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  1. So this video shows a Japanese gamer called uru game actually managing to get the highest score you can get in Kingdom of Corona's Festival Dance - 999,999 points with a 425 combo. He also get really high scores for Verum Rex: Beat of Lead and other minigames.
  2. Good news, I got a new PS4 thanks to my dad ordering one online. I owe me $300 as it's a newly minted PS4, probably a PS4 Slim. Bad news - I can't transfer anything from my old PS4 because it's, well, fried. That means I lost all of my save data and I'd have to play through all my games again, which is painful for my Kingdom Hearts progress and sets me back years. So I am just shutting this thread down for good and working on a new account. I am not going to tell anyone what this new account is because I don't intend to be participating in any community events on this new account except privately. I'm sorry, everyone. I hope you all enjoy E3 and the PS4 games coming out, including a remaster of the original Ni no Kuni for PS4 and a plain port for the Nintendo Switch. Farewell for good this time.
  3. I started this thread to log my trophy milestones, but I am starting to understand what people say about trophy burnout. This being my 11th account, I realize that nobody will read this, and if anyone does, I will be amazed. Still, gotta put this down for posterity. I put this thread up on Christmas Eve 2018 to mark the platinums and non-platinums I popped on this account. My biggest loves, though, are Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Maplestory. Still, I do put in the time to platinum a game now and then. I've sort of retired from serious trophy hunting recently, but I still do events now and then. I've been gaming since I was ten, having 'stolen' my sister's NES back in the day when she didn't care jack about it after my dad bought it for her 5th birthday. It was there that I fell in love with Mario, Zelda and many other games. I then graduated to SNES with Final Fantasy IV(aka FF2US) and it snowballed from there. Once, I even had to do a sit-down no-stop marathon of Phantasy Star IV on Genesis(mainly because the cart I rented was corrupt and I couldn't save the game). When Playstation arrived, I hopped on that bandwagon ASAP and eventually enjoyed many great games up to the current day. While the first Playstation game I played was the crappy Beyond the Beyond, I eventually finished Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. (FF8 is still my favorite game in the PS era.) I then 100%'d Spyro the Dragon 1 and 2, but never got to the final secret battle in 3. (Still can't do it on the Reignited Trilogy, at least they kept everything the same with a crisp paint coat. ) I have decided when starting this account to polarize my priorities. I decided to do this while in church, thinking about what I was doing with my life. The reason I started over so many times was because I kept making mistakes. This time I will try to be more honest with myself and only put games on this list where I enjoyed getting the trophies - games which I loved the feel of or the challenge. Games with buggy code(aka ICEY), insane challenges(aka Alteric) and which are just stupidly bad(aka My Name Is Mayo) are not going to be on this list ever. I admit that means that I won't be getting to Plat #100 for a long time, if ever, but quality over quantity this time. Enjoy the list. EDIT: Put in a new notation. If I put a version down for a game but it has * after it, that means that the game doesn't have a duplicate list per version, you can only earn a trophy on one version, but that means that is the version I played for the trophies. My Trophy Hunting Blog, SMASH FIST. Platinums #1-15 Platinums #16-30 Platinums #31-45 Platinums #46-60 Platinums #61-75: My 100% Non-Platinum Titles: Games I've Played Elsewhere but Given Up On Games I Slapped Myself for Buying and Deleted Games I Would Love to Try the Platinum For: [More to come!]
  4. Okay thanks. I am working towards a replacement for the PS4 and TV but it will cost me a bit. So far I've found that most used PS4s go around $300. Thanks for the advice.
  5. My PS4 and TV both died gruesome deaths because a lightning bolt hit my house. I knew it was raining but didn't expect a power surge. So I am pretty much stuck with only my PS3 downstairs until I see how much I have to pony up to pay for a replacement PS4. I can't afford a PS4 Pro AND new TV, no matter how much my dad loves me. Stupid Mother Nature. Sorry, have to vent to someone. (Oddly enough, nothing else got hit with the power surge, only my PS4 and TV got fried. I think the divin entity above is telling me that I need to stick with Pokemon as my go-to game instead of wasting my money and life hunting trophies.)
  6. This is my final post in the forums forever. I have to retire from trophy hunting, not by choice. Just minutes ago, a power surge fried my PS4 and my TV so they can't turn on any more. I've tried plugging them into other sockets which were not hit but the light that powers on the PS4 isn't showing and my TV won't turn on no matter how many times I press the power switch. I guess it was for the best they both died. These devices were over five years old and showing their age. Probably the best for me too: I am no longer enjoying playing Playstation games because I am a completionist and the trophy system ruined my experience with some games. Maybe I should stay with Pokemon and whatnot. At least most of the games I loved on PS4 can be played on Switch, though no more Ni no Kuni. And I could trophy hunt... but with my Vita's charging dock busted and not charging, all I have is the PS3, and most of the games there are frustration central. I do long Mugen Souls but I am not eager to earn the platinum for that or its sequel. At the least, I am going to take a long break and just play Pokemon games until I can assess the damage and how much I am going to be in the poorhouse to replace my devices. I have a loving and generous father, but he stated I have to pay for my own games, he's just the taxi service to Best Buy. *sigh* Karma is a bi***. As such, I won't be updating this thread anymore. Farewell! (And I am asking for this thread to be locked so I don't have to hear negative comments from people who have issues with this message.)
