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  1. Why is it with every "Trophy Thoughts" thread everything BUT the trophies are ever discussed? 😂
  2. Makes me feel less guilty about getting it for free... I'm totally kidding: I felt no guilt whatsoever! 😂
  3. I platinumed/100%'ed both versions on the PS3. I absolutely loved this game, probably my favorite rpg! A remaster and a sequel sure would be awesome.
  4. Does Walmart sell PS4 Turbos? I'd imagine so, right? They seem to have everything. I'll buy one when it's time to glitch the thousand miles and then return it for a full refund once the trophy unlocks. I have no other reason to want to keep a turbo controller.
  5. Damn. Sucks to read about all these problems (and I'm sorry to all of you for having to experience it). I got Mafia 2 for free (the same way everyone else who got it for free got it) and I was looking forward to really digging into it once I get my 100% in Two Worlds II but damn, now I'm not so sure I want to play it at all. The only 2 things I wasn't looking forward to doing again was collecting the Wanted posters and Playboy magazines but I was willing to deal with it because I really liked this game when I played/platinumed/100%'ed it on the PS3 years ago. Saints Row 3 remastered? Hell fucking yeah, count me in! I sure wish they'd remastered all the Ratchet & Clank games or one of my all-time favorites, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. But I guess that wont happen because apparently EA wont allow it? Or some shit like that? Burn in hell EA!
  6. Yeah I just said that.
  7. Welp, I got it for free. I have no shame and could give 2 fucks. I've spent thousands so to get a game for free (and not that useless Plus garbage every month) felt damn good.
  8. Exactly! Thank you.
  9. What else is new? This is like, common practice. Push it out and patch it up later if enough people complain about it is what it seems like to me with most games nowadays.
  10. Oh thank God! I used this glitch on the PS3 and was hoping to hell and back they didn't patch it! I'm NOT looking forward to collecting all those damn Wanted posters and Playboy magazines again, ugh!
  11. In 2020 you don't have a PS4, lol??? That made me laugh, the comment "expect this thread to be locked..." So true. Jeez, they're quick to lock threads around here. As for people getting their accounts banned, that would be so unfair. Why ban our accounts, ya know? YOU fucked up (whoever listed the game for free) so because of that we have to pay for your mistake?! What about the people who innocently downloaded the game, not having a clue at all that they just downloaded a game for free that was never meant to be free? What a useless comment. I'm going to really enjoy playing my freeloaded game! As for us damaging the industry they do that all on their own.
  12. Yeah I checked every region account I have (several) and noticed Lego Ninjago was free on all the stores. Is this part of the "have a game for free on us" Coronavirus thing just like they did with Uncharted?
  13. Who the fuck can even keep up with this? You're talking and moving your cursor a mile a minute all over the goddamn place!
  14. In regards to this trophy (or any of the multiplayer trophies) if you don't feel like going through all those ridiculous requirements in the created boosting session for this game of having to create a Discord account (something I would never use otherwise in my life), linking it to your PSNProfiles account, having to click a "Request to Join" and from there having to wait a week or longer (or in my case having my request rejected and blocked, no longer able to submit a request to join just because God forbid I messaged him a few times because I needed help understanding the Discord nonsense) than message this guy: TheDamnedClaw. Hassle-free, no nonsense bullshit of having to jump through a bunch of hoops and hurdles just to bang out a few trophies. I'm not saying it's 100% guaranteed he'll help but he quickly agreed to help me the same night I asked him. All I needed was the Return of the Fellowship trophy and the guy I listed banged it out quickly for me. God, WHY such a hassle otherwise??? And why so fucking petty? To remove my request and block me from further requests just because I messaged you over PSN a few times was one of the pettiest goddamn things I've ever seen. So, yeah, if you don't want to deal with the boosting session creator's petty bullshit than message Claw and hopefully he'll help you.