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  1. Maybe I'm a bit late, just started this game. I keep getting a disconnected when I try to do a quick search for an online game. Does anyone know why?
  2. I only saw one interrogation playing tdm last night... I think I shot the enemy too late. My teammate was on the floor and I waited for the enemy to raise his hand then killed him. I didn't save my teammate but after I killed the enemy I got sniped... no trophy. I also noticed, maybe because it's an older game, when I play people just want to shoot in warzone not really do the objective.
  3. Thanks 😀 I'll make a session.
  4. Hello fellows. I know I'm late to the vita scene... and new on psnprofiles. I'm having trouble with this trophy. I tried online but it's just people who do not interrogate in warzone. I was wonder if theres any suggestions or if some people can help me with this.