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  1. This game was developed by The Bearded Ladies, the same devs that brought us Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden, one of the best and enjoyable turn-based games I've ever played. Currently it's only available on PC but I'm curious to see if it'll ever get a port like Mutant year Zero did. Does anyone have any insider info because I can't seem to find anything through my searches?
  2. What's a tk and barrelmancy? Tk = telekinesis, I'm assuming? And barrelmancy = the heavy chest exploit using telekinesis? -EDIT- I looked it up so that's a yes to my questions. Where and when is the earliest I can find an indestructible chest?
  3. Gotcha. Good to know. Apotheosis it is than. Dude... I will. I have 2 games ahead of this one though. In the meantime I'm just gathering all the information I can so I'm better prepared because I plan on doing it all in one run. Thank you fellow ninja!
  4. Says who? Okay, now it just feels like you're popping shit. I have a lot of easy platinums, I completely agree. However, as of this post I have 662 platinums which I believe to be mostly tricky ones followed by a few here and there that the general consensus ( Difficulty Rating threads) consider to be difficult so these combined far outweigh the easy ones I have. That's a broad statement, don't ya think? Always? I mean, how would you even know that? Have you personally checked these statistics with EVERY single game out there? I doubt it very much. Personally, I have tons of platinums that required more than one playthrough and a shit ton of time and investment which is fine by me as long as the game isn't complete shit. Otherwise it's just a tedious slog but I still stick with it and get it done because I care about my game completion percentage. As for the low numbers though, I have no idea as I never bother to even look at or pay attention to any of that. I didn't know. I looked at your profile and never found it. This statement came across to me as having a judgemental and assuming overtone to it. If you must know, when a game doesn't require it for trophies, yes, I play it on the easiest setting because I want it done and over with ASAP so I can move on to the next platinum, not because I'm purposely avoiding a challenge. The majority of games I've platinumed though have always had difficulty-related trophies tied to them. And yes, once the platinum unlocks I bail and never touch the game again (unless DLC with trophies is released). Besides, by that point there's nothing more left to do. I did all there is to do and just want to move on. I don't know, sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. It's a mixed bag I think. Anyway, no need to respond as I don't feel like entertaining this conversation any longer. Lets move on.
  5. I'll never get better playing "easy" plats? Are you kidding me right now? Ugh, here we go again with this. I've heard this bullshit before and had to argue about it. For some reason you and another dude I had this argument with saw a bunch of stacked Ratalaika games on my list and assumed I've never played and platinumed anything difficult and that all I do is play (and stack) easy games. I guess I'll repeat myself from another thread when this nonsense came up: I suggest taking a closer look at my list and be really thorough when you do. Hell, take it a step further if ya want by looking over on and comparing every game I've ever platinumed with the difficulting ratings players have given each particular game. You can exclude the Telltale and Ratalaika games, obviously, and any of the other common, easy platinums most people have because we all know there's no difficulty to be had there with any of them. If you really look and compare you'll see that I have tons of difficult games on my list in which players ranked them up there between 5-8/10 in difficulty. I'm curious, are you another one of these types with the mindset that think if games like all the Souls games and Ninja Gaiden aren't on a person's list than nothing else compares or even matters? The game in question here in this thread is no walk in the park whatsoever. The platinum is considered ultra rare with a .78% and only 18 (recorded) achievers in the world. To quote something you said above: you'll not find games like this that difficult. My man, you've never even played this game, let-alone platinumed it. How the hell would you even know to be able to make such a bold statement??? Sure, it's not the most difficult platinum out there but as stated earlier it certainly isn't a walk in the park either. But I guess because I don't have any Souls games on my list I must not know what a difficult game is, right? Apparently all I do is play easy games and "stack the hell out of them", according to you. Sure, I have easy ones and sure, I stack them. I'm pretty sure that's what ALL trophy hunter do, if I'm not mistaken? But I guess to Gamer God Elitists such as yourself I'm not a "real" gamer because I don't constantly play games so challenging that it makes me want to rage my controller through a fucking wall. I'm missing out on some fantastic games by avoiding a challenge, you say? Like what, any Souls game? With the Souls game in particular I don't avoid them because of the challenge, I avoid them because that specific type of gameplay doesn't interest me. I've researched these games over the years, watched gameplay videos, etc. It's never captured my interest enough to want to go through the headache and frustration I know it'll cause me. Besides, I think it's safe to say that if I "avoided challenges" I'd have nothing BUT those Telltale games and Ratalaika trash on my list so I have no idea where you got that crazy notion from. I'm not one of those gamers that drool out the mouth and get a raging boner over playing a game that takes 20 million hours to kill a simple enemy just for the "challenge of it all". I like to play games that don't make me constantly want to scream and rage and destroy everything in my house. So to the contrary, RedDevil, I'm not missing out on shit. If that's your thing, all the power to ya. But don't assume to know what I am and am not missing out on.
