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  1. Oh, the platinum is definitely hard to get, though it skews more toward the "grind your ass off" part of the spectrum. In addition, the types of gaming skill needed for minigames & such is definitely on the eclectic side of things. KIWAMI is probably the hardest one on PS4 since it apparently has an even lower rarity % on the site and Yakuza 0 is already pretty low.
  2. Really, the only benefit is the ability points, not only for the regular abilities, but the mastery abilities like adjusting CRIT levels, resistance, etc. Basically permanent engravings attached to your character. And there are 1600 points to spend on those suckers. Also, a quick lvl 99 boost early in the game removes the need to spend on upgrade costs as all gear you collect from thereon will be at lvl99. But yeah, it's far more negligible compared to Origins which had no scaling and therefore had you steamrolling everything. Odyssey requires more gear stats to give a more noticeable edge.
  3. Last week Story Creator Mode was launched as part of Ubisofts E3 promotion. It was both ambitious, and by the looks of things, rushed to meet the E3 deadlne. While some people have managed to get some decent stories/quests out of this mode, one quest released on the 12th made a splash of its own -- "Ultra XP Farming Simulator." Depending on your boosts, it gave you anywhere between 700,000 xp and 1 million xp per play. And each play took about 10-15 seconds, including load times. In addition, you were rewarded a boatload of Drachmae making it easily possible to max out the amount of money to 9999999. All the player needs to de is hold the retry button over and over and over to the desired number of level, drachmae, and/or ability points. This got banned within 24 hours and it seems to have been patched out so that you can't make that kind of xp that easily. Except this quest paved the way for copycats and other players now aware of what was possible in this new mode and 6 hours later, a Portuguese/Brazilian user would create several that brought it back, only requiring either the user to quickly kill enemies or to simply stand there as NPCs killed themselves, effectively bringing back the original farm. Since then, others have come up with their own. So far the farms are still around and Ubisoft has been slow to stem the tide. They could ashcan the mode, but that would be a huge embarrassment. In addition, if a quest does get banned, the player does not get ejected and the quest still exists within the game. A banning merely means that if the player chooses the exit the mode and not retry, it will no longer show up on the world map again. You can effectively stay in there as long as you want and even load up saves withing Story Creator Mode that have been banned. While this would normally be a quickie exploit, the sheer number of Mastery Level Points the game offers makes these exploits quite enticing in addition to the money. The Mastery Points are pretty much the only thing that make lvl 99 worth it due tot he auto-levelling. These quests are best found by logging into your Ubisoft account and searching for the quests manually on the story creator browser and adding them to your story log. Then, in game, go to options and make sure you have story creator mode enabled. Then look for the quest in your story creator mode quest log and check it out. The search menu is pretty effective in finding the more effective farms. I was initially keeping it under my hat, but since Joraptor posted a video about it, I figured I would share their existence and expose one of the best beneficial blunders in recent console gaming history. Lastly, it is worth noting that there are several weak tea farms that only reward 2000-3000 xp and 100-150 drachmae. Ignore those and search for those that visually show a reward of around 30,000 and a cascade of 1000 drachmae rewards, though the actual reward is much greater. It would be wise not to post links, as that may lead to a faster banning of that particular farm quest.
  4. I'd say this is a very fair trophy list. No complete BS or and absolute waste of the players' time. They also had the sense not to expect the playter to get "Ultimate" in every challenge. This is one game where you may want to go beyond the trophies and try to unlock everything, including all upgrades and suit mods even though there's no trophy for it. Same with trying to achieve all bonus objectives. I would have gotten my platinum sooner if not for my own perfectionism. Compare this to some of the Arkham material which is a serious bog. Getting all trophies for the Arkham City DLC alone took me a month and Arkham Knight, another month (while going to work, etc of course). Ultimate is definitely not hard if you upgraded everything and play defensively. The fact that you always survive a strong hit at 1 HP and can heal with focus at any time can get you through some tricky situations, as the fact that Spiderman is pretty good an not getting hit. Don't get me wrong, anyone who plays this on anything but the easiest settings will probably die at a few points, but nothing excessive.
  5. Crash 3 is the only easy one to time trial because the game was originally designed for it on PSX, though in that, the stupid biplane ring one pissed me off. Crash 1 is the hardest closely followed by 2 and I'm talking about platinum and time trial, not beating. You pretty much need to get the jumping mechanics down and trust the d-pad whenever necessary. That extra step Crash takes always pissed me off. Crash 1 is mostly harder due to the lack of the extra abilities Crash gets in Crash 2. Time trial difficulty varies widely, some giving a more forgiving gold time while others demanding near perfection. Some may take hours to do and some can easily be done in one attempt. Sometimes there is RNG at play. But I did find 1 + 2 to be a bitch to plat but there is a certain sense of accomplishment I found in actually doing it.
  6. Okay, one thing about this series is that you must have played every game that came before with the possible exception of Coded. Basically, everything included in the I.5, 2.5, and 2.8 collections. The plot really makes no sense otherwise and just flips newcomers the bird. That being said and having platinumed all the previous games myself, there is plenty to be disappointed about in this game. It's a real mixed bag aside from the graphics, and i will admit that many characters at this point really aren't all that interesting and Sora has mostly become a caricature of himself at this point. This is on top of Sora being able to go full-on Matrix at this point in the series, so you get bizarre ludonarrative dissonance sequences like fighting Davy Jones with every weapon in your arsenal, yet when the cutscene happens Sora, Donald, and Goofy just jump on top of him without weapons and try to fight him like children and are thus easily brushed off. In addition, some of the scripting is pretty lacking and we are stuck with some rather poor VAs for certain major characters (Aqua, Terra, I'm looking at you). Also I agree that this may be the first game in the franchise that had a heavy interference with Disney in certain sequences. Frozen in particular in that you and Org XII barely get involved at all It does feel that the dev team didn't quite get enough time to finish more worlds in this game. The 100 Acre Wood (or rather the 1 Acre Wood) is really pathetic with the only saving grace being the new voice for Rabbit and seems to only exist to augment of cooking minigame. Also seems like among the last additions San Franscokyo seem like late additions since it has the smallest map. KH2 and even BBS had more in terms of extra non-Disney zones, more of a reason to go off the beaten path or at least something to break the parade of Disney World after Disney World. Those two were structured better in that regard. Even DDD had more of a Traverse Town to explore. But here we get no Traverse Town, no Mysterious Tower, no Magical Kingdom, no Radiant Garden, no Destiny Islands, no Land of Departure aside from one hallway, no World Without End, and a single district of Twilight Town The Gummi Ship is more polished though. I actually like the Gummi ship stuff this time. Too bad the last area only consists of a single world. Also the game itself is pretty polished for what we got with a decent amount of side content that isn't completely soul draining like Dream Eaters or Command Board farming. I'll take Frozen Slider over that horrible snowmobile minigame in FFXV as well. Also, I am personally bugged by the lack of established villains actually being bosses and instead replaced by forgettable Heartless/Nobodies/Unversed. If that one Heartless is suppose to be Hans, for example, at least have Hans ride it or be controlled by it, similar to Clayton in the first game. Or at least have on of the Org XIII guys actually fight you midgame. Bud its still a good fun game. Though I have to agree that the endgame content is a bit of a slog. Getting Metal Gear Solid 2 & 4 flashback with the constant barrage of cutscenes and "move 6 feet then wait" moments. It is also currently lacking in real relay value, but I think it will be fixed soon.
  7. I will refute this only because I did not do the Bahamut Rematch, however I did do the Ifrit Rematch and immediately had access to Ardyn/Ravus