  7. Unfortunately, I am forced to drop out. Mother Nature hated me not playing Pokemon so she sent a lightning bolt to hit my house. Luckily, most of the damage was sucked up by a lightning rod... but a power surge ripped through my PS4, killing it instantly. It's dead, I can't power it on, nor can I power on my TV. So I can't play any more PS4 games until I pony up $1000 for a new PS4 and TV to replace the ones I have. It really sucks. Good luck to everyone else.
  8. Minecraft is a freaking hydra, man! I am so glad I didn't get into that. Anyways, the Pokémon Direct came out showing off more Sword and Shield and the legendaries(I knew they were lupines, you don't put the head of a wolf on your title and expect people to expect anything else ) and this new Kaiju mechanic called Dynamax so now I am going to be playing Pokémon to catch up so I can get ready for the November release date. Might order the dual pack too. As such, I am probably going to go on trophy hunting hiatus, maybe even retirement. Trophy hunting isn't as great as it used to be, I will probably downgrade it from serious business to once a week hobby. Nintendo is just completely crushing trophy hunter's hopes and dreams with all their new content. However, I still want to try out the Ni no Kuni II DLC and I have yet to make good on my promise to complete Dragon Quest XI.
  9. Oh yeah, definitely. I got too frustrated with the timing and just got rid of this game. Shame, it's very beautiful and I got everything else with a guide. If they had given me more time, I would have gotten it.
  10. My heart is just not getting into this trophy hunting thing anymore. With the House of Mario promising more interesting things(Super Mario Maker 2, Candence of Hyrule, etc.) and with Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction being exciting again, Platinum Trophies needs a new spin on things to make me interested in them again, so I am employing a bouncer to keep out unwanted titles... Bowser: Let's see... your name is Nioh 2, you're based in ancient Japan with samurai action... hmm, I used to be a samurai in a previous life, sort of inspired my house in Super Mario Odyssey... okay, what's your credentials? Nioh 2: (hands over resume) Bowser: Hmmmm... hmmmm... hold up. (Nioh 2 cocks a brow.) Your difficulty is 11/10. You're one of those Souls games, aren't you? (narrows eyes angrily) Nioh 2: (cusses violently in Japanese) Bowser: Sorry, bub. We don't DO Souls games here. (whistles and two Sledge Bros escort the screaming Nioh 2 into the streets) NEXT! (Just a little humor. ) Don't get me wrong. I do want to play some of the games like Ni no Kuni 2, Final Fantasy XII TZA, and many more, but it is going to take the will of the gods to get myself to go through them.
  11. Yeah, I am going there too. I don't feel the energy to do any more panels as they are all going to take a while. Still, i have half a year left so who knows? (dark foreshadowing) Okay, who ever is doing that... stop it. (My mini-me quickly hides the dark foreshadowing and whistles innocently. 😬)
  12. It's Summer Time! (Reverie): Blessing (Secret of Mana): 12% Movement (Seasons After Fall): Lady Songkran (Bonds of the Skies): Spend Time With Family (LEGO Jurassic World - Vita): Play Together (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch): 8% => 16% Release the Fish and Bird (Dark Cloud): A New Year, New You (Ratchet and Clank): 11% I earned a few more trophies in Ni no Kuni, am at the part where I need to find the Sky Pirates. Doing some quests to get merit rewards. Should be back tomorrow to do some more rebooting... I mean, trophy hunting for my other games! EDIT: Turns out the plane back to Austin runs on fumes, so my parents won't return me home until tonight. Hopefully I won't have to feed my sister's dogs again. Anyways, won't be back with my PS4 until tonight and probably won't want to game until tomorrow, then I have gym and groceries(I need to restock ASAP as my bread is probably Mold Central by now).
  13. Wizard101 should learn a lot about boss design from this game. Their later worlds are so damn annoying to go through because their bosses cheat a lot. I've never actually liked South Park myself though I did see a few episodes, including one including World of Warcraft as part of a presenation in a game design college course(luckily, we were all adults so it didn't bother us too badly), I guess I grew out of the "10-year old juvenile delinquent who thinks boobs and butts are hilarious" phase, probably after watching two episodes of Beavis and Butthead(which was the original immature cartoon; MTV used to be my go-to when I was 10 because I loved watching music videos ). I might as tolerated playing Stick of Truth had it not used profanities in its trophy list. I gues I am a person that feels embarrassed by having trophy descriptions which have the S- or F-Bomb in them. (Then again, I am turning 47 this year, so I am probably too old to giggle like an immature 10 year old. Not saying all 10 years olds are immature. I pray my nephew and niece don't act that way when they hit ten years of age, Michael James is nearing that point.) Glad you got another game out of the way, Cass.
