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  1. @dhelala says it is from random gwent players. If you are getting no new cards from random gwent players then it means it is someone you faced earlier and lost to (unfortunately no way to know who that is unless you remember plus there is the possibility it was an npc that can and has died)
  2. Aiming for: 100 plats (at 74) Overall completion percentage over 65% (at 54ish) Plat the numbered Kingdom Hearts games (done kh3) I think I'm making good progress so far but have slowed down a bit trying to make witcher 3 #75
  3. Idk mine was on but i dont remember turning it on. Thanks for reply good to know, my alternative was kiting rats for half an hr...
  4. Hi all just wondering if level scaling option affects deathmarch trophy. Had to turn it off to deal with rats on a certain quest i was struggling with them too hard.
  5. No dont want this i like how trophies are a record of what ive played regardless how far i got
  6. You have a couple seconds even after they noticed you to be able to running assassinate. May help to run at them at an angle dont know for sure it makes a difference but i did it that way
  7. Use eagle vision and if they are highlighted yellow they are doing an action that may be recorded. Also other tips that may help with this: They only do recordable actions during the day To change to day just start a navel mission and quit it (This I heard somewhere else and only tried it once but it worked that one time) If you fast travel it will change what everyone is doing (although its random so its also possible for them to randomly be doing the same thing) so particularly for the ones close to fast travel points this is a very good way to complete them.
  8. working on assassins creed syndicate, enjoying the game much more on this playthrough than on my first for some reason
  9. Brotherhood is the best in the trilogy but having just finished this on ps4 i can safely say it is pretty awesome too. Not a big fan of the tower minigame but it can be ignored after the one time story forces you to do it.
  10. Ive just gotten the 100% trophy myself it really wasnt too bad with a bit of patience. That cappadocia one everyone is mentioning is the only one that gave me a real struggle. I ended up cheesing the hell out of it with poison darts bombs and the gun. Just got some main game cleanup and then the dlc then this plat is mine 😀
  11. I'm working on finishing this off currently. I've marked down the totals of each island and search the outer edges of the island, then each block of buildings. I completed Neon last night and have done a good chunk of warren today. I was thinking to do a lap on the train as well but it didnt turn out to be necessary. I imagine there are faster ways but this is working for me so here's hoping it continues to do so
  12. if you are going to play through the series i recommend release order. a chronological playthrough might be fun after you have knowledge of the series but may be confusing from the start