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  1. I have 2 ps3s and wondering how to boost this trophy and are they even obtainable?
  2. Be sure to chose “exit to menu” when ur done and go to Nekropolis, if you finish the match it will only count match time
  3. I’ve found a way to not kill ur ps3 system by leaving it on for 400hrs 1. Enter a two on two match with 1 round and infinite time 2. Once game has fully loaded and playable go to the xmb menu this will stop the system having to output a 60fps taxing output which could kill ur system. I found this by accident after I had my ps3 on xmb overnight and the time still counted in the Nekropolis.
  4. I got a second ps3 to help with mk9 plat and I want to get the most out of this investment in digital medals
  5. Yo dude Add me we can get the plat together psn:yukonv
  6. Super meat boy- I don’t know if there was some glitch or change but from what I know that is hard as nails