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  1. It’s definitely going to be an amazing feeling when you get it! 🥰 For Red Dead I have so many challenges left to do, so I probably have like 100 hours left for that platinum 😰 I’m thinking of maybe going for Vice City or Kingdom Hearts 🤔
  2. I doubt a petition will do anything tbh
  3. Good luck! And congratulations on 200! I’m close to my 50th but I’m not sure what I want I be my milestone so I haven’t really made much progress in anything 🤔
  4. I wouldn’t create a new profile. While there are some games that I would absolutely love to platinum again, there are a couple I have that I am proud I got the plat but I’d never want to do again. I’m not a completionist, but I am trying to go back and clean up some games that I’ve left unfinished. I do like the trophy milestones though, I’m coming up to number 50 and I’m not sure what I want to be there 🤔 the only thing I’d change would be some of my earlier milestones before I got into trophy hunting. There’s a lot of borderlands and this war of mine on my list, so ideally I’d like some variation. I do enjoy both of those games though so it’s not a massive deal Honestly though if you’ve already made the new account you can always try it out and see if you prefer earning trophies over there
  5. This one looks fun! 🥰
  6. I like almost all of the races tbh. I think Hit Parade is probably my favourite 🤔 The only race I don’t like is tip toe 🙃 I have started liking Slime Climb now that I know how to do it, but I find I can only qualify if I’m spawned in the first row at the start line. Getting stuck in the rabble is a guaranteed out because people falling and knocking you is a killer. In terms of finals, I get hexagons most so that’s the one I like best just because that’s what I get to play most. I like the idea of fall mountain, but I think I’ve only played it 3 times so I haven’t won/finished the level.
  7. I don’t want the trophy requirements changed, but I’d like the option to remove team games from the playlist. Have squads and solos as a separate thing. I can qualify from solo rounds 90% of the time, but team games are usually an automatic out for me. I feel like eliminating team games removes a large part of the luck factor which is where a lot of the trophy issues lie. People aren’t upset because the trophy is hard (well maybe some are 😂) but more because it doesn’t matter how good you are, you can still get put on a bad team that can’t work together and have your streak end. Also I would have loved to see some map related trophies! I think they’d be more fun than buy 50 items from the shop 😂
  8. @be_minor The story of the game is really cool, but it’s so buggy 🙃 You’ve got a really good pyramid though! Firewatch is amazing! Also I’m so curious about Greedfall, I’ve heard that game is amazing too!
  9. I actually just got my first win! It was on hexagons which was surprising, I fell through so many floors so I ended up running in a spiral along the bottom floor and then jumping one tile at a time to sabotage everyone else 😂 I have a question about custom punchlines though. I bought one from the shop but that trophy never popped for me, just the win and level 25 🤔 are punchlines not celebrations? edit: never mind I got show off, I just never saw it pop 😂
  10. I’m currently level 24 and have clocked up an impressive zero wins
  11. Aw no! I think I’d be sick 😂
  12. I was 10 seconds away from my first one and someone stole my tail from like across the map 😭
  13. As well as the fab tips from Sword I’d also recommend having some games of different genres to keep things interesting! If you have 15 RPGs or 15 platformers it’ll get pretty old pretty fast. Also I wish I put different games on my pyramid. I haven’t played anything on my pyramid in ages because Mafia annoyed me and nothing else I really fancied 😂 so I’ve been playing and platting things not part of the event and my score stays at 3 forever 😂
  14. Honestly that is such a good point! I’ve never actually considered how the teams were split 🤔
  15. I’m not going for the platinum. I’m not a Completionist so as much as I find the pop of a plat satisfying I’m not going to rage because there’s a game I can’t do. Personally, I don’t even really have an issue with the trophies. Infallible is ridiculous and so many different factors influence it, but that being said it’s an online game with seasons so who knows what changes devs will make as the game evolves? Even something like separating team and solo maps would have a huge impact on chances of getting this. The way it stands at the moment that trophy in particular relies on like 99% luck rather than skill. Fall Guys is super fun though and for a free game I have zero complaints.