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  1. You need those trophies too right? I wouldn't want you to push yourself if you're not up for it though. Adding you anyway (:
  2. Couldn't find any trophy boosting thread It's a lot of things so lots of communication is required. GMT+3 / have a lot of free time this week. thanks
  3. I MADE IT GUYS I'M IN!!! First of all thank you so much @Golden Devil Gamer and every other people who helped. I have Royal Edition Digital. I just deleted the game completely then do what OP says. I didn't even need to download comrades again. Once whole game installed add-ons were already there. I'm so excited. I'll go get those 3 damn trophies right now. I wish you all good luck, I hope you'll make it too.
  4. I'll tell you all tomorrow (10 hours until download finishes) I have digital royal edition It's playable now but can only play tutorial. When I check information it shows version 1.26 I deleted the game to redownload it but looks like the game doesnt delete add ons or something because i can see them listed information screen.
  5. did you buy digital or you have a hard copy?
  6. Did anybody try 'download list' on mobile PS app? PS App -> PS Store -> Drop down menu -> download list It says it added to download queue but it doesn't appear on ps4. After some time it says 'playable' I tried two other things Episode gladius: same thing happened. It doesnt appear but after some time it says playable A theme i havent downloaded: as soon as i click download it adds to list on real ps4
  7. Unfortunately no. I tried with no internet and it still makes you go PSStore to download standalone game. Letting you create an avatar is to crush your dreams even more.
  8. Huge risk but I took it (: Already deleted 100 GB data with once click One last question. If I have to turn off ps4 or pc should I redo all steps again once I start them again.
  9. I deleted the game entirely (Royal Edition) On step 8 instead of 30 the number was 33 for me (CUSA01615_00 > 33) I hope this won't ruin everything since I'm downloading 90GB all over again Should I see Expansion Comrades as soon as download starts? Because right now it looks like it's removed (only a picture without download option). Thanks for the help
  10. Can anybody confirm this method works for digital copies? Step 7 tells you to insert the disc for FFXV. Does it mean that digital owners should re-download this huge game in this step? What would happen if I don't uninstall the game and start from step 8? Thanks