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  1. Yeah I've been reading around since my first post here (Reddit, Twitter, etc.) and wow, PS4 owners are pissed with this game and those half-assed developers. I never had any actual interest in that horseshit DLC, I was just wondering strategically if I was better off waiting for the Magnus edition to go on sale in case they drop future DLC with added trophies. However, after reading what you (and many others) have posted I might just actually pass on this game. I don't want to support devs like these nor do I want to play an unpolished, glitchy piece of crap.
  2. True indeed. It used to work with Titan Quest but like dicks they decided to patch it. But yeah, no problem. I wasn't sure if anyone was aware of this exploit so I figured I'd let people know.
  3. 1) Move all items you wish to dupe to your in-game Storage 2) Exit game to Main menu 3) Close game 4) Go to Application Saved Data Management 5) Back up your Common Storage save to a usb/Cloud 6) Load game 7) Take all items you wanted duped from Storage 8) Exit game to Main menu 9) Close game and go to Application Saved Data Management and transfer your Common Storage save from usb/Cloud to PS4 System Storage 10) Jump back into your game and enjoy.
  4. Thanks for your time. Do you know whether or not new trophies will be added? I Googled but came up short.
  5. I'm assuming since it comes with the season pass (God forbid games DON'T have this season pass nonsense nowadays) you get all 10 DLC packs - honestly doesn't look like anything worth a shit to me but I'm just afraid that the devs (like most other devs these days do) will drop more DLC later with added trophies so that's why I'm wondering if it's worth it and a good investment?
  6. Both trophies didn't unlock for me. I made a backup save right before the boss so I guess I'll try again? -UPDATE- Nope, that didn't work. Any suggestions? -FINAL UPDATE- Both trophies unlocked. What I did was deleted the game and redownloaded it. I Fought the boss again and both trophies unlocked.
  7. I was really, really hoping the entire game would've been in VR. I was disappointed to learn it wasn't.
  8. Um? Platinum difficulty? Anyone? Trophy thoughts thread, right? I never understood the point of these threads as most often the topic goes OFF topic.
  9. The trophy "Rebelling" is making me RAGE beyond belief!!!!!!!!! I swear to god I'm ready to put my Move controllers and VR goggles straight through a fucking window!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys even test this piece of shit????
  10. "Trophy Thoughts" is the title yet there's 2 pages of hardly any reference to the topic, lol.
  11. Yaaay it's one of those types of games where you have to reload checkpoints and back up saves every five fucking seconds! Sounds like so much fun! Passing. Some of those ridiculous trophies killed it for me.
  12. Maybe I'll snag it when it's cheap in the store.
  13. Why was it completely different for me then? I put my right hand into the hologram followed by my left and then pressed down, left, up, right and the trophy unlocked.
  14. Thanks man. I used to get drunk and play Hot Shots Golf on the PS2 and PS3. Fun, cheerful and vibrant game.