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  1. ConSumo (Bully) Completely agree with the point about some of them being good enough to be released as standalone games! This one stands out for me. The combination of addictive gameplay, impossible-to-forget soundtrack, plus the notion of controlling a sumo as he eats and grows bigger make it an absolute favourite!
  2. The lack of transparency is disappointing. But what's even more frustrating is the inconsistency - for example: RDR2 and Streets of Rage 4 show a countdown of 96 days respectively. Whereas, as @GUDGER666 and others have pointed out, they just remove other titles with little to no notice! At least I know to routinely check my downloads for a countdown now - even if it is barely a week!
  3. Thanks! I did not know this! I'm always worried games I've started/installed will be removed without warning, and I don't like the pressure of rushing to complete them - it goes against my natural play-style. In fact I had to purchase Wolfenstein II because it left the service unannounced earlier this year. At least on Monday they sent out a PS4 system notification to announce World War Z and The Witcher III are leaving on September 6th. But unfortunately they don't always give this head's up. But thankfully now I know I can check the game page for a countdown!
  4. This is true. It was unfortunately delisted within 8 months of release... 😰 and I believe that plays a factor in what makes the platinum so rare. Luckily I was still able to find a couple of copies on disc (the extra one to play on my alt to do the 4-player required trophies) and thankfully my partner who introduced me to the game and helped me through it still had their download available! Thank you though! There are a few tricky sections, particularly the 4-player trophies as said which require some co-ordination, but there's no skateboarding in this one. Are you maybe thinking of the TMNT Arcade game by Konami from the NES? I know the modern version of that was also sadly delisted on PSN 😥 And I agree! I wish more people could play it because it is great!
  5. I completed TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan and that is my second Tier 2 game done. I feel like this game often gets overlooked and is a little underappreciated. Ok, it's not Platinum Games' strongest effort and a lot of the criticisms it received from reviewers and the harsh reception by fans are wholly justified and fair. But at its core all the ingredients for a great game are here! It is somewhat of a disappointment considering Platinums' pedigree but judged in its own right I feel like it stands up well for what it is. The story is super short and the gameplay is extremely repetitive and it does often feel unbalanced at times. Not to say it's a particularly difficult game - especially by the developer's standards - but it's not nothing either. The main hurdle for completion is slogging through the seemingly endless repetition and RNG. But the whole thing is co-op so with a good partner or group of friends this is a lot more enjoyable! I really love the art style and it's obvious they went to great lengths to faithfully match that classic humour of the series which makes the story and cutscenes a thrill for Turtles fans (which is just as well because you'll be watching them over and over!). I enjoyed the traversal a lot too which is reminiscent of inFamous and the combat is as tight as you'd expect from Platinum plus controlling your favourite Turtle feels great! Overall though I struggle to recommend this to even hardcore fans of the green team, purely because of the sheer repetitive grinding nature and reliance on luck, but personally, I had an absolute blast! Tier 2: Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) - 100% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan (2.40%) - 100% Mirror's Edge (2.89%) - 0% Wolfenstein II The New Colossus (0.82%) - 0% MGS4: Guns of the Patriots (4.26%) - 0%
  6. I've finished my first Tier 2 game. Trackmania Turbo: Wow. This was exactly the adrenaline fix I needed. What a rush! I was completely new to the Trackmania games, having never played an entry in this series before. I missed it when it was first available on PS+. But thanks to this event, and some of its incredible participants, this cropped up on my radar and I was hooked from the very first green light! I am firmly of the opinion that you don't necessarily have to be from a driving background, or even a racing fan at all to be able to beat this game - considering you're technically not racing per se, rather, you're completing short, 30-120 second time trials and more precisely, memorising tracks. As some previous achievers (such as Arcesius before me) have pointed out, it almost plays more like an arcade puzzle game, in that the main focus is not on competing against AI racers, but more on learning course layouts, discovering braking points, finding the apexes, where best to place your car in the lead up to a jump to get that precision landing, where you can afford to stay flat-out and where you absolutely have to lift off to avoid spectacular disaster. All in the aim of achieving that perfect track time. And the satisfaction of stringing it all together and pulling off those perfect runs, and the glorious feeling of earning the gold medal, and then subsequently the Trackmaster medal is unmatched. Of course, having some prior knowledge of racing lines, throttle control, cornering techniques and clipping points is invaluable. And whatever your preference, arcade/sim, or whatever discipline you hail from, be it drifting, rallycross, off-road or open wheel/formula, there is definitely something here for you! Fans of WipEout will be familiar with the degree of difficulty on offer and the speed of the cars (the rollercoaster type levels are especially comparable). There is excellent variety between events (from grassy off-road trails, to sandy beaches, huge concrete dams and structures, slippery wooden boardwalks to more traditional stadium set ups) and courses start off relatively tame but quickly ascend to levels where it becomes apparent only a madman could've designed them! And whoever had the idea to implement a Hotline Miami style quick restart button into a racer was absolutely inspired! It acts only to ramp up the addictiveness and keep the heart rate pumping. This feature alone is responsible for countless "one more go" moments well into the small hours of the night. There will quite frequently be moments where you're left slack jawed in sheer amazement and virtually incapable of processing the pace of what is unfolding before you - all you can hope to do is buckle in and hold on to your balls. Tier 2: Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) - 100% Mirror's Edge (2.89%) - 0% Wolfenstein II The New Colossus (0.81%) - 0% MGS4: Guns of the Patriots (4.28%) - 0% Vanquish (2.32%) - 0% I'd also like to use my first swap to change Vanquish for TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan (2.41%) as I've begun playing this in co-op with my partner.
  7. The scores of both players are combined to give an overall grade. If you reach the target scores detailed early on in this thread then both players will earn the S-rank. So in short, one player cannot earn S-rank and the other an A or a B for example. If S is achieved then it counts for both players. As for the no-damage trophy, that has to be done by the individual, although a co-op partner can help keep enemies off you.
  8. Another wee update from me. I've completed Yakuza 0 and finished Tier 1. LocoRoco 2 Remastered (3.37%) Batman: Arkham Origins (1.93% UR, 1.04%) Killzone: Shadow Fall (1.69% UR, 0.28%) Hyper Light Drifter (3.34% UR, 1.9%) Yakuza 0 (3.94% UR) I have to echo all of @Copanele's points made above about the game. Although this wasn't my first experience with the series, it's the first time I've seen it through to 100%, and I thoroughly enjoyed every mad minute of my time in Kamurocho. I believe this also represents one of the longest Platinums for me - 3 attempts while falling off a couple of times over 3yrs - which was long enough for it to really feel like a big relief when finally clearing it off my list. In the end it was over 200hrs, but that's mostly because I was enjoying living in this world so much - because that's virtually what you have to do in these games: take up residency! So not the most difficult, but definitely one I am very pleased with finishing in my Tier 1. Here's my list for Tier 2: Mirror's Edge (2.90%) - 0% Wolfenstein II The New Colossus (0.80%) - 0% MGS4: Guns of the Patriots (4.27%) - 0% Vanquish (2.33%) - 0% Trackmania Turbo (0.60%) - 0%
  9. Good work getting that last game cover! And so quickly too!


