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  1. Try running around in a circle letting the drones follow you. I did the game twice and I would turn around and blast them all in one go and let them refill up behind me. If it continues to glitch I would suggest deleting the game and the game’s data and reinstalling the game.
  2. Translated to English Can you please let us know the reason that you have been flagged?
  3. If you don't know how to hide use the guide below and you will reappear on the leaderboards:
  4. It's probably because you received the platinum in 2021. I quoted the guide for Need for Speed: The Run below for reference: You can hide the game by using the guide below to return to the leaderboards.
  5. Just a thought... do any of you using ad blockers and perhaps block Google? I notice every once and awhile that I need to verify that I am not a robot. My thoughts are that if you are using a blocker (and the site has a anti-bot defense) that you are somehow bypassing that verification and causing yourself to jump on the IP blacklist.
  6. I would recommend not importing your save file from PS4. I'm also unsure that PS5 allows PS4 save files. Save yourself the grief and replay the game.
  7. Luckily PSNP has a lenient policy and allows up to 2 flagged games. Hide the game and earn a trophy to reappear on the leaderboard.
  8. No problem haha. I can see that one glitching as well.
  9. I think you are thinking of Chicken on the Road. I think the games are produced by the same people.
  10. Hide the game and earn a trophy to return to the leaderboards:
  11. Just letting everyone know that this is still happening. I ran on the Asia AS game and it caused my trophies to be out of order. I didn't read this post until I went and got the EU version (to see if anyone else had this problem). In the US and EU versions the trophies popped in order.
  12. My PS3 trophies just synced. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I played a PS4 game and synced. Then I turned on my PS3 and the sync worked. No idea if there is any correlation but just a thought.
  13. Same here. I can get past the login no problem but when I try to sync I get "An error has occurred (8002A10D)". Apparently this translates to you cannot add XMB friend. I'm glad others are having issues because I was at the end of trying. I will wait this out as I need to sync my GTA 5 trophies from PS3.
  14. Call of Duty: World at War There are multiple map packs that it looks like you used a save game file for (see below for image). Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 It looks like you used a save game file for earning 69 stars (as seen below). Any thoughts or explanation for this?
  15. What about collecting 45 intel trophy then collecting 22 intel?