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  1. If this were real life one blast from my anus would kill them all in seconds. 🙃
  2. Did you guys not read anything me and FrenchDevil discussed in length about??? Apparently not.
  3. Proof? Read other people's comments in this thread. Do you believe we're all making this up? Also, do a little research into these two, dig a little. You'll find that both have been caught out on multiple occasions. I'm not going to plaster this forum with all sorts of links to "prove" anything when it's a well known fact in the gaming community that these two are fucking cheaters. Plus it's just common sense really. Hakoom is a father. Where on earth does he get the time to take care of his child but still continue to be untouched on the leaderboard? They have bills to pay, groceries to buy, all your typical day-to-day, real life responsibilities. HOW is it even possible to earn the amount of trophies they do if they were doing it by themselves??? I have been trophy hunting damn near all day, every day since 2012 and I earn nowhere even remotely close to the amount they earn; not even close - they fly right past me at a "how-the-fuck-is-that-even-possible?!?!???" rate! Consistently! I have no kids to take care of. I collect disability so that's how I pay my bills. My real life responsibilities are minimal. I'm typically gaming from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed yet I watch their trophy counts just fly past mine at an unbelievable rate. If you really think they got their profile that high without the assistance of a team behind them then I don't know what to tell you.
  4. When that price comes down you bet ya! ☺️
  5. These are the types that like ANYTHING they play and praise it from the mountaintops as the next best thing since sliced bread. They are the reason shit like this continues to be made.
  6. There is no "archer" class, right? Unless I want to use that terrible crossbow?
  7. Insta-kill? Jesus. Now that sounds awful! For real?
  8. Arcania wasn't too bad but on the PS4 version you have to complete all the DLC as well so that obviously dragged the game out even longer. As for The Cursed Crusade... ugh! What was I thinking, THREE freak'n times?!?!?
  9. Really? Ha ha! 😂 Outlander for me it is.
  10. I don't give any credit to trophy hunters who have a team of people earning their trophies with and for them. Hakoom and RoughDawg are no exception to the rule. They have a team of people that help out on their profiles and to me that's kind of a form of cheating. I game and earn trophies by myself, no one helps me. To gamers such as myself I have all the respect in the world for. For gamers like Hakoom and Roughdawg? Nah, I really don't. To me their "#1" spots and records mean nothing to me. Had they been legit SOLO players this entire time than yes, absolutely.
  11. Thank you everyone for your replies so far. I've researched heavily over the years Risen 2 and 3, Horizon, Witcher and all the Dragon Age games but they sound sooo tedious and frustrating, especially all that "romance" garbage. Arcania and The Cursed Crusade, lol! Yeah, fucking terrible. Absolutely terrible. To top it off, I platinumed every single available version. The horror!!! 😝
  12. How on earth does one fall asleep in the middle of playing a video game???? Anyway, is there a bow class (ranger, rogue, assassin, etc.)?
  13. I find that when I go a while without an RPG I start to fiend like a crackhead for one. I'm desperately looking for something along the same lines as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Diablo 3, Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma. One of the problems I'm running into is how picky I am. I don't want anything that has:-Online multiplayer based trophies.-Tedious, infuriating gameplay (DarkSouls/DemonSouls, etc.).-Ridiculous, unreasonable trophy requirements.-First-person camera view.-Any of that 8-bit side scrolling garbage.-JRPG's.So, yeah. As you can see: extremely picky. Torchlight 2 looks right up my alley but I guess there are some glitched trophies at the moment. I wont be buying that until I know a patch is out and all trophies unlock when they should. Until then I have no idea what to get. Does anyone have any suggestions, anything that fits my picky criteria?
  14. I hate boosting because for one I'm a solo player and don't want to co-op anything and secondly I refuse to feed Sony's greed with this "having to be a Plus member to play online" cash grab bullshit. Shove your Plus up your ass Sony. It isn't worth a fuck otherwise anyway.
  15. I can deal with the micromanaging within the inventory but constantly having to control all the other followers is what will truly turn me off from this game. So far I have gotten two "no" answers to my first question so that's a huge plus!