not. I like to think of myself as a cool, laid back person that is very easy to get along with. But when people come along BLATANTLY attacking my profile and making it seem like my profile was built from the ground up on cheap gimme platinums it pisses me off and I'll get myself banned over it if I have to just to defend myself. I have a lot of cheap gimme platinums. I sure as shit do and I'm not ashamed of it. But look closer. Go all the way down my list and really look at all the other games I've platinumed/100%'ed. Most of what you'll find is games that I DID in fact put a hell of a lot of effort and time into. Gee, I'm sooo sorry that I don't have shit like Ninja Gaiden and all the Souls games platinumed because, I don't know, from the sounds of it apparently that's the only thing that makes a true trophy hunter, games that are mind-numbingly frustrating and difficult. I truly don't believe I have the skill nor the tolerance threshold to platinum games such as the aforementioned so I never bothered. I go after platinums that I'm confident I can handle and skip the ones I believe are out of my skill range. Not because I'm worried it'll tarnish my game completion percentage but because I have a hair-trigger, volatile temper. I'm tired of replacing electronics and patching the holes in my walls. But, yeah, if you want to try and assassinate my character, my profile, I'm going to fight with you tooth and nail over it if I feel I'm in the right and I won't give a shit how far it gets taken either.