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  1. Hopefully. Unfortunately a lot of titles I have not started yet so they won't be there. haha. At least.. I don't think. Haha. The problem is is that I try my best to play series as chronologically as I can. So I have a lot of work to do! the problem is I am working on a ton of games atm, and not being on public transit anymore really killed the amount of time I am on the vita. However cooping a game will totally give me a reason to play it more! I have been planning on it, but my library simply keeps growing and it's hard. haha.
  2. I'd love some vita friends. Now I have a crazy amount of games and have never played the vita online. So I probably have a ton of games i won't remember but off the top of my head I have -Silent hill: Book of memories (played all of 5-10 minutes of it trying to figure out how to get the multiplayer working) -Pretty much all the neptunia games (have not played) I am drawing blanks. but many many more!
  3. The online is far from deserted. You must set your party slots to JOINABLE and don't add any NPC characters to your party. Go to the stables and wait.. but I've had more luck of people joining mid-mission.
  4. PSN ID LiniRayDiddley PS SYSTEMS PS4, PS3, Vita Accept Blank Friend Requests Nope, Let me know you're from here with some type of note on what you would like to play. Timezone: EST -5 I have 1500+ Games across all platforms, and am drowning in them all. There are probably about 1100 that don't show up on my list as I have yet to get to them. Would love some help to get through it all! I am a casual Trophy Hunter (I just like watching my trophy level numbers go up.) But am willing to help with any feat you may have given I have the game. Also open to game suggestions. WILLING TO SHAREPLAY COUCH-COOP GAMES I am usually in a chat party with a few friends playing different things, feel free to say hello and make yourself at home. (Mature subject matter, player discretion is advised.) *FYI* I stay away from pick up games like COD, Fortnite BR, ECT or any Team Death Match or MOBA games. (I like games that END). P.S. My backlog is horrifying.