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  1. Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 10/10 This was a bit of an unexpected one for me. The premise of the game didn’t really excite me as such, and honestly in other circumstances I probably wouldn’t have tried it. My boyfriend bought it though and I’d heard really good things about it so I thought I’d give it a try. I was hooked almost immediately. The story is incredible and the characters are interesting and have some pretty fun quest lines to explore. The trophy list and platinum journey was also really fun to go for. There are no miss ales and nothing felt too grindy. All you need to do is complete the story, get some collectibles, explore the map and do the side quests. Most of these things come naturally as you play and explore, so there isn’t really much that you need to go out of your way to achieve. This was such a fun experience and I definitely recommend anyone on the fence with this game to give it a try 🥰
  2. How dare those devs give us more content for free Honestly this kind of mentality is why trophy hunters get a bad name. You’re choosing not to play an amazing game because of a free multiplayer mode that isn’t even tied to the platinum 🙄
  3. Thank you! 😊
  4. I’ve been playing through the game without using a guide but it turns out I’m really bad at the questions 😂 can I replay cases to get 5 stars or will I just need to start a new game?
  5. Fallout 3 😍 by far my favourite fallout game but I originally completed in on Xbox, so I need to take the plunge and get PS Now do I can go after the plat at some point 😰 the so many different playthroughs are stopping me though 😂
  6. I’ll be honest, next gen I don’t want to see as many remasters. Yes previous generations had some amazing games that I would love to play again, but I feel like this generation has been flooded with last gen games. It’s hard to pick a game of the generation when I feel like so many releases have been previous gen games. I want the PS5 to focus more on new games Though if I had to pick one it would definitely be The Simpsons Hit and Run 😂
  7. I’ve not actually looked tbh. I never really knew when the levels would increase and what trophies I’d need to earn to do that, so I just played whatever. The only milestones I’ve been choosy for are my platinum ones. I found this site just after I earned number 10 so all my other ones I tried to pick games that I enjoyed to be a milestone. The new levels seem a bit redundant to me though. I’m glad it’s easier to earn now, but I wish it didn’t recalculate your level. It’s weird jumping from 21 to 338 without any effort on my part, so now I view the levels as even more pointless and the satisfaction from levelling up isn’t there 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. I just checked and mine has updated now. Before the update I was just into level 21, now I’m 18% into level 338
  9. If you view trophy hunting as a job or a struggle or a waste of money, maybe you shouldn’t do it? If you enjoy games more on steam because you don’t go for achievements you can literally just not go for trophies and play the same games?
  10. I’m a little undecided on how I feel about it. I like that platinum trophies are worth more for level ups, but I’ve been working so hard to level up it’s going to be weird jumping from level 21 into the hundreds 🤷🏻‍♀️ That being said the fact that level 999 is now a platinum icon is something I want to strive for 😂
  11. Thank you! I managed to get it! I was missing the second box on the rails 🙄😂
  12. Has anyone had any issues getting all the boxes on this level? Myself and my boyfriend have been trying to get our perfect relics but we’re always missing one box. One guide we’ve watched has said you should be at 37 boxes before the rail, and 65 after. Though every time we’ve done it we only make 64 and I have no idea where the missing one is because it looks like the guide is hitting all the same boxes we are 🤔
  13. I’ve been playing Crash Bandicoot 4 and I swear this will be the fame that makes me break a controller 😂 the difficulty spikes are so brutal. The best thing about this game is it makes me feel like I can go back and plat crash 1 & 2 with relative ease 😂
  14. Cortex Castle has broken me in mind, body and soul. I’m 120 deaths deep and I can see the end of the level, I just lack the skill to get there 😂 The difficultly spikes in this game are beyond brutal
  15. After playing the first couple of levels, I can definitely say this is far harder than the trilogy 😰 the time trials are going to be an utter nightmare not to mention you need to 100% every level perfectly for some relics I already know I won’t platinum this game 😂