  14. Just got one more trophy. I'll try to update more often after I get back home, I'll hope back on and try to work on my PS4 titles. The only categories I don't have are Asian Traditional and Peaceful. Since a lot of people are putting EZPZ puzzle games for Peaceful, I might do it with a Pic-A-Pix game. I have Akiba's Beat on Vita but my Vita is busted and I can't charge the battery.
  15. Sadly, that is the main case with most of these games. I don't think the devs hate your guts - it's just that they have to go back and update the patch after the newest one breaks the game and makes the platinum trophy impossible, which is SERIOUS BUSINESS for most of us. Great job on another bug-ridden game. Me, I am trying to get trophies in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, but I am not really eager to climb an active volcano and fight a fire demon who hates your guts. I only brought my PS3 to my parents' house to force myself to get some progress on that game. I can't believe I am not as happy playing this game as I used to be.
  16. Forgot to update for Spend Time With Family - I finally platinumed the Vita version of LEGO Jurassic World. I also got two trophies for Ni No Kuni. Will try to get more for that game since that's the only game I have access to for the rest of the week. (Housesitting for my parents and sister)...
  17. Oh, didn't see that. Sorry about that. 😒 Well, if it's just a trophy it is a bit easier,. but some of those challenges are still a bit difficult.
  18. Interesting list. But as I said before, I feel reluctant to enter this event, especially since I will probably never complete the "Complete a trophy for a game starting with U" as there are no games in the U category I like. (I did platinum Undertale once but I hated that game because trying to do the genocide ruin was impossible because of Undine EX, she destroyed me..) And since I failed to get to Round 2 in this month, which I swore I was hyped for, I am not sure I can do so in this month. *sigh* Also, the only J game I can stomach is the original Jak and Daxter, and only JUST. I guess it's because I don't have many games I have in my backlog. So I'm going to skip this month. Good luck for everyone who does this event though!
  19. Final update. Managed to force myself to advance the story in NNK to Old Smokey so I got the Boy Scout trophy and Guildering the Lily(by using a glitch that lets you duplicate items indefinitely, I got 96 Great Sage's Secrets and sold all but the initlal 3 to get the required half a million guilders). I am getting a little bored with the game. But I am forcing myself to play it because there is nothing else to earn trophies in - I am at my parents' house and watching it while they go to Iowa for a family reunion. My sister is there too so I have to watch HER house as well(and her three smelly dogs 🐶). I guess this even worked out okay, I did manage to complete the initial list I set for myself, even if over 50% of the games were EZPZ. I managed to plat two really great games. Might look into the Summer Backlog event, depending on what I feel inspired to do.
  20. I am hoping there is another event like this after this event ends.
  21. Right now I am at a house where I cannot update my trophy lists and, now that my Vita is having issues charging, I am going to be unable to update my profile as I am not near my PS4 and my PS3 only has one game on it. I could try LEGO games but most of them are buggy versions of the PS4 versions. However, I am working on Ni no Kuni right now(having trouble with the dupe glitch to get my 99 Great Sage's Secrets) so my next update will prbably be on Monday and involve Ni no Kuni.
  22. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to destroy my Vita for good - it is busted beyond repair in the charging socket; when I tried to charge it, the charging stopped. It's not the charger cable, My phone(which uses the same socket) charges just fine, but when I try to charge my Vita it either fails to charge or gives the charging light, my screen flashes, and the charging light dies. And when I try to charge it when it's on, it doesn't give the charging battery symbol which means it is NOT charging despite being plugged in! So it looks like my Vita is broken and, since they aren't making Vita's anymore, any Vita I do get will also be busted. If someone can tell me where to go to fix my Vita,I would be grateful. At least I didn't start Akiba's Beat!
  23. And here are my final five trophies for this event. Unfortunately, I couldn't unlock Round 2 which sucks because I thought I could get 35 trophies in this event. I was busy writing fanfiction and watching Yu-Gi-Oh so I didn't play as many games this month. I will probably NOT be doing any more of these events as I am sort of getting bored with trophy hunting, especially with Super Mario Maker 2 and Pokémon Sword/Shield on the way. I have to get back to work on my own Pokémon project. That said, I really enjoyed the event and loved watching people post their updates. Great job for those who got to Round 6! 37. Get a trophy from a game which has a multiplatform trophy list Devious Dungeon 2 (PS & Vita): Level Up! 21. Get a trophy that has all the letters D E S E R T in the trophy name LEGO Jurassic World (Vita) / I Don't Remember That on InGen's List 2. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the A Awesome Pea (Vita) / Training day 6. Get a trophy from a game that is released in the month May (Doesn’t matter which year) Devious Dungeon (PS4) / Finders Keepers (Released in May 2019) 11. Get a trophy that has all the letters F R E E D O M in the trophy name Warlock's Tower (PS4) / Completed the Factory TOTAL CHALLENGES COMPLETED: 25
  24. I don't want to be mean but that's stupid. You shouldn't have to close the game and restart it just to get a trophy. That's a bug. But I did get the plat. Sorry about the misconceptions.
  25. It doesn't give the secret floors. You have to beat all of the chamber stages, not just the main ones, so you have to complete several secret stages to unlock all of the secret chamber stages. Whoever did the platinum walkthrough missed that part.