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  1. I completed my 1st game for the event: 1. It's Summer Time! Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! 128 hours filled with easy but grindy dungeon crawling the joys of summertime. And no option to remote play. Thanks SE. Let’s keep up the spirit of summer, so here’s a short Choco-ssay on my early summer vacation, kweh! I was out fishing by the sea A LOT. With my butt. (Because I don’t have arms. But I’m using my wings to give high-fiv... high-flaps, hold cups and plant seeds.) Fishing was simple but fun, kweh! I regularly visited a local cafe for the (non-alcoholic) refreshers. Sitting down, leaning back, watching passbyers as they went about their way made me feel so Choco-laxed, kuuuuweh... and the tea was good ♪ There was a pond by the farm where I was staying. On those few awfully hot days when the sun threatened to turn me into roasted Chocobo, I took a well-deserved dive ٩(^‿^)۶ On other days, I played at the park. The swings almost made me feel as if I could take off and fly away. Kweh! Almost. The park turned out to be a popular meeting spot and I made some kweh-nteresting new acquaintances. I’ll leave the story of how I met my newest crush for another time. But by the fat Chocobo, let me tell you: my sweetheart hugs me best, kweh ♡ (Mild spoilers.)
  2. TOTAL €431.98 ( ˘ω˘ ) €197.79 alone is on the new VITA that I bought back in January. My last game-related purchases are from March 30 (Episode Ardyn and The Last Guardian). Nothing for April yet. Not a small sum by any means but my PS4 wishlist is down to near 0 at this point, so I feel the 400 Euro were warranted. For the most part, I’ve been keeping to a philosophy of sitting on my money like a hen (hear me kweh cluck) and waiting for discounts to roll out. That worked out quite fine for all these older games that I’d wanted to pick up. Exceptions are Tales of Vesperia and Chocobo’s Dungeon (preorders, €39.99 each).
  3. Congrats on the platinum ♪٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ Do you remember if it’s possible to change jobs/buddy every 100 floors (including ~400F) in Insatiable Hunger?
  4. That is my experience too. The majority of my PS3 games are single player games with no network features/gimmicks, I usually log off PSN and downloads continue in the background (and finish). They do slow to a crawl, however 🐌 In in any case, here is what the PS3 manual has on background downloads pausing:
  5. Thank youuu ♪( ´ワ`) you helped preserve my sanity. I can finally move on and tackle Chocobo’s hellhole next.
  6. Dark Talons; where can I find a pair of those? 🐤 A JP guide for Wii and DS lists them as Guardian of the Dark, as does the old Wii guide on gfaqs (it’s even more specific and points to floors 21-40F). Dark Talons in Dark Temple? Sounds reasonable but... I keep running Guardian of the Dark and am about to start my 6th run next but so far no luck. ( ≧³≦)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ Am I looking in the right place, kweh?
  7. In case further information is needed, I can confirm that there is a save import function (JP vanilla -> Global Edition). For the most part, trophy progress does not carry over but there are exceptions: from a quick google search, the trophy for 1000 battles fought is awarded in retrospect (after the first battle in Global Edition). The trophy for 100 battles is not. The trophy for 3000 monsters killed either can be set up (transfer at or below 2999 battles) or carries over - frankly, I can’t tell for sure which one it is. Similar as to the trophy for 100 battles fought, the trophy for 1000 monsters killed does not auto-pop when carrying over a save with a higher kill count. (Nevertheless, the trophy can theoretically be forced by setting up a vanilla save with less monsters killed, then transferring that save and killing another monster. The same can be done for 100 battles.) The trophy Your Name Here (rented more rooms) can also be unlocked early by carrying over a save on which the trophy hasn’t been unlocked yet, then renting. For future reference, it seems to be quite possible to plan in advance and utilise the save transfer option at certain points in the vanilla game to make a few selected trophies in the Global Edition easier and eliminate grind. According to the JP blogs entries that I’ve read, save transfer can be used multiple times.
  8. Ribbon Collar can also drop in Insatiable Hunger dungeon. I got plenty useless duplicates there but it’s too RNG to force it. I strongly advise against looking for it there if you’re trying to be efficient, unless you’re in it for the sheer fun and pleasure of torturing poor, innocent Chocobo for as many hours as possible. (I’m the heartless type of Choco-owner who is some 50 hours into the game but hasn’t wrapped up ch5 yet.) I believe that Ice Talon (and Saddle) may have dropped in Ancient Dungeon (or Dark) for me but I can’t say for sure. It could have been from Insatiable also (first 200 floors) which would mean that this too isn’t a particularly efficient way to go about the brand/getting the ALL brand early.
  9. On the topic of saddles - and by extension talons - are the Gemsteel equips new additions to the item pool or are they victims of renaming?
  10. I’m quite a bit peeved that remote play is blocked for SE’s port of a port of a Chocobo’s Dungeon game.




    1. LucianaRosethorn


      I really don't understand it, it's not a brand new game and you can still share it if you have a capture card. 

    2. DamagingRob


      I didn't know devs could even block Remote Play.. Maybe with the Vita being discontinued, Sony stopped making it a requirement that PS4 games have to be compatible with it? 


      And while a completely separate thing (I think), what Luciana mentioned is annoying me with Persona 5.. That game is well over a year old, but it blocks all screenshots and video sharing. :/ Not being able to share my Platinum screenshot whenever the times comes makes me a bit sad. :(

    3. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      That’s too bad. 

  11. Birds of Tokyo - Unbreakable
  12. I know how this looks but I promise... my intentions are good and my heart is pure. In other words: /combined order fail
  13. I’m a hopeless clown and jokester to which nothing seems holy, the right address for when one needs to have their mind taken off the present situation but (still) catching up on the 101 of suave words of comfort between adults. After years of isolation and again made to play sitting ducks right now, I’m not there yet (still seeking that magic wand to wave and make it go whoosh). Even so, I want to try to convey my feelings to both of you and hope they can be a small source of an appreciating sigh or even a small smile. I want to tell both of you @Remi-chan and @dropsofjupiter ‘thank you’. There is something common found in what each of you said and more so in how you said it - despite that I understand that you currently find yourselves in grossly different circumstances. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for acting as if having a loved one with a formal impairment is normal. Because it is. It’s easy to proclaim such (and, of course, it’s words that can be a first, important step to put forth an idea or ideal into reality) but it is people like you that prove it. Everyday. Small treasures like these are sacred. A person with an impairment - a disorder, a syndrome, an illness - is human like everyone else. Not less of a person but as brimming with life and joy and despair and anger and hope and needs and wants as everyone out there and both of you have spoken about your experiences in a way that hints at that you know. And although I’ll never be in a position to benefit from your generosity and empathy in all the great little interactions in everyday life, knowing that you are out there - that you have been living with that attitude until now and treating those around you with an uncanny understanding that they’re as similar to you and others as they seem to be different from everyone else - is a small source of happiness to me. Thank you.
  14. I love the idea d(⌒▽⌒) so please sign me up! I will decide on a list of games to play closer to when the event starts.