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  1. This retarded ass game is seriously all it takes nowadays for people to say "awesome game", "fun game", etc.? Really? Jesus.
  2. I hope developers realize how much this hurts their sales because people see shit like this and pass on the game, which is EXACTLY what I'll be doing. Otherwise I was actually ready to put it in my cart and buy it. Your loss Factoria Cultural, certainly not mine whatsoever.
  3. Full English support? Anyone know?
  4. No one? Awesome.
  5. I now feel a tickle in my pickle.
  6. Do the voucher codes that come with this edition to unlock the DLC's have an expiration date? I was thinking about buying this version but for all I know this game might have been sitting on a shelf at the warehouse collecting dust for years, rendering the DLC codes useless by now.
  7. This game was pretty frustrating in some parts. "Quick and easy" platinum? Nah. Not really.
  8. Does anyone know if it's full English support?
  9. The game is hot garbage anyway who cares.
  10. Me too Sikutai. They taste delicious.
  11. What it SEEMS like is an absolutely tedious, pain right in the ass, especially if you're playing it in VR.
  12. Where do I find this???
  13. If trophies are bugged how did someone manage to platinum it?
  14. Games like this tickle my pickle and make me giggle and poop!
  15. Does this still work though? The video is 3 years old and your post is almost a year old.