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  1. Platinum #22: Secret of Mana Earn all trophies Earn all trophies Opinon: A very enjoyable game. I never played when it was out originally, so it was a very nice retro style game. Funnily enough, I especially liked the grinding there at the end to get the remaining equipment and orbs for the weapons. It gave me a bit of nostalgia for the old games where getting everything in the game was complicated.
  2. #19: Final Fantasy VII Gaia's Guardian Obtain all trophies Notes: Still amazing to play even all these years later. I still count it among one of my favorites.
  3. It depends on the game. If it's a very story intensive game that I need a guide for to make sure I don't miss things (e.g. Final Fantasy games), I'll focus on that game alone until it's done. However, if it needs a replay for certain trophies, like beating a game in a certain amount of time or in different modes, I'll give myself a break and come back. There are some trophies that end up being so aggravating I put the game in timeout for while once it stops being fun. I currently have Shadow of Mordor and MK11 in timeout due to one particular trophy in each being a pain in the ass. Easier games I'll bounce between several at a time because I get bored with them easily.
  4. Platinum #18: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Platinum Trophy Collected all other Diablo III: Reaper of Souls trophies.
  5. I'm still trying to process my feelings on the episode. I'll probably end up watching it again to help gather my thoughts, but these are my observations so far. 1) Someone in this thread mentioned the entire episode felt more like an epilogue than part of the story proper and I agree with that. I also agree with something my best friend found earlier, that this felt like an English paper that was wrote an hour before class because someone forgot about it. 2) One of the biggest reveals of last season that we were all led to believe was important meant absolutely nothing. There was literally no point to it at all except to showcase him following in the footsteps of his great uncle by denying his birth right to the throne and taking up with the Nights Watch. Yay for Jon being back where he wants to be, but they could've easily done that exact same story with him as Ned Stark's bastard and left him being the last male Targaryen out of it. 3) I have always gotten weird vibes off of Bran and it's doubtful he'll make a good king. A good one for the time being while all this is still fresh in people's minds, yes, but everything is going to go right back to the way it was before once he dies.
  6. Plays sporadically and mainly only the newest additions to big, long running series (Mario, Zelda, Call of Duty, etc).
  7. Likes a variety of different games, but is partial to games that are story driven and in depth.
  8. The three main games I am working on Platinuming are Shadow of Mordor, Mortal Kombat 11 and Diablo 3. Between the three main games (not DLC), I only have 8 trophies to get to platinum all three. But the grind was getting a bit tiring, so when I'm not doing that, I'm cleaning up my trophy list. There was a time where I didn't realize what a completion score was and that any game you play affects that. I have loads of games I only played for a little bit and either didn't earn any trophies or earned only one or two before moving onto something else. So, I'm also trying to get my score up in all the games I've played at least to an A rank.
  9. Initially, it started out as a distraction from my life. When I got my first system that allowed for trophies/achievements, the xBox 360, and Skyrim, I had no idea what they were. At the time, I was in an abusive relationship, working about 50 hours a week, insanely depressed and stressed out, and really didn't have anyone to turn to. I spent most of the time when I was at home holed up in my bedroom since my now ex dominated the living room since he computer was hooked to the tv and that's all he ever did. Eventually, I got curious about what the achievement alert was, looked it up and decided I was going to Platinum Skyrim to give me something to works towards that would take my mind off things. Since getting out of that relationship, my competitive nature has come back, as well as my habit of collecting games, and collecting trophies has played right into both. It's really interesting to me to see the rarity of different trophies and how people rank against each other in getting them. Plus, by looking at trophy lists, it gives me insight into aspects of games I might not otherwise explore, interesting side quests I might otherwise have missed or even different ways of playing a game that increases the challenge level. And, honestly, there is just something supremely satisfying seeing a 100% next to a game you've spent a lot of time on.
  10. Even though I pretty much saw it coming after last episode, goddamnit, Dany. Razing King's Landing to the ground was completely unnecessary. While I haven't read the books, I have been reading up on the GoT Wiki and she's had several relatives prior to her and her father that showed signs of being insane. Her great grandfather was actually against the family practice of inbreeding after spending time in his childhood with the commoners and believed it was doing their family more harm than good. I think a lot of that has gotten lost in translation into the show. They only really reference her father and I think briefly a great uncle.
  11. Yup! Well, I platinumed it about a month ago, finally got the damn legendary dragon last night to complete all 100% of the trophies. I took a break for awhile since leveling got boring and finally just sat through the grind. It was actually a lot of closure on multiple levels. Years ago, I initially started going after the platinum as something to focus on outside of my life. I was in an abusive relationship, depressed, working 50 hour weeks, drinking a lot and entertaining suicidal thoughts. It gave me an escape I desperately needed at the time. So looking back on where I was in my life then to now and what a 180 it is has been really cathartic for me. As a funny postscript, this was actually the third time I went for platinum in Skyrim. I got four away from it again when my xBox 360 died and I made the switch to PS4. So, third time really is the charm! 😂
  12. I used to have a rather large collection of DVDs going back to when I was about 13-14 when they started coming out (like 200 or so), but upon the realization I barely watched any of them and mostly just stuck to streaming services, I traded them in for cash. I ended up getting a PS3, Switch and a handful of games with the money I got from it. The rare and hard to find ones I kept, they're in a box in my closet since the drawer is full.
  13. Oh, I have several. - Choosing to an xBox 360 over a PS3 when the only exclusive game I really cared for at that point by them was the Halo series. I would've gotten way more enjoyment out of the PS3 exclusives, but by the time I realized that, it was too late to return the xBox and I didn't have the money to get a second console. - Accidentally deleting my profile on said xBox one night when I was having issues with my profile and trying to troubleshoot it. I wasn't signed up for an xBox Live account because I didn't realize they had free accounts, so I lost everything when I did this. I couldn't tell you how many games I lost all my progress on in that moment of stupidity, though the one that made me the sickest was Skyrim. I was five trophies away from Platinum when that happened.
  14. Still mostly raining and cold in Oklahoma. I think we both got hit by a monsoon and the state forgot it was supposed to be springtime since it has been in the mid 50's for awhile now.