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  1. I'll never understand why people want to hack their trophies or have others earn it for them. It kind of defeats the whole purpose.
  2. Trophy thoughts? Completely broken. I suppose it'll be another game developer yet again that gives no shits about this and never fixes it. Ah well, it only hurts your sales.
  3. I believe this game was released in... 2016? Somewhere around there. This game will never be patched. Clearly they give no shits at all that this hurts their sales. Myself and many others have passed on this game due to the glitches. Ah well, no sweat off my balls Goblinz Studios; you're losing money, not me.
  4. Fantastic post. I wish others would be this detailed and thorough.
  5. Over the past few days I've been in contact with many people who've platinumed this game and I'm getting mixed responses. Has anyone who's recently played this had any trouble unlocking the following trophies: 1) Blue Raja 2) Tourists 3) Master Rager 4) Lord of War I guess the above-mentioned trophies are the biggest issues so please, if you have any information in regards to these trophies post it here so that others can be aware.
  6. I'm shocked that Rainbow Skies isn't on that list. Rainbow Moon is. I believe I've researched Skulls of the Shogun before. I forget why I passed on it.
  7. Holy crap. Fantastic find, wow! Thanks man. Is the entire list PS4? Nah. I've researched that game in the past. Thank you though.
  8. Like I said before, unless there was a recent patch to address the ton of issues this game's plagued with all the research I've done over the years has shown me that the problems have completely ruined this game for a lot of people.
  9. If you say so. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AS WELL... bub!
  10. It has nothing to do with me being sensitive and everything to do with someone (you) trying to hijack a forum with nonsense... nonsense that wasn't even accurate to boot! But I'll extend an olive branch to you: I thought you were popping shit (it came across that way to me obviously) so my bad. I don't have to... bub. I'm not the one saying that someone's shitting on everyone's suggestions (while at the same time offering nothing of relevance to the topic). There were a couple of suggested games that I was strongly opposed to. A COUPLE. But I guess a couple translates to "everyone's"? Hm. Ya got me stumped there on how that one works. And what does people liking your post have to do with anything? Just because they liked it doesn't mean you're right. I'll quote myself from earlier in case you somehow missed it: I'm not trashing anyone's suggestions. I'm simply stating my opinion on the suggested game. Now if I were to say something along the lines of "that suggestions sucks" or "your suggestion is stupid" than, yes, I'd definitely have to agree with you. But there's a difference between that and what I did so therefore you're anything but right here (based off the assumption that you think you're right because others liked a post?). I'm fine. Listen, I have no problems with you nor is it my intentions to argue back and forth. Maybe next time chose your words a bit differently or not joke with another member with whom you don't even know. Now... are we dropping this or shall we continue on and completely derail this thread? I'd like to get back on track so climb aboard.
  11. I ask because I've noticed that people have platinumed the EU version but there are several trophies sitting at 0% for this one.
  12. If, while on this site, you click on the NA version there seems to be several trophies at 0% compared to the EU version. Maybe it's not glitched but it has me nervous to try that version. If I decide to go with that game I'll just stick with the EU version for now to be safe. I've never played them on PC (I've always been a console player) but on the PS4 the controls seems fine. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you do it's like second nature. I suggest, dear sir, that you start on page 1 and read through everything again. Read slowly and carefully because clearly you missed several of my posts where I talked positively of a game and/or showed a piqued interest. I'm not trashing anyone's suggestions. I'm simply stating my opinion on the suggested game. I value people's suggestions and I'm very thankful that there are so many helpful people on this site willing to take time out from what they're doing to help... unlike yourself who apparently just wants to talk shit and offer nothing of importance. Kicks rocks dude if all you're going to do is chime in with irrelevant comments.
  13. Ooooooh! Ha! Gotcha! Looks real interesting so I'm gonna research it a bit more when I wake up. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. I spent 30 minutes researching this game. So disappointed because it looked awesome as hell and directly up my alley! But from all I've read and reviews I've watched... damn. Just damn. What a shame. Is it too much to ask of developers nowadays for a game that isn't a goddamn disaster?