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  1. Huh? This has been my profile since 2008. I've never changed my screen name.
  2. Jeez. Game looks like nothing but a collectible fest from hell.
  3. I've earned 101 stars. I've used the special grenade "Bullet Time" in every mission that had it. I've been farming the first Tikal mission over and over again for hours now (because it has 2 of these special grenades) yet it STILL hasn't unlocked! According to that useless, bare boned guide on PSTrophies it "should've been unlocked in later missions" but nope, sure the fuck hasn't. I'm fed up with this atrocious, bug-riddled game and just want it over with. It's bad enough that I still have to replay this shit in the hope that I can get the Showman trophy without the goddamn game forcing me to close it like I've already had to do over 200 times already (no exaggeration)!
  4. Which mission is best for the 500k trophy? I'm almost at 100 stars and I haven't even come close once.
  5. Soooo... am I the only person who's had this issue?
  6. Indeed I am, my good sir. So you never had an issue with the laser pointer thingie while standing at the arcade machine trying to select missions or whatever else? If I try to recalibrate... it sometimes disappears. I tend to always play my VR games standing. If I bend over for whatever reason (often times to pick up the damn e-cig that keeps dropping out of my pocket) the pointer disappears and I can no longer select anything. The uzi on the arcade machine does move in whatever direction I point it to but the laser pointer disappears and I can no longer select anything.
  7. When you played this technical mess of a game did you have constant problems with the pointer? I won't get into the trillion and one problems plaguing this game other than the one that's causing me an insane amount of grief (especially from a trophy perspective when trying to get the Showman trophy): When not on a mission and standing at the arcade machine the pointer CONSTANTLY disappears, forcing me to have to close the game and restart. Over and over and over again and I'm so fed up with it! Did you have this problem at all?
  8. Other player's experiences may differ but from a technical standpoint I had to problems whatsoever.
  9. This trophy is definitely luck-based but I was just wondering if any one level is the best overall to try for it? I've been following a guide by BigDrama but as always it's vague and bare boned so it's of no help here.
  10. I do admit that the game was a tad bit on the basic side and could have been improved on in some areas but overall it was a really cool concept and I enjoyed Wartile for what it was. This is the type of game that they should've made a VR version for though. Such a missed opportunity there. As for the last mission I didn't have any trouble because all 5 of my figurines were level 5 with decent armor, weapons and ability cards. I never bothered using the voodoo and archery characters (Other than to test them out to see how they played when I first acquired them) because I just didn't find them very useful.
  11. ......
  12. It gave you a strong axe and shield, two ability cards, one extra battle map and access to the Hel's Nightmare DLC (sadly no DLC trophies). With that recent sale of the Complete Edition you basically got the DLC free. Odd though to label it "Complete Edition" but not give you access to the original soundtrack, which you'd have to pay an additional 5 dollars for.
  13. How do you invite people to the Battle Royale? According to PS3Imports you can and easily get the trophy.
  14. For the love of god HOW in the fuck do you complete this HORRIBLE mission?!? I've been stuck on the last portion of this horrific mission for HOURS! -UPDATE- Somehow I beat it. No idea how. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game completely.
  15. I agree with this completely. This DLC mission... in fact, this entire game as a whole... is one of the most horrendous piles of shit I have EVER played in my life! As for this bullshit "stealth" mission, don't even bother trying to be all stealthy, crouching and creeping up on enemies for unsuspecting kills because being "stealthy" just isn't possible as enemies will detect you instantly. Man, what a terrible, TERRIBLE game this is. If you care about 100% completion DO NOT play this atrocity! Enemies kill you through walls. Enemies detect you immediately and have expert military marksmanship. You're dead in 1 or 2 hits. You'll clip through environments and be forced to restart the checkpoint. Oh and my absolute FAVORITE: 9 out of 10 times when you drop a health kit to heal guess what happens?! That's right, you go THROUGH the goddamn floor to fall endlessly until you... yup, you guessed it: restart the checkpoint! Holy SHIT this god-awful pile of GARBAGE shouldn't have EVER made it out the door and to your console! Clearly no play testing of this glitch fest was ever done. I don't give a shit if it was just one dude that built most of this game himself. TEST YOUR PRODUCT! I'm serious, if you care about your completion percentage avoid this broken mess like Covid! -UPDATE- My god. Just when I thought this game couldn't get any worse. Welcome to the Bomber mission. Forget this DLC, don't buy it. It is soooooo fucking bad, broken, frustrating and infuriating!!!!!!!!!