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  1. Im on ng+ playthrough number 3.... On every enemy wave I use the disco grenade and it won't pop up... I got the helicopter, troop transporter and every boss but it just won't pop up
  2. There are already 2 glitched trophys (first shot and bonus shot is not popping up) . No wonder there will be more... I messaged with the developers months ago. First they seemed interested in that case, gave me answears and I gave them proof videos and more. But after a while they gave up on fixing this and no longer giving me messages.
  3. Someone got some good clues on how to survive all waves to 42 on Topless mountain? Running out of money around wave 29 :/ Only need that trophy and the last 2 hospitals for the Plat
  4. Someone knows what to do for the furry good review trophy? The yeti gives me random plus 15 or negative 15 ratings O.O I don't get what the yeti needs for a full 20 rating /edit OK nvm. Got it. But didn't change anything...
  5. It is easy on every map. Zoom out, look for one, pause game, zoom in, point the cursor a little bit in the way that thing is moving... Quick resume the game and press immediately X You can quicksave after every hit
  6. Yes got that problem with some other trophys too. New profile let them pop but not this one
  7. Hm I tried it with a stack of 15 cars. Coupled and de coupled them 30 times but nothing
  8. I need some too. Would be nice to get the world. Psn id M-3llo-W Thanks
  9. Do you have to collect 380 in one scenario or how is this trophy working?
  10. Is not working for me. I even choose the same service line as you. Tuned sifa on and still nothing. How to create a new profile? Edit. Got it. It is bugged for sure. I just logged in a new account and started a service. Trophy popped instant without even starting the train...
  11. /edit Got it.
  12. Seems like first shot and bonus shot trophys are bugged for a few ppl. Finished the game even on hardcore but first shot and bonus shot won't pop up for me, already deleted the game but that didn't fix it. You can already see it must be bugged cs only 79% got the first shot trophy but over 90% the headshot trophy? How can someone do a headshot without shooting one bullet? My game also says after a round that I fired 0 bullets. Playing on a PS4 pro. Also.... Someone managed to finish the game with all hostages alive? Seems impossible
  13. Patch is there. No more duping
  14. Nope they did not...
  15. Did the patch today 1.05 fixed it?