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  1. (The House in Fata Morgana/Fatamoru)
  2. 3 hours ago, I was going to be all silly and I had written up a rather snarky paragraph to start my post with. One 10kg bag of dry cat food on the floor and those 3 hours later, the later half of my post that explains how I feel about the ribbons - more so about this entire topic, however - now feels too serious to keep it. So you now got to read that boring 1st sentence instead. I have 2 things that I want to put out there with this post. As for the 1st 〆(..) I find the choice of colours for the badges a little bit on the curious side. I happen to be a mad fan of blue and orange and I can only guess that these colours were chosen for how well they blend with the current overall design of PSNP. The slightly curious thing about the choice of colours for these badges lies in that orange and blue (lilac-blue) are complementary colours. Of course, more blue and orange on PSNP are almost like a compliment to you, considering your choice of avatar @BlindMango Yet, the concepts of rarity <50% (<75%) and rarity <5% are similar (analogous, related, “kinda the same”), not particular complementary. In both cases, rarity is evaluated but lower rarity is favoured over higher rarity. The colours - when presented together - emphasise a high contrast (and can be hard on the eye), the concepts that these ribbons are meant to stand for do not contrast, do not enhance each other or make each other “whole”. So we’re clear on the matter: red and green are... well, not for me. Even so, matching badges like red and orange ribbons or blue and green ribbons would be less quirky choices in regards to the popular colour schemes that many of us have studied in lower grades back in school. If more closely related colours for “Effort” and “Rarity” were chosen, it would also allow PSNP (should it ever decide to in years to come and for reasons that have yet to be formulated) to more easily implement one or more badges for trophy stats that stand for the opposing concept (>X% trophy rarity/number of trophies with a trophy rarity higher than X%). On the other hand, I wager that choices such as blue and green could possibly end up clashing with the current design. Considering that the design of PSNP definitely is one of its strong attraction points and an aspect that helps the site to distinguish itself from competitors, it is more than reasonable to pick the colours based primarily on how well they go with PSNP’s looks in the here and now. On to the 2nd point φ(..) Although I realise that the name seems to have not few supporters and with respect to that effort, praise and reward are closely related concepts (with reward being an entirely reasonable and proper topic to be considered in a discussion of a hobby such as the one many of us here share to varying extends), I take mild issue with the name. I assume the consensus with the name has to do with the popular misconception that a trophy of lower rarity takes more effort to attain for almost all or all people, although the mileages as to what that effort indicates is left unspoken, undefined and hence ultimately of questionable nature. While not nearly as catchy, I’m interested in how alternatives such as ”Ribbon of Performance” or “Ribbon of Accomplishment” would perform. No. You know what. Scratch that. I spent a good while thinking on that while accidentally emptying the new bag of 10kg dry cat food halfway over my cats earlier this evening. I’ll be frank and in doing so, I’ll touch on a delicate and socially difficulty issue that I firmly believe does not pertain only to me. For one brief moment, allow me to take this a level up and discuss one thing that is going on here. It’s not the name itself that I take issue with. It’s the displeasing attitude and lack of demonstration of empathy (not clinically) of users here who give off the impression that they seem to think that because their experiences seem to align mostly with that of the majority of people, it makes these so incredibly common that it may almost appear as if they’re shared by everybody and thereby turns gross oversimplification and taking personal claims to the extreme while also presenting them as facts into appropriate and commonly accepted means in communication. It tends to make me frown a little at the screen (no wrinkles yet). As someone who finds that it takes her incredible effort to read a VN but less so to button mash and whoosh and leftright my through a game that demands high reaction speed, my personal definition of what constitutes more effort and of what constitutes less effort and also of what is an engaging game that I want to spend some of my lifetime on or what is boring me does not necessarily align as well with the wide and diverse difficulty and engagement scales of the great majority. On top of that, I also find preferences presented as facts with non-humours, satiric or borderline cynic intentions rather off-putting due to my past work with children and youths in special situations. I’d like to think that it goes without saying that I wrote what I did above with no desire to enforce an evaluation system that caters solely to my liking on you, my dear, scarred reader that has put up with me up to here. The fleeting reference to my very own experiences is in response to the oversimplification that rarely fails of pop up in discussions here on PSNP that revolve around exceptionally low or high trophy rarity and in response to the most limited validity of sneakily presenting one’s own preferences, experiences and abilities as the ultima ratio to get a point across in the most deafening manner. (Oh, I do it too. A lot more in real life. I can be a most unpleasant bloodhound so I try to go with the cute clown shtick for the rest of the time. Love me.) Now, that said, I am aware that the effect and meaning of different interpretations of the same thing only go so far under careful inspection and that there are ways plentiful and free to challenge opinions or to combat the manner itself in which opinions are publicly presented. There’s a saying in German that goes like “paper is patient”. Every now and then, we argue a lot on the forums about rarity, sometimes clearly mock with our choice of words, whine and play victim when others respond in kind or weakly try to cloak insults, and, sadly, rarely also practically spit at each other when things go out of hand for a couple posts before they’re reeled in again by our public servants. With that in mind, I’m optimistic about that ribbons will not truly escalate that any more in intensity or in frequency of outbursts as was suggested before in this topic. Hence, I’ll put out there the proposition that a significant number of games with a platinum trophy of <50% rarity (PSNP rarity) do take varying amounts of some “sort” of effort from the overwhelming majority of people. This includes me when I think of my experiences with games that immediately come to mind (FFXIII, RoF, P4G, Tales, GE). The other proposition I feel every bit as content with is that a significant number of games with a platinum trophy of exactly 50% rarity or >50% rarity (also PSNP rarity) do not take as much effort from the overwhelming majority of people when compared to the very games described in the above paragraph. With respect to these 2 barebones if still somewhat nebulous propositions, to me “Ribbon of Effort” is an alright name. If the mouseover that provides the intended definition of this ribbon will be as simple and matter-of-fact as it is presented in the very 1st post (as of writing this), I do not feel that the additions of the ribbons will have a profound or lasting dramatic effect on the overall climate and interaction (including the number of times that we regularly arm ourselves and go to battle in a topic here and there about the most hideous and nonsensical details) here on the forums. I hope that by carefully elaborating a teensy bit on an interpersonal matter that may, at very first glance, not be relevant to the ribbons, I was nevertheless able to explain the reasons for my musings and notably torn stance on the name and intention of the “Ribbon of Effort”. Now, please have the unicorn that I used in my original snarky post opener 🦄
  3. Yes, a version of Poncho for VITA has been officially cancelled. Taken from a public statement of a dev of Poncho from here, 3rd paragraph: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/DanHayes/20170106/288790/PONCHO__A_Postmortem.php
  4. If you mean the digital EU PSN release, LRG hasn't said much on the topic from what I know. LRG said on May 28th that they're "looking into it". Beyond that, they did not elaborate or even confirm if they have definite plans for a digital EU region release of the PS4/VITA versions or not. In German: 0 *Informationen ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ Screenshot taken from here: https://mobile.twitter.com/LimitedRunGames/status/1133392035711455234
  5. Nekoburo: Cats Block Ran out of brain power Get 200000 score in Survive Mode. I can still hear it... the near constant nya, nya, NYAAA (σ≧▽≦)σ
  6. I couldn’t find this song in higher quality at first.

