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  1. A friend did a test with his primary account and was able to send the syndicate invitation correctly. Apparently this is a problem directly related to the EA account. PSN accounts that have been linked to old EA accounts shouldn't have any problems. Only newer EA accounts created and linked in the last few years that don't work properly with some old games. But thanks for offering help.
  2. Hi players, I don't know if there are more players with this problem recently but I've been trying with several players from different parts of the world to make the first simple step to boost, which consists of join a syndicate, however whenever someone tries to invite me they receive an error saying "unable to send invite". Has anyone had this problem and managed to find a solution?
  3. The servers back to work after 24hrs unavailable just to let you guys know. I just don't know for how much longer, whoever still needs to do it as soon as possible
  4. there was a player that told me that Driver:San Francisco has the same problem
  5. I talked to Ubi support live through the chat. The final answer is unbelievable. "Well, no one seems to know for sure what the status of the FS server is right now." Due to this answer, Im almost sure that the servers have died. F
  6. Yup, i know but problem is that ubisoft doesn't clarify anything as usual. They didn't say a specific date and then removed the game from that year's shutdown list leaves everything in the dark.
  7. Today on December 29, players who try to connect to multiplayer will receive a pop up alert saying, ''The Ubisoft service is not available at this time." Ubi has not yet officially commented about this. We don't know if this issue is temporary or if the servers are gone away once and for all. I've sent a message to official Ubi support account on twitter and in the forum. If i get answered I'll update it here.