  6. I know I bitch a lot and I don't have the best temperament. I know I'm definitely not the best gamer or even remotely close to those that are. But am I the only one who's found this game to be quite infuriating at times with some of these green orb challenges? Most have been simplistic but there are some that have made me come close to raging my controller through the television. I don't mind a mini game challenge here and there but not when a game's just overstuffed with the shit! All this damn game is one mini game after another. This game is clearly not for me but it's too late to turn back now as I've already earned several trophies thus far so leaving it incomplete on my list is not an option for me. But, yeah, I'm just curious if I'm the only one who's found this game to not only be way more tedious than its predecessor but a hell of a lot more annoying as well?
  7. Phew. Dodged a bullet than.
  8. Was it just me or were the flying levels easier here compared to the first? I didn't have much trouble collecting everything in one go compared to the first game which had me screaming profanities. As for the mini games most were simple. There were just a few that seriously pissed me off. I found the first Spyro more simplistic overall but dude, what the fuck with that last boss?! Ugh! It was terrible!
  9. Yeah I've definitely had these problems. PlayStationTrophies is a lot worse as far as searching because most often if you're not specific to a "T" on the spelling nothing shows up. Hell, even when I AM specific it still gives me problems.
  10. I never watch reviews from YouTube reviewers who are always getting free game codes from the developers because I just don't trust a damn thing they say (for obvious reasons). Sadly this is the norm nowadays and I'm noticing that it's difficult to find a review from someone who doesn't get free game codes which leads me to just saying "fuck it" and watching them all anyway even though I hate to. Reviewers are praising this game like it's the best thing ever so I want to know what others on here think? Some parts of this game sound very frustrating though, not gonna lie.
  11. So I take it it doesn't matter that I'm not a new player to turn-based strategy? Also, I've read and watched on YouTube how the telekinesis exploit absolutely wrecks the Honour/Tactical difficulty.
  12. Okay I must be retarded or something. Why can't I seem to find this walkthrough, lol?
  13. A question for anyone willing to answer: how many party members do I need to acquire every trophy in one go? Just two (which is what I prefer) or do I have to have a full party of four?
  14. I think you might be experiencing the exact same problem I had a week ago. Two trophies unlocked for me in a game I was playing. I saw them unlock, no question about it. When I went to sync them... nothing. I scrolled over to the left on my XMB to the Notifications and sure as shit it showed there that I unlocked them as well. I'd click on the trophy notification and they still wouldn't sync. Hell, I even went as far as going into Safe mode to rebuild my database... nothing. I was at a complete loss on what to do as I've never experienced this issue ever. Within a half hour it fixed itself and I was finally able to sync them. I do believe it's some kind of issue on Sony's end and fortunately has nothing to do with your system.
  15. I'm an archer class in every RPG that I play. I've read that this class is OP in this game. Is it or has it been nerfed?
  16. What's a "Lone Wolf"? Is that basically just yourself running through the game without companions?
  17. So this exploit does indeed help tremendously? I've been very curious about this game for quite some time but I'm not going to play something that's obnoxiously difficult and makes me want to put my controller through the tv. It's just not worth it to me.
  18. How much easier does this glitch even make the platinum trophy though? Doesn't really seem like it's worth the hassle if it doesn't make much of a difference overall to get the platinum.
  19. My god the grammar here, I can barely understand it. I'm no grammar professional but jesus...
  20. Thanks man. It's probably not even worth the effort. I mean it was only 5 bucks, screw it. At least now I know for future reference to avoid anything with this developer's name on it. I hope you choke on my 5 bucks Orange Bridge Studios. You know what I absolutely hate and despise, though, moreso, I think, than shit developers that just abandon their games and basically fuck players in their ass? When dudes like insp4470 post shit like "A patch was released, will test it tonight" and blah, blah, blah, but can't even have the common courtesy to follow up and fucking WARN people that the problem(s) still exist! Inconsiderate people like this piss me off something awful! Insp4470, you indirectly cost me money dude, not cool!!! Had this player taken the 2 goddamn seconds it would've taken to follow up and warn people it wouldn't have cost me anything! Thank god I only paid 5 dollars and not the ridiculous asking price of $20 for such a bare-boned, generic, BORING, pile of shit that End Space is. Seriously, man, it's criminally overpriced and I guess that, in and of itself, should've been the red flag to me to avoid this game altogether.
  21. What's the best way to get ahold of these devs? Their reasoning for not fixing them is bullshit to me.
  22. Why is it that whenever a thread such as "Trophy Thoughts" is created almost without fail nothing ever gets mentioned about the actual goddamn topic, lol?!