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  1. Report the bug on:
  2. Can you explain your math?
  3. "Banshee: Black Flag – During the Prisoner Escort sequence, the Banshee is used by fast-moving close-combat soldiers. May require a restart."
  4. Are you taking the percentages based on PSN? PSN members are more than PSNP as not everyone on PSN is on PSNP leaderboards.
  5. "Type-2: Port Armor – Carried by soldiers during the airship boarding sequence. Check the armory after the time limit begins to count down. May require a restart." I had to repeat multiple missions over and over. I would even try restarting the game completely if you don't manage to find it after 5-10 tries.
  6. Hide the game and earn another trophy. You will be restored to the leaderboard. If you have any other cheated games, I suggest you hide them.
  7. Yes all trophies are still available in this game.
  8. Have watched videos multiple times and I am stuck at 174/175 experience orbs. Anyone have any tips?
  9. Please post the reason for why you were flagged for these games. It would help us go through your list to determine the legitimacy of your dispute.
  10. The Bridge.
  11. You're best to wait for the CRT to respond. I don't see anything from your list that is standing out, but they will be able to provide more information and verdict.
  12. What are the 6 other games you are disputing?
  13. I would suggest hiding any other games that may be save game file usage.
  14. It most likely has not been brought on to the site completely.
  15. You will need to hide the game to return to the leaderboards. See the guide below.