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  1. Congratulations on completing Comrades!

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    2. Dreggit


      From memory, and more because I absolutely do not ever want to play Comrades again to look at the stats, Ardyn requires a high defense stat and at least 300 magic defense (with lightning resistance as well). I really do not enjoy the fight, especially since 3/4 of my party are out of my control.


      The bird though? Almost nothing you can really do to prep against him statwise... his attacks will instakill you 7/10 times depending on what it is that hits you. The saving grace is that they have a long and obvious windup that telegraphs what the attacks are. Hopefully you can kill him quickly though because he will regenerate health at some point.


      I want to say the goal is:

      2k Def

      300 M.Def

      100% lightning resist


    3. Fenrirfeather


      Oh. This is the first time I hear the details about the crow. I thought the bird was going to be chirp of cake and didn’t bother to read up on him. Thank you. 


      I’m scared now (`・/д\・) 


      On the bright side, I enjoy playing Comrades ♪ I haven’t

      been playing any MMORPGs since school but it seems like that passion for anything remotely RPG + online, however gimped, is still there.


      I will survive this! Surely. After the bird will kill me.

    4. Dreggit


      Comrades would have been far, far better had it utilize the entire would (since it would load the entire world) instead of what they did do. They could have kept the current setup they have for specific missions and the like as side challenges, but I really wanted to explore that world ending cataclysm that was going on with 3 friends.