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  1. Already in the middle of this plat but after mk9 I don't think it could get any more of a grind and difficult blend (doing it with 2 ps3s and 2 copies)
  2. Since the last thread on this had been buried with replies, the die will you trophy is unobtainable since 22nd of september tweet at ed, https://twitter.com/noobde and netherrealm https://twitter.com/NetherRealm Lets get this fixed! no invasion has been this delayed before- +video thanks to Broon Sauce on the forum
  3. still no new invasion boss for a while is the die will you trophy unobtainable now?
  4. The last of us remastered comes to mind the game was ported to ps4 and then the servers for ps3 close games like MVC3 and street fighter 4 have been ported to ps4 do you think these games could be seeing ps3 server closures soon also I know Capcom doesn't have the same reputation of server closures that say EA does
  5. personally I think it's an improvement on ps4 but nothing beats the ps3 Ui that was way ahead of it's time
  6. Guys somebody got the online trophies on the 8th of October, hacker probably
  7. went from a super close 17 to 296 your level gets updated to the new version when you earn a trophy
  8. Would love to see this game come back on, a nice rare platinum lost to a bunch of suits looking to save pennies
  9. Which Trophy set has the best individual art that goes with each trophy Personally I think street fighter IV and Friday the 13th are great
  10. The game is 2 HOURS LONG WTF
  11. also I love the bloodborne art and how each is corresponds with the trophy grade and the gothic picture frame border
  12. Dropping fools in MKX win 10 1v1 ranked matches in a row I did this legit as there was no glitch at the time and I didn't really expect to platinum the game ever due to over hard trophies, I ended up playing the game for hundreds of hours and one day it just happened, I knew that I'd went from a fighting game newb on my first fighting game to a lover of the genre, and later got mk9 plat (tho that was boosted due to nobody online) though I am scared of the more complex quarter circle inputs of street fighter I really want to platinum it before the servers get cut. next platinum: Sf IV
  13. if I am boosting this with 2 ps3s would buy 2 different versions allow me to access both trophy sets and boost aswell?
  14. street fighter X Tekken, already doing it on a blank account lol
  15. the trophies take a day in total even including 2 ps3's for me
  16. Thank god I self boosted these a while ago with a second ps3. after the gamespy shutdown I knew that the game even on new servers wouldn't be up for long WB shut down servers in that time span hopefully gonespy or something can host it in future
  17. I’ve found a way to not kill ur ps3 system by leaving it on for 400hrs 1. Enter a two on two match with 1 round and infinite time 2. Once game has fully loaded and playable go to the xmb menu this will stop the system having to output a 60fps taxing output which could kill ur system. I found this by accident after I had my ps3 on xmb overnight and the time still counted in the Nekropolis.
  18. I have 2 ps3s and wondering how to boost this trophy and are they even obtainable?
  19. Be sure to chose “exit to menu” when ur done and go to Nekropolis, if you finish the match it will only count match time
  20. I got a second ps3 to help with mk9 plat and I want to get the most out of this investment in digital medals
  21. Yo dude Add me we can get the plat together psn:yukonv
  22. Super meat boy- I don’t know if there was some glitch or change but from what I know that is hard as nails