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  1. Did you end up getting the trophy?
  2. This works if your partner is on your friends list. You just have to get it right.
  3. For the gold stars you need to be able to play multiple instruments. Additionally to get Rock Band Immortal you definitely need to be proficient in Bass/Drums/Vocals. I would not suggest playing Guitar on any song as it is ridiculous.
  4. For any one out there still looking for the answer: Buy a 4-Port USB 3.0 (or 2.0) Hub. I have a newer PS3 and with only two ports I am required to always have a Hub on one port.
  5. You must do the trophy via LAN connection. You cannot connect with any one outside your household.
  6. Just to let you know that I tried all 20 and that is not the case. I ended up having to do 75+ bombs for this trophy to unlock.
  7. You cannot connect with anyone. You must have two PS3s and do this via LAN (on your same home network).
  8. Appreciate it. I have it on my list, but looks like I need to buy a USB hub.
  9. You're welcome
  10. Are there still online servers for the game?
  11. It is still possible in 2019.
  12. How-to Guide for "Ooh, in ya face!" These important steps will help guide you as I just achieved this trophy after trying about 20 games: Have some one to boost with. It is absolutely essential to have some one to act as a dummy. Post in the boosting thread to get help if you don't know any one. Create a Ranked Match and have the boosting partner join. Player 1 (Trophy Hunter) chooses Chuck Liddell. Player 2 (Boosting Partner) chooses Stephen Bonnar. When the match starts have Player 2 follow the video and tap R1 + X together (they must release both buttons and tap). This will look like the player is glitching (I call it the "Glitch Kick"), but realistically they are opening an opportunity to get a Flash KO. Player 1 (Chuck Liddell) RUNS (L3 + Player 2's Direction) and presses L1 + SQUARE and this will perform a flying superman punch. When Player 1 strikes Player 2; BOTH Players back off from each other and let each other regenerate stamina. I believe this is absolutely essential to the trophy. Continue step 6 & 7 until you KO the other. My FLASH KO looked like I grazed my partner, and BOOM the trophy will immediately appeared. Video of the "Glitch Kick" performed by Player 2. The "Glitch Kick" is at ~2:40 in the video.
  13. Just to confirm if people are still wondering... Servers are still up in 2019.
  14. How did you get it to work?
  15. Hi everyone! Please h4h me! I will h4h you back! I hearted everyone above. I am still going through thread hearting people. I hearted you