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  1. I recently went out and saw the newest Batman movie, so I'd like to put a priority ranking on Telltale's Batman as it also follows Batman early on in his career.
  2. Reading the Death's Door review was the pinnacle of: Which was a shame because I liked the game more than you seemed to, which somewhat sours my recommending it to you.
  3. I just realized that the first Darksiders game was the second game you ever analyzed and yet you've yet to do the second one. I feel that after seeing Arcesius talk about Genesis, I would like to see how you feel about Darksiders 2.
  4. I was honestly hoping for The End Is Nigh to win because it is a great game and it has so few owners on Playstation,, especially when compared to Catherine.
  5. If it wasn't for the fact that you're beginning the DLC for it and will probably rank it soon after re-S-ranking it, I would absolutely put a priority ranking on Outer Wilds as that game blew me away when I played it and I'm very interested to see what you thought of it. Though given the backlog of games you've completed recently that you'll have to analyze first, I doubt priority rankings will be touched for a little while.
  6. It's also currently 60% off on the psn store, so now is the perfect time to get Observation if you're interested (like me).
  7. Okay, so I saw a post you made about 10 recommended games for the ps vita and saw Super Time Force Ultra, so I'd like you to go back in time and rectify the mistake of not having analyzed this game sooner. Also, I looked up how It Takes Two's bosses and I'm disappointed that the Book of Love thing didn't end up being the final boss. Also also, I noticed that you said that Lumines Remastered beat out Shadow of Mordor in your analysis, but the Main list shows Lumines as one slot below Shadow of Mordor.
  8. I just saw that you've completed LA Noire quite some time ago, and given your utter disdain for LA Cops I thought it would be funny for you to analyze a game in the same city but with 100 times the budget and effort.
  9. Very well, how about you analyze Gris instead given that game also tries to be an emotional little indie game.
  10. Okay, so recently I got all the trophies for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and I feel like I remembered a point in time where a lot of people online talked about how emotional/good the game was. As such, I would like you to do an analysis on it to see how warranted those reactions were in your eyes.
  11. Given how many reviews you've done so far, do you think you might take a break at some point in the near future? Also please analyze Uncanny valley next, as I have been sitting on that one for a while now, having started it but barely making any progress, and I want to know if I should get back into it.
  12. I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but is there a reason Rogue Legacy isn't getting analyzed this week despite my request?
  13. In honor of Deathloop being similar to a rogue lite, I would like an analysis of one of the first games to use the term 'rogue lite', Rogue Legacy.
  14. So Mr. Bloodmoney, how quickly are you going to get Deathloop given it's made by Arkane?

    1. DrBloodmoney


      Preordered already! 😁