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  1. You will need to hide the game to return to the leaderboards. See the guide below.
  2. First off we don't know what trophies you are trying to dispute. It is unfortunate that this has happened to you and it must be frustrating as it looks like you may have put a lot of hours into the game. If you would like to return to the leaderboards you can follow the guide below.
  3. If anyone wants an update on this -- servers are still online. There are usually 40-80 people on per day on all hours.
  4. Unfortunately you will have to hide the game and earn another trophy to return back to the leaderboard as there is no way of proving this. See the post below on how to hide the game.
  5. Unfortunately this flag will stick due to not knowing whether or not this is legitamate. If you hide your game then you will reappear on the leaderboard. See the link below for hiding your game.
  6. I would leave my trophies. They are a reminder that I was stupid for putting in the game and not finishing the trophies in time.
  7. It looks like the others are right about a Vita trick issue. Unfortunately you will have to hide this game to return to the leaderboards.
  8. It is best that you just hide the game. Recording the whole spec ops will not change the fact that the timestamps are out of order.
  9. I'm not sure on the exact time the LB updates, but just give it some time. By the end of the day it should update for you.
  10. Could be people manipulating your level or that there are problems with the servers. The servers are 10+ years old and most likely unsupported.
  11. First off, take a look at the guide below if you decide to go online and some one auto-pops trophies for you: Now I haven't seen any people having this issue, but you will always run into these types of things with old/unsupported games. At this point since the game is over 10 years old I would not go online if you are attempting to get trophies. Do it locally, and if you need a friend have them come over and do split screen.
  12. It was glitched at the time I got this. You just have to keep finding songs that you can Gold star. Doing them on drums with auto-kick makes things much more manageable and finding songs that are with no notes also help as well.
  13. Resident Evil 4 Remastered on PS4 is a must play. The graphics looked awesome before, but now with the update they are amazing. The story is really well written as well.
  14. There are no ranks. There are just levels and when you get to a certain level you prestige.
  15. Looks legit to me according to the video.