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  1. Platinum #29: Man of Medan Total Shocker! Collect all Trophies Thoughts: An interesting game, but after the first three play through's it was getting kind of boring and repetitive. I enjoyed it up until then. I am looking forward to seeing how they improve the gameplay and story flow with the next Dark Pictures installment, Little Hope. Platinum #30: Batman: The Enemy Within I Am the Night Completed Batman: The Enemy Within Thoughts: An easy platinum since it's a Telltale Game. It carries on the story of their first Batman installment very well. The story was interesting, I like how they re imagined the characters for it. Harley Quinn's design is definitely one of my favorites. I started playing it to break up the monotony of Man of Medan and switched between the two until I had Man of Medan finished.
  2. I actually like "fun suckage" as the best description for this game. The game definitely sucks on a couple of fronts. Some of the QTE's are just bad (like early days of QTEs bad with the timing) and it goes awhile without any story at times, which makes it a little boring at parts, but I'm still having fun with it. I'm almost done with my second playthrough that's mostly for fun. The boring parts aren't bad now that I know what I'm doing. My husband and I did the co-op last night on my profile for the first playthrough. He knowingly killed Julia by having her drink the beer after not decompressing properly. We actually didn't know it was going to wait until the very end to kill her, so I got hopeful I was getting the trophy for only the girls surviving. Nope, lol. I didn't expect it to be scary. Most horror movies and games don't get to me, so I never expect much from any of them on that front. The pacing isn't much different than a lot of the Telltale games I've played. I haven't gotten around to playing Until Dawn yet, so I can't really compare the two. I'm looking at another three or four playthroughs, but it's a quick game. I don't mind. It's giving me a bit of a break from the more in depth games I've been playing.
  3. Thanks! I'll have to remember that when I load it back onto my PS4 to complete the trophies. I was dreading the zeni ones.
  4. You love Ultra Rare trophies, especially platinum, as much as I do.
  5. Platinum #28: Dragonball Z - Kakarot Dragon Ball Master Obtain all trophies. Thoughts: An enjoyable game, but I think they could have done a lot more with it. It was 75% cut scenes that told us the story Dragonball fans already know. If you skip the cutscenes, it's a rather short game and the rest of the trophies are super easy to get. They missed several opportunities to add more content, like when Goku is training with King Kai, for example. They could've made that section playable with mini games to catch Bubbles and Whack-a-Gregory. Personally, I think the Xenoverse series is more interesting since it does add unique aspects to the story. We get to see the story we already know, but there are enough new elements to make it stand out.
  6. Platinum #27: Undertale Don't You Have Anything Better to Do? Obtain all other Undertale trophies. I took a break from the games I have been working on platinuming to play Undertale. It's not a very long game, but the story is very cute and the gameplay is a throwback to the old 8bit games.
  7. The jump rope trophies in FFIX remastered. After trying for several days to get it the legitimate way, I was looking up help on how to do it when I discovered the timing being off was a pretty common complaint among everyone that was trying to get the trophies. I had my husband try it for me since he had played IX before and, after wanting to break the controller in frustration, he confirmed the timing was way off from the original game. So, I took the advice of just about all the online guides for it and ran a script for those two trophies. Otherwise it was just going to sit there two trophies away from platinum. I don't even feel bad about this since the mini game got messed up. Outside of that, I've done online boosting sessions with my husband when we both have copies of games with online trophies (fighting games in particular) and I used the cloud to reload my save data in Diablo 3 while doing the Hardcore Mode trophies when I died,
  8. Platinum #26: Jump Force Thoughts: Overall a pretty fun game. I liked how it doesn't give you the option to change the difficulty of story mode. That always makes for an interesting game to me. Either get good or go home. The story itself was enjoyable as well. This is my first platinum on a fighting game.
  9. RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 10 Finale.
  10. Finished: Seasons 1-3 Dub
  11. I finished my Supernova play through last night. I went High on Dexterity for sure and Perception I think. I soloed it without companions, stuck to Heavy Guns and put all my points in that once I reached 50 on Ranged Weapons, I just made sure I had one heavy gun of each ammo type equipped at all times and traded out as I needed to. For the rest of my points, I did 25 into Science to tweak my equipment, then the rest was a mix of Persuade, Lockpick and Hack. Perks I focused on damage, armor rating, TTD and one each of carry weight and vendor prices. By the time you reach the last couple of levels, you won't even need that many points in your weapon skills with how high your persuade and hack will be. If you want to avoid combat all together, you can reskill at your ship before you go into the Hope, dump 100 each into Lockpick and Hack, at least 70 in Persuade and you're good to go.
  12. Platinum #25: The Outer Worlds Very enjoyable game. It was a lot shorter than I expected though, so if it hadn't been for playing it twice to get all of the trophies, I might have been disappointed in the length of the game. I was able to get most of the trophies on my first play through, which I did on normal mode. My second play through I did on Supernova and got the remaining four trophies (Ludwig Was Right, Hard, Supernova and Platinum.) I'm interested to see if they release any DLC for it in the future. There are several planets on the map that are named, but are unable to be reached. It seems like those would be the ideal places to have DLC if they decide to go that route.
  13. Platinum #24: We Happy Few "We've Come To the End of our Time" Review: I can't believe how much hate this game got from some people. Sure, it has some bugs still, but the engaging story and rich environment more than makes up for it. It's one of those games that keeps you on your toes most of the time. Once I have the extra $20, I'll definitely be getting the season pass for all the DLC, the last of which comes out this month to wrap up the story for good.
  14. Platinum #22: Secret of Mana Earn all trophies Earn all trophies Opinon: A very enjoyable game. I never played when it was out originally, so it was a very nice retro style game. Funnily enough, I especially liked the grinding there at the end to get the remaining equipment and orbs for the weapons. It gave me a bit of nostalgia for the old games where getting everything in the game was complicated.
  15. #19: Final Fantasy VII Gaia's Guardian Obtain all trophies Notes: Still amazing to play even all these years later. I still count it among one of my favorites.