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  1. Really? No one?
  2. Thanks for the response. Does anyone know for sure before I blow their spot up on Nebula Realms and call them out for what they are: a fraud. Lol.
  3. Anyone?
  4. When I look up the person's name it says "This user has been removed and cannot be tracked". Does that mean they got caught hacking their trophies?
  5. I'm curious, do you have to be a registered member of PSNProfiles to be on the leaderboards? And what is a sure-fire way to see if someone hacked their trophies without having to go through their list with a fine toothed comb?
  6. It always pleases me beyond belief when I see developers actually interact with their customers/fan base - it shows that you care! I'll happily support this game. With that being said, the description of the trophies really should have been worded in a way that the player could at least have some kind of clue how to unlock them.
  7. Sony's exclusives make me giggle and poop!
  8. Way too damn easy with this Admin panel, lol.
  9. Greetings! I've never played a Call of Duty game in my life. First-person games aren't my genre and I can't stand the camera view. I've platinumed several first-person games but never anything like this, mostly just walking simulator-type games and puzzle games, all with next to no combat or no combat at all. If I were to take on the platinum I'd use every glitch at my disposal so with all that being said, how likely is it that I'm going to struggle severely with this game?
  10. I really, really like this person! 😆 I read your bio dude and died laughing! So true though, the whole "elite gamer god" thing and such. Well said my friend. Well said.
  11. I have not yet been able to giggle and poop... only because this damn game takes 5,947,185,027,678 goddamn years to download! 😆
  12. The Blakk Vulture for president! #2020!
  13. Das auto! Jaaaa!
  14. Once again I need to giggle and poop!
  15. Flag me all you want, I could give two fucks, lol.