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  1. Any recent players care to share?
  2. I'm noticing a lot of loot boxes out of reach. How on earth do you get them? I've tried jumping from elevated surfaces, jumping off wooden barrels, etc., but can never quite reach them. I also noticed enemies seem to respawn. I was hoping that once they're dead, they're dead... unless I leave the area and come back later.
  3. Please tell me your inventory space gets bigger eventually? I can't imagine having to play the entire game with only 12 spaces! For a game being all about a "looter shooter" 12 inventory slots is just ridiculous.
  4. Is a sniper build even feasible with Zer0, let-alone even recommended? All the enemies I've encountered so far seem to bum-rush you more than fall back to a comfortable distance where sniping would be possible. I always play an archer in every RPG I play (that has that class) so sniping is about as close to archer as it gets in this game.
  5. Sigh. I'm just not enjoying this game. I can't go more than 30 minutes without wanting to turn it off. I guess it doesn't help that I'm completely overwhelmed and confused with all the mechanics and intricacies of this game. Here's hoping it gets better for me?
  6. Okay. And thanks amigo for taking the time to respond both on here and over PSN.
  7. Is this game still a mess?
  8. You've since platinumed this game so what was the solution? I got this from a comment out of the comments portion of a YouTube video "Portal is in desert area, inside pyramid".
  9. I've never played a Borderlands game. Why? Because of that god-awful, horrendous first-person camera. In VR first-person works fantastic and I have no problems with it. Flat screen? It's the most awkward and atrocious view ever and I have no idea how people enjoy playing games that way.
  10. Ooooh. Gotcha. Thanks!
  11. How do I pick up all the health syringes I keep seeing. I'm unable to because it says I'm full. But I don't see any health syringes in my inventory? Are you at the mercy of this game health wise and when they decide they want to give you health from killed enemies and loot crates?
  12. It's back to normal again. No idea why and how it even happened and what fixed it. On a separate note, I keep seeing health syringes. How do I use them? It's not allowing me to pick any up because it's saying I'm full. No tutorials AT ALL with this game. It just throws you out to the wolves immediately.
  13. What on earth is going on with my movement, than, lol?! Did I encounter my first bug of the game? I'm using the Aim gun.
  14. But movement was perfect and now all of a sudden I'm slow as hell. As soon as I left Claptrap's place with him and proceeded down a hill to a frozen pond my movement has since been slower than molasses. Is there only so much weight you can carry before it slows you down or something?
  15. Guys, why am I walking at a snail's pace? All was fine until after leaving Claptrap's place. Am I overburdened or something? I know with some games if you're carrying too much stuff what I'm experiencing at the moment is the result of that. I can't check because I have no idea how to even check my inventory. I bring up the map, I see other tabs but the game won't let me select anything.