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  1. Just an update: I got it later in the story. I was just running around and a bunch of bots started following me. Game was fairly easy and quick though. Got boring on the second playthrough, but there were a lot of things you could skip.
  2. Just confirmed that the area where you rescue the dog you can get 5+ robots to dance. You want to craft a decoy device to get them to dance. I crafted about three to get more robots from the surrounding area. I seem to be having more issues getting 5 robots to follow me but should be able to get it to work eventually.
  3. Odd that the vHost isn't using the same cert as www/forum.
  4. I would choose a path and stick with it. If you dont care about PC then just make your characters offline. It is much easier to farm gear and use the shared stash trick.
  5. I found most of the people on the bridge and mountain level. I used two ps4s to complete the remainder (I used 3-4 of my own accounts).
  6. Take him up on his offer. Best GTA online experience i’ve had was boosting with @ProfBambam55 Good luck with the boosting!
  7. Just finished the game and Extreme mode today and want to drop some hints. @stevetherican bee trick worked great! When you get to the doctor, run back to the main platform, run to the room where you can grab the flowers and throw it to distract the bees. Hint for Slappy in basement boss fight: Get in a corner where you can see Slappy coming in both directions. Red and Yellow gnomes will come to you eventually and therefore you don't need to run around the basement. I found that when you throw a gnome at Slappy you should wait a second. If you immediately press Square on Slappy he we just disappear. If the first doesn't work, keep trying to throw both Red/Yellow gnomes at him. If you pick up the red one you will have a short time to throw it at Slappy as he will hit and kill you. The teddy bears.... (probably the hardest part of Extreme mode by far) You will get save points when you hit Red/Green/Yellow powers. This is great but doesn't make it any less frustrating. The teddy bears have pathing. Learn the pathing and you can avoid most of the encounters. There is a room with 3 of them. Try to lure one away, shoot him, and then you only need to shoot 1 out of 2 left in the room. Hint for the final boss that made this extremely easy: Go around the outside of the area and shoot down all of the witches one by one. Keep running and using boost to get away from Zombie/Clown/Werewolf. Once all the witches are dead, shoot the orb down. Rinse and repeat until Slappy. Took me two tries to complete the final boss. Good luck to everyone. Extreme mode isn't that hard as there are lots of checkpoints.
  8. If you follow the first post's guide I'm sure FarSideOfSaturn could help you. I died 4 times during permadeath. Luckily, the fourth attempt made my life easier. I ended up spawning not too far from a Sodium group. Usually Sodium has 1-2 plants but there are planets where there are groups of 10+ plants. Additionally, my planet had large groups of Oxygen as well. You are going to want to use the ship/cave to your advantage to hide from heat/cold/poison/radiation. Another hint is to mine Cobalt in one of the caves early to sell for easy cash (units) and see if you can snipe a Flaura on a couple of planets for easy nanites to upgrade your ship/suit to complete up to the Warp drive. Anyways, good luck!
  9. Just got taxi to centre of galaxy from @FarSideOfSaturn - thank you so much! Literally could never have done this one with you.
  10. Looking to be taken! I added you @iamthedotcom to friends
  11. I had this same exact thing happened. You need to use the jump move with spongebob that launches him straight up in the air (if anyone else has this issue).
  12. Just want to make an update on this. There are still people playing on the PS4 version (new players who are red, and veterans who are white robes). I did use multiple accounts to get the 10 unique visitors, but not that many. You'd be surprised how many people still play.
  13. Ive personally chosen Chaos due to baal runs being extremely boring.
  14. This is the original game and Lord of Destruction. I do know that they are adding new items (runewords) soon that never existed in the original game, but no new content (acts, etc).