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  1. I need people for this, any for anyone viewing this thread or commenting please let me know how many Spec Ops missions you need to complete for the trophy, i'm on 98% so all I need is the Spec Ops trophy.
  2. F*** can't believe I didn't see this message I haven't touched Red Dead in 6-7 months I don't think I'll get the plat before PS5 is released, how do you know when they do 50% XP weekends? any news on that or what to follow will be much appreciated Gold Rush trophy, the collectables and level 50 trophy only ones I'm really worried about doing before PS5 is released. When PS5 is released a long with tons of new games I don't want to have to spend 100 hours minimum on old games on a old console, going to have to spend a lot of time on RDR again eventually.
  3. I'll try the link you provided thank you. I have no clue about online RDR2, when you run out of bullets is it just like story mode where you find an ammunition shop and stock back up again? also I thought RDR2 online would be extremely easy since I'm very good at COD, but I got the shock of my life when I first played it this was ages ago though. Since then I haven't played it once and I know for a fact hundreds, possibly thousands have mastered it so I'm a little bit worried ranking up that way.
  4. So what is the method everyone has been using to reach rank 50?
  5. I'm only 23% through the game and haven't touched Red Dead at all for 7-8 months mainly because I had a period where I stopped playing games. Iv'e only started playing again since FIFA & MW were released. Basically I want to know what's the quickest way to get the Notorious (Reach Rank 50 trophy) Does the following link still work for boosting level? if it does work is there a quicker way? Also if anyone else has any tips to get the other online trophies? only ones I have at the moment are Picked to Perfection & Posse Up. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Thank you
  7. Hello as you all know you can change your PSN's now however I read a notice that say's game saves and trophy progress could be lost when you change your PSN. I just want to know how many of you have changed your PSN and have encountered any of these or any other problems, I want to change my PSN but not if it compromises my game saves and trophy progress.
  8. Done it, thanks for the info.
  9. Ok next time I get a trophy I'll click Sync with PSN Network, but how do I Re-Update my profile?
  10. I have tried Un-hiding my trophies already through privacy setting's on PS4 all my games weren't ticked but it still say's on here that they're hidden, any idea what the problem could be?
  11. I'm new to this lmao, link me to gaming session please mate.
  12. Do you want to boost to level 50 trophy on Red Dead with me? it takes 2 players you need to of finish the last story mission online though reply back to this message
  13. I need help on three trophies - Handyman - use three Play Styles in three Pro Club games ( full games have to be played without opposition quitting out ) - You've got a friend in me - Finish an Online Friendlies Season - Just getting started - Complete and win your first Pro Clubs Season match contact me on PSN: delz2tekky or twitter @delzsupreme