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  1. Just going to leave a comment and hope this becomes possible, able to play with anyone and get the platinum should it be possible
  2. Count me in please mate!
  3. Do these all need to be done at the same time, I’ve finished the game and cleaning up the missions but a few I am missing 1 or 2 out of 3 bonus objectives. Do I need to complete all in a single attempt of the mission or can I replay and just get what I missed
  4. Cheers mate, I’m in a hotel with terrible WiFi so guessing the page just isn’t loading right so I’ll check it later
  5. Hey, I’m returning to gta to finally finish it off and get the platinum, I can’t seem to find the rockstar social club map that tracks the collectibles. Has it been removed? Is there any alternatives and something to help with tracking stunt jumps and knife flight challenges
  6. Twitter page still stays they are looking it to and hope to share news about a patch soon..... so still no date on this to be fixed, fingers crossed as like everyone else I’m one trophy away from the platinum
  7. Thanks I’m building on one island but the containers walls are a pain to bring back
  8. Does this include all building parts eg. Floors, walls etc and does it need to be on one island
  9. Just got the plat for this, what helped me was grinding for symbols, the recover health after dropping below 1, remove 2 characters on the map below your level and recover health after winning a match were the biggest helps for me. Just find symbols to match and support your play style. Take note off opponents as well and there symbols