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  1. Ah sh*t. Checked this forum in the hope that no escape was potentially made easier, now I'm finding out it's been made impossible lmao 🤣
  2. Nah, it's not for a week it's for a month
  3. Yeah, I've realised the above now since originally posting. Game had potential but just wasn't executed well. I've said before, but a destruction derby type mode would help, plus a generic race of some sort. Should just be added to the plus collection now. And the above is right. Could be a good time to boost
  4. Lol I will admit, and I can’t remember which parts exactly, but some were hard. I remember spending time on various sections that were harder than the guide stated. you did it though, which is all that matters!
  5. Just logging on for my weekly platinum attempt. Only mayhem and carnado have been available since Monday for me..... Been wanting gridfall for trophy attempts.... How longs has this been the case??
  6. On the subject of this game, it was handled poorly by Sony 100%. I reckon it could be saved though coz it does have a scent of a decent game in there. I always imagined a destruction derby mode. Or even a race mode. I'm unsure of the updates, but they won't be making a wrong choice by adding this as part of the PS Plus collection. Shame I'll prob not get the plat now, but meh, can't beat them all
  7. I'm sure they'll miss you whilst you purchase PS4 games, PS Now or PS Plus instead 😐
  8. Though I also see this as not really anything new and more of a 'look at me, I've platinumed this game!' post like some have said, I do agree with the OPs points. Though, as mentioned even by the OP themselves, guides are readily available on this site and YouTube which have this covered already. On a side note, I do wish this game had more gameplay. I reckon it holds up well today. There's just so little of it. Been a while since I thought of MGS4, so thnx to OP for bringing it back to my attention.
  9. Well do me sideways! You sir, are a legend.
  10. Just come here for a good moan. Gone through all stages twice now. Collected all trophies except pickories... Made a list, checked it twice like Santa haha but nothing. Not after any tips, but just came here for a whine. I know I've either missed a fly and not noticed, of not saved. Just annoying and wanted to post somewhere. 💩
  11. FML, Are people just hating on this because it's not an easy platinum?..... I never ceased to be amazed.
  12. To the OP, as a dedicated D2 player (up until PS5 release anyway) I can assure you the platinum if fine, obtainable and very 'shiney'. You will need to boost some stuff, and the DLC is hard if 100% is your thing. My time is limited for DLC raids as they are long and frustrating, however if you require assistance elsewhere drop me a message or add me. I love the division so I'm happy to jump in and help where I can
  13. I ain't American. How insulting of you! Weren't you trying to be the one with the funny 'joke' to start with? Maybe the grammar police will take the day off with you and send in the joke police instead....
  14. OP You got banned > you questioned it > it didn't work > move on Don't eat sweaty tits over something so minor, it's just a forum essentially isn't it..... You must have been annoying to get banned over something that wasn't racist, homophobic, etc, mind.....