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  1. Psnp is showing 0% rarity for ps5 version. Why would that be?
  2. Why is that the more respectable option? I think both options are equal, but for me personally if I want to replay a game I'd prefer if there was another stack of trophies I could go for
  3. The colorcleaner is the powerup that you buy that kills all the balls of whatever color you hit. Not sure about the bomb yet, there are those explosive balls in the levels so it could be them or perhaps one of the powerups is a bomb.
  4. If you combine buster sword stance with gil toss you'll be getting 99999 per hit and if your buster sword compatibility is above 50% it will pierce barrier. I did farm up 15 million gil as per the first post and also only used around 4 million but i do wonder given the increase in damage from the buster sword if i couldnt have gotten away with a lot less and still gotten max damage.
  5. Huh good catch, wonder why they did that?
  6. Nothing you said sounds different from the standard lego experience
  7. To be clear they are manbat crimes/events not other league events, just that from what i saw they would spawn in zones marked as having league crimes that night
  8. Thats the powerpyx guide answer but i think its more than that. They are league of assassin crime events so look for events on high buildings in areas where league crimes are happening. End the day and start a new one to spawn some more, ribse and repeat till you have enough.
  9. if its only happening to ezpzs then i honestly dont care if people are cheating with them... they dont take much time or effort in the first place and there is no prestige in beating the jumping poo in 5s i vote to give people the benefit of the doubt, unlimited with no hidden requirement
  10. Took me much longer to gold relic sunset vista, wasn't looking forward to this one and saved it for last but managed it in under 2 hrs (dont ask me how long sunset vista took me q_q)
  11. That vid really did make it so much easier. My plan was to grind 20 lvls or so but after watching I got it in 3 goes
  12. Seems like royal delights trophy is either bugged or the requirements are not correct, anyone actually managed to get it?
  13. Anyone have a ps3 world they could invite me to with an end portal/defeated dragon?
  14. I played about 4-5 hrs so far and only came across 2 bugs. 1 was a random npc getting stuck in a breakable box, this was just funny. The other was an npc that wouldn't let me talk to them, the prompt was there but without a button and wouldnt change no matter where i stood. When I restarted checkpoint this resolved itself though.
  15. Only bug I've encountered so far is when I was in the arena and won one of the challenges then died. The screen went to black, audio continued as if i was back outside the arena but when i quit out of the game and came back into it it had decided i didnt win the challenge. The loading was so quick though, I was back in in no time and just did it again.