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  1. ...well that's what was announced, so yes.
  2. Large Vaal done after complaining about it yesterday. Hopefully a small will come to me soon.
  3. Lucky. I wish I could get a Vaal. If anyone is hunting home, add me on PSN and we'll team up.
  4. 3 days of farming Vaal with zero crowns
  5. Does everyone have elders here already? I've spent the last 4 days almost exclusively farming them and I'm just having no luck. 2 days ago I got a small Kush and since then I've been farming Teo with no luck. I run in, check sizes, exhaust all my investigation tries, reset my save. Am I really just that unlucky?
  6. I just can't get elder crowns no matter what. I've spend the last 4 days focusing entirely on elders and I have 2 crowns to show. The last 2 days alone I've been doing just Teostra and I'm not getting anything. I go in, measure him up, and quit if it's nothing. I've had a few that look close, but I don't know why I can't get a single mini or giant. They're all just barely above what seems to be normal size. I've also followed that "how to measure elders" video guide and I've had a few that are definitely a lot bigger or smaller than the ones in that dudes video but they never result in crownsies.
  7. Yeah I think anything anyone says about getting crowns is horseshit now.
  8. Just got the trophy with all patches installed and can confirm that it's not glitched or messed up. As stated previously, the latest patch made the number of icons go from about 8/9 to around 30. If you have any DLC characters, you need to get their icons as well and 3 will come from alternate endings:
  9. I've queued up everyone in this thread thats not over 50 yet and I'll play today, Here's my level: