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  1. Gab es eigentlich einen bestimmten Grund dafür, dass du dein altes Konto begraben hast? Da steckte ja schließlich eine Menge Zeit und Arbeit drin.

    1. Fenrirfeather


      So halb, halb. 


      Long story not short: Azelais was meant to be a temp account after western VITA launch but a year in I’d caught the lazy and stuck with it.


      Around winter last year I was hit with a (minor) PSN account data retrieval error and figured: hey, I’d wanted to switch back ages ago, might as well do it now! = spontaneous itch


      I do enjoy the hunting but didn’t dwell long on being booted back to 0 trophies. Or that peeps met through PSN may think I’m newborn bambi. (Plus, getting to poke fun at acquaintances who were all baffled “don’t do this” and ”but why” was legend :ninja:)


      Losing Resonance of Fate (PS3) saves did drive me bonkers for a sweet while because I’d been right in the middle of it and ima turtle.

    2. German_Atheist


      Под лежачий камень и вода не течёт.