    I was trying to find a way to shoe-HORN that pun in there, so thank you for your hint! 😄

    1. DrBloodmoney



      ... it's a little embarrassing how long I tried to figure out a subtle way to fit the word 'Yorda' into a pun, before just giving up 😂

    2. ChxpointCharlie


      I was tempted to go with the old "Your Princess is in another castle" and tried every angle to make Yorda work 😆 But yours is much better 👍




  10. You had me with this one. But Tessie gave it away lol Next cover: A pair of silhouettes hold hands as they cross a baron landscape bestrewn only with ladders and wind turbines.
  11. Absolutely correct! Couldn't have been that tough if you got it so quickly haha! Good job!
  12. I can see why you enjoy this so much @DrBloodmoney, because you're so good at it! Nice bit of trivia too - I'm glad Sony agreed to use this iconic image. Next cover: A metropolitan skyline with seven monochrome figures at the fore.
  13. First update from me. I've completed four Tier 1 games. LocoRoco 2 Remastered: I decided to do this one along with Patapon 2 in honour of the recent news of the scaling back of productions at Japan Studio and the subsequent departures of many legendary and talented veteran developers that followed. I also wanted to add it because I was always a fan of the uniqueness of this series and the ingenuity of the gameplay; utilising the PSP's shoulder buttons to tilt the world. Plus it seemed like the perfect antidote to 2021 - I mean, it's virtually impossible to be depressed when you heard those Loco's sing, right!? I defy anyone not to at least smile. Trophy-wise, the only thing to pose a problem (providing you have successfully navigated the myriad glitches) was perhaps the randomness of some of the sticker/stamp drops - they're somewhat dependent on R'N'G. And considering it's quite a niche title there is very little in the way of guides, even for a 13yr old game! So there are very few specific details online on where to find each song etc. Which means you could be replaying the same level over and over in the hopes of the one collectible you need appearing and a reliance on guesswork to work out where they're likely to be. I've included a video below of my run of BuiBui Fort 3, which is undoubtedly the most difficult stage of either of the 2 Remasters in this series, which I hope gives a general idea of the challenge. Here's hoping we see more of these types of unique and original games of which Japan Studio was renowned for, and it's not the last of its kind! Hyper Light Drifter: This game left a huge impression on me ever since I first played it in 2016 after the co-op patch. I'm glad to finally have it on my list and it's great seeing the huge amount of adoration it's received in this thread! I loved absolutely every moment of this one. Killzone: Shadow Fall: I had never intended to do this entry in the series originally, but this event spurred me to take another look at it, and I'm glad I did because the MP was surprisingly fun with friends, particularly the co-op! I always regarded it as a serviceable shooter and a decent showcase of the PS4's early technical capabilities, and not much more. But it still stands up today, a full generation later. Playing it with hindsight to how much of that tech would later progress and go on to feature in the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn was also interesting from the point of view of a fan. Batman: Arkham Origins: Again, this is another one I had never originally intended to really ever play, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance! It stands up strong alongside the other Arkham games and does a lot of things to push itself forward in its own right. I particularly liked the more grounded feel of Gotham. And its inhabitants have some of the most fully realised character designs I've seen. I preferred the focus on less "powered" characters too so to me it has an overall more realistic appeal. And again, just like KZ, a surprisingly solid multiplayer component which I didn't expect to enjoy so much! Tier 1: LocoRoco 2 Remastered (3.37%) Batman: Arkham Origins (1.93% UR, 1.04%) Killzone: Shadow Fall (1.69% UR, 0.28%) Hyper Light Drifter (3.34% UR, 1.9%) Yakuza 0 (3.94% UR) - 85%
  14. LocoRoco 2 Remastered 84 Achievers - 3.31% Rarity
  15. This seems like a great event and I've really enjoyed seeing all of everybody's updates and phenomenal progress since January. Truly impressive work from everyone participating and organising! And seeing as it's for such a good cause and we're all motivated, here are my choices: Tier 1 LocoRoco 2 Remastered (3.28% UR) - 30% Batman: Arkham Origins (1.93% UR, 1.03%) - 0% Killzone: Shadow Fall (1.69% UR, 0.28%) - 0% Hyper Light Drifter (3.22% UR, 1.8%) - 0% Yakuza 0 (3.94% UR) 85%