    You know, without... hisses. And... creeeeeeeeaks ( ꒪Д꒪)


    A pain in the neck, some frustration and at least 3 grey hairs later trying to buy it off amazon JP...



    Got you ╭( ・・)و 


    1. NERVergoproxy


      Good stuff. Listening to her on Spotify now.


  7. I imagine that PEGI operates similarly to the German rating board (USK). A full title seems to cost a little over 1k Euro to be rated once (additional fees not taken into account). Purchasing an official rating for a version on another system/platform (with identical content to a previously rated title) costs an additional 300 Euro (per system) according to this public chart: http://www.usk.de/en/extramenue/login/publisher/material/cost-overview/
  8. Just in case that this needs confirmation from multiple people because one of the lists isn’t in English: the 2 new English lists (PS4 & VITA, already linked) read the same as the Japanese list. (For some odd reason, the western publisher seems to have changed the icons. For. The. Worse.)
  9. It’s incredible. (And heartbreaking and tragic.) And one of the most touching love stories I know (personal opinion, of course). I’ll be honest and admit that - while certainly this is what people like to call most ‘niche’ and exposure will be tiny - a certain evil-minded part of me is very looking forward to reactions of the western audience. It definitely has potential to offend considering some of the topics it touches upon This should be played from beginning to end while wide awake. Dropping halfway and it’ll be confusing and will likely leave an impression of being nonsensical (which, surprisingly, it is not).
  10. Blame me I reported that the list is shared between JP PS4 and JP VITA versions. I suspected as much already when no new list showed up after the 16th but as I own the NA and JP VITA versions as well, I held onto hope... right until I got my copy yesterday. Not that the shared list keeps me from playing this game again and again. (If the remaster makes it to NA/EU, I Imagine that there may be another, new list - depending on the company who picks this up.) Oh yeah! In my wildest and most crazy dreams (ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ @Dragon-Archon will make a Gruda special trophy for people who have completed 2 stacks of Celceta. Regardless of that it’d clash horribly with the rest and wouldn’t fit the underlying theme of all the other awesome trophies at all Okay. I’ll stop fooling around now ( ̄▽ ̄) grab a snack, and then go back to the Foliage Ocean! On 2nd thought, this is a LP, isn’t it. I never participated in one before but the trophies look incredible. (Hi, Ozma!) Does LP mean I can occasionally post about my progress and sneakily share Gruda random screenshots of beauty as I play?
  11. It is time...




    ...time to go MIA until further notice ˚✧₊⁎(ノ°▽°)ノ⁎⁺˳✧༚






    1. PooPooBlast


      C'mon, put some enthusiasm into this. This should do it!


  12. I received my PS4 copy of Celceta and can now confirm that Falcom chose to reuse the old 2012 JP VITA list for the brand new JP PS4 remaster. Ys: Memories of Celceta/イース セルセタの樹海 PS4 & VITA - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1634-ys-memories-of-celceta
  13. The Legend of Nier: 8-bit Heroes

    from NieR Gestalt & Replicant 15 Nightmares & Arrange Tracks



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Love it! Gotta love how some of these 8-bit remixes of modern themes sounds. Just beautiful... Like this! :D



    3. Fenrirfeather


      I thought so too, the end especially, when the lyrics start to play @ERGOPROXY-DECAY-soon-to-have-another-name



      The CD! That is real sweet ♪ @Galactic Hyper Balls I may be biased because I ♡ music from NieR RepliCant/Gestalt but I agree that the Nightmare & Arrange collection is (surprisingly) brilliant. 


      I’m addicted to the a cappella version of 愚カシイ機械/Wretched Automatons. It’s my favourite NieR song in general though. 


      It’s the first time that I heard The Sun Rises like that @Honor_Hand! That reminds me, I’ve been listening to the Jazz album of Ōkami a lot recently. Not sure if this is something that interests you but in case it does:



    4. Honor_Hand



      Whoa, thanks for sharing. First time I heard a jazz version of this, and it was super smooth, loved it. :D


      The Sun Rises is not only my favorite song in that game but also one of my favorite songs in videogames ever, period. The moment when it plays on the game is so magical and filled with so much emotion, it always brings tears to my eyes, even if it's an 8-bit or jazz style rendition. ^_^