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  1. For anyone experiencing this problem i was able to work around it but had to play a couple levels twice. Ugh...glitches!
  2. I'm just about done with the plat on this game but the controls are just awful. Does anyone know how to simply jump back and forth from wall to wall. Sometimes the character pulls himself up all by himself...sometimes he don't...sometimes he jumps back and forth and sometimes he don't. Does anyone know the basic controls? Google doesn't
  3. OMG its happening again...level 13-3...there is a spot where you have to jump back and forth to get three coins but I cant go back and forth it just jumps straight up automatically. What a glitchy game!
  4. Wow i have no idea how you figured that out but it worked...Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Did mashing square work for you upon landing??? I’m having the same issue!!
  6. i just got the plat in this game and I had the same problem. There is extra mission in the bottom right of your map with a bunch of kingslayer files in it. Go do that mission and your trophy will pop.
  7. I agree with most of the other posts on here...I definitely go for the plat if there is one and if not I go for 100% completion. I have yet to complete a DLC pack because I feel its just extra stuff beyond the game. However, I may try one out just for fun. I do however feel that if you earn the plat in any game you have done enough to say you have completed it. Even though psn profiles doesn't give you credit for completing the game unless you hit 100%.
  8. Ok I just finished this game and of course got the glitch. Lucky me. I completed all cases but only the trophy for completing the game did not pop. I read some of the solutions on here but I don’t get them. I’m afraid of deleting my main user and I have no clue what syncing two profiles means. Is there anyone else having this issue or can someone tell me how to sync two accounts together based on the descriptions above??