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  1. This was a long and annoying game. The only thing that was great was using the Jake trick to gather up points and buy stuff quicker to help with the Professional playthrough. Although the game was long and annoying it doesn't make it a bad game -- this was just my personal experience when comparing against RE4 & RE5.
  2. Some tips for new Thor gamers: There is a guy who posted some really old videos (shoe478). He posted collectable guides AND how to do certain trophies/bosses. These are the most informative things I've come across yet. The hammer throw (R3 to turn on and R2 to throw) is the most important move in the game. Press UP on the d-pad and holding it to suck in health + odin force is super important and I only learned this at the end of the first playthrough. READ THE TIPS: Let me expand on this... read the tips on the first level. The tips on the Frost Giant are super important to know how to defeat bosses and will help you in the hardest playthrough. Hopefully these help somewhere out there struggling with this game/wanting to finish it.
  3. This is actually a surprisingly difficult game. I used the video to see how far I had to go to get the points trophy.
  4. it is only run like the wind that is unobtainable on ps3 afaik.
  5. I'd recommend finding someone who has "Director's cut". Even if they start the game and put $50,000 in the bank and enable double pack a punch by hosting the game--it will make your life easier. The Easter Egg boss fights are difficult (some harder than others) and the sequences to open them up can be tedious.
  6. Try running around in a circle letting the drones follow you. I did the game twice and I would turn around and blast them all in one go and let them refill up behind me. If it continues to glitch I would suggest deleting the game and the game’s data and reinstalling the game.
  7. Just a thought... do any of you using ad blockers and perhaps block Google? I notice every once and awhile that I need to verify that I am not a robot. My thoughts are that if you are using a blocker (and the site has a anti-bot defense) that you are somehow bypassing that verification and causing yourself to jump on the IP blacklist.
  8. I would recommend not importing your save file from PS4. I'm also unsure that PS5 allows PS4 save files. Save yourself the grief and replay the game.
  9. No problem haha. I can see that one glitching as well.
  10. I think you are thinking of Chicken on the Road. I think the games are produced by the same people.
  11. Just letting everyone know that this is still happening. I ran on the Asia AS game and it caused my trophies to be out of order. I didn't read this post until I went and got the EU version (to see if anyone else had this problem). In the US and EU versions the trophies popped in order.
  12. My PS3 trophies just synced. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I played a PS4 game and synced. Then I turned on my PS3 and the sync worked. No idea if there is any correlation but just a thought.
  13. Same here. I can get past the login no problem but when I try to sync I get "An error has occurred (8002A10D)". Apparently this translates to you cannot add XMB friend. I'm glad others are having issues because I was at the end of trying. I will wait this out as I need to sync my GTA 5 trophies from PS3.
  14. I wasn't asking if they got the trophy -- I was asking how they got their trophy. For anyone look at this post in the future just try continuing to play and get the other trophies. It should eventually pop.
  15. Looking for a level 50 crew. Please invite me or let me know your crew name. PSN: Coexistant Thank you! Edit: Huge shout out to @boshafty1 for the invite to the crew. Thank you so much!