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  1. I should be platinuming LEGO Jurassic World soon. Then I'll try to get some work on Ratchet and Clank.
  2. Yeah, unfortunately, once you earn a single trophy in any game, it's there forever. You can delete games on your profile with 0% but you can't if you get even 1% on it. I am hoping that the PS5 implements a "clean-up" function that removes trophy lists from your profile so you can try again if you want or delete games you regret playing.
  3. Sorry, I've been distracted by Yu-Gi-Oh and have been too tired to play games, but my dad replaced my bed with a softer one so I hope that I can get stuff done. Finally put the vicegrips on to try to finish up LEGO Jurassic World. I doubt I will be able to finish this event since Ni no Kuni usually takes a month to complete but we'll see.
  4. I remember watching Doctor Who starting with the 4th Doctor and go on until the middle of the 8th Doctor back when the old episodes were aired on Nickelodeon. I even saw a couple of old 3rd Doctor episodes. I also read a novel, the one based on the episode where the Doctor and his companion end up in the future of Earth after nuclear war occurred and the Daleks take over. While the Daleks and Cybermen are pretty powerful colonies who oppose the Doctor, I find his archenemies, the Master and Rani, to be more interesting. Sadly, I doubt I would like the reboot with Doctors 9-13. It lost its old B-movie charm. Heck, those statues crept me out in LEGO Dimensions when I accidentally got killed by one! Nightmare fuel which make me very scared to continue playing LEGO Dimensions since I am at the chapter where the Doctor rescues everyone and drops them in enemy territory.
  5. Finally got another set of trophies. At this rate, I am probably not going to get to Round 2. I will probably not participate in any more of these events because I am starting to get bummed out with trophy hunting. I had a head cold and got distracted by Yu-GI-Oh fanfiction, and now they showed another trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 so I bought the 3DS version of the original and am going through the Course World. 24. Get a trophy that has all the letters T H R O N E S in the trophy name Tower of Dragonasia / Dragons Who Crusade Through the Stars 22. Get a trophy that has the word Hot in the trophy name The Deadly Tower of Monsters / Good shot 26. Get a trophy that has a punctuation mark in the trophy name ( ! ? - . ‘) The Deadly Tower of Monsters / As in games! 38. Get a trophy from a game where you play in outer space The Deadly Tower of Monsters / Dramatic rescue (There is a ring of asteroids and two moons and you fight aliens) 5. Get a trophy from a game that is a sequel Devious Dungeon 2 / Training Complete
  6. I might join but right now I am feeling lousy because of a cold so I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping.
  7. Well, I'm done. I'm definitely not going to get any work done of the games I added this month, due to children's card games. I'll probably enter the Summer Backlog event and just move those games to my summer list. At least I got my initial five games done.
  8. Added the Spend Time With Family category because Jurassic World is a non-gaming IP. LEGO is also a non-gaming IP so it fits.
  9. Nobody cares about the Final Fantasy Remake trailer or the Monster Hunting upcoming expansion?
  10. Children's card games... they ruined my life. And that's why I didn't earn any trophies for three days straight. But here's my next group of trophies: 13. Get a trophy that has all the letters M O U S E in the trophy name Modern Tales: Age of Invention / Strong Impulse 40. Get a trophy that is obtained by collecting collectables Modern Tales: Age of Invention / Passer By 34. Get a trophy from a game that is made by a developer from Europe Modern Tales: Age of Invention / Three In Three (Artifex Mundi is based in Poland) 4. Get a trophy from a game where you can play as a female character Modern Tales: Age of Invention / Good Reflexes 1. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the M Modern Tales: Age of Invention / Bullseye
  11. I dunno… I have a bad track record with working on lists. If I enter this, I will probably move Ni No Kuni to this list as chances are I am not going to finish it in May. (I haven't even left the first city yet!)
  12. Surprised I got as high as I did considering I didn't play games for several days in a row(reading too much fanfiction ) but I did pretty well. I need to step up my game to get any chance at getting higher in May. Congrats to ArtikScarab for getting the most points.
  13. You don't use the accented e, Han, because no trophies I know of use that character. The challenge uses the regular e for POKEMON.
  14. Uh, this event is over, you should head over to the May thread.
  15. Yeah, I agree that Nintendo will be showing off more of its revealed games: Some final trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 - I am DEFINITELY saving my money for that. Then again, I haven't touched Dreams yet and have so much backlog. More info on Persona 5 S - maybe a bit of backstory in the game? Concrete release dates for the fall titles. Definitely some more trailers for Pokemon Sword and Shield showing off a couple more new Pokemon and some more story as well as a release window. Maybe reveal the second fight for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC? I'll end up getting it added anyways, I have the Fighter's Pass which my sister gave me for last birthday. As for the others, I hope Square-Enix will give hints on what the next Kingdom Hearts game will be and the DLC for KH3. Don't really care about the other guys since Sony is dropping out of E3 for good, but maybe something interesting will show up? If I know my E3s, they NEVER are predictable.