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  1. I think $15 is worth it if you like these sort of games
  2. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but is this still a viable method for emperor? I’ve just gotten into the game properly so I’m trying to plan ahead for some of the more difficult/annoying trophies
  3. Mine is This War Of Mine: The Little Ones at 5.58% closely followed by Fallout 76 at 5.92%
  4. Lol I have the exact opposite problem, my hands are tiny so some handhelds really hurt after a while. I even struggle with the Xbone controller 😂 In terms of what I’d like if they were to make a new vita: -Touch screen -Streaming capabilities -Being able to use generic memory cards rather than a console specific one that is ridiculously priced -Ability to access PS Now library (or at least some games) on the handheld -No console gimmicks like the rear touch pad or movement controls or anything. I usually game sitting like some bridge troll so don’t need my camera moving all over the place or me accidentally clicking everything -Long term support for the console. I love my vita but by the time I picked mine up Sony already left the console to die 😂 -More handheld specific titles. I don’t just want to port games over to the Vita 2, I’d like some original console exclusive titles to make it more worthwhile Also the original reason I bought my vita was to play on train commutes because I felt like the switch was a bit too cumbersome, so in a new handheld I would want to retain some form of mobility with the console.
  5. Platinum #61 Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment 7/10 This has been one of my dream platinums for years, and finally I have it! I’ve been putting it off for so long because the online trophies seemed really daunting for someone who typically doesn’t play any of the multiplayer modes. However, they weren’t actually as bad as I originally thought (though the grind to level 100 was real). In terms of single player, I love the story and I’ve played this through about 3 times anyway so I had no problems playing through and getting the golds. However, doing all the extras this time around (stunt jumps, under the bridge, tennis etc) kind of ruined the fun a little. Overall I really enjoyed the game and I’m glad that I finally have the platinum, but the grind for this one is real. I can see why it’s such a rare one 😂
  6. Thank you, I thought I’d need to redo them but I live in hope 😂 I’ve gone back and got my missing jump now, it was 15 in the video I was using so thankfully not as painful as it could have been 😂
  7. I followed a video guide for hitting all 50 stunt jumps, but when I got to the final one I was only at 49. Is there anyway to track stunt jumps (through social club or in game) to see which one has glitched on me? The thought of having to redo the entire list is soul destroying 😂
  8. Apprentice Librarian - The Wolf Among Us
  9. Why does nobody play rally races? I’ve been trying for days to get a race going but I’m sitting in the lobby for ages and nobody else ever joins 😂 Are there any other methods for getting rally race wins if you just have two players? 🤔
  10. Ooh fun! I’ll definitely check that out! Thank you 😊
  11. Platinum #59 The Witcher 3 Enjoyment: 4/10 Difficulty: 4/10 I’m going to get my most controversial point out of the way first: this is an incredibly overhyped game. After playing and platting Greedfall I was in the mood for another RPG and the Witcher has been in my backlog since 2016. After some research on a death March run I decided to install my partner’s GOTY edition instead so I could new game plus it and start with all the bonuses. However for some reason it’s a separate trophy list so now I have 2 Witcher’s and one will just remain at 12% forever because fuck doing this again. Thankfully I was able to get all the missables in my DM run so I did only need the one playthrough, and honestly one was plenty. I feel like this game is far too long and padded out with some of the most pointless filler. I was ready for the game to end in Novigrad if I’m honest. I enjoyed gwent and I loved the Bloody Baron’s quest line, but this was a real slog to get to the end. Also that 50 headshots trophy was awful 😂 All in all I’m glad I have the platinum and I’m proud I did a run in the hardest difficulty (which honestly isn’t hard, I checked a few times throughout to make sure I was still in DM) but I would never touch this game again. I won’t be stacking it and if you missed this game on release I wouldn’t recommend it now 😂
  12. I personally think that this game is far harder than the trilogy. When I started this game it actually gave me renewed confidence about getting the platinum in Crash 1 😂
  13. Perfect thank you! I was a bit nervous about trying out DM but that sounds like an absolute lifesaver! 🙌🏻
  14. Is this still working or has this been patched? 👀
  15. Platinum 58 Difficulty: 4 Enjoyment: 6/10 This is a game I’ve had my eye on for a while but ultimately decided against it because in terms of an RPG trophy list this has everything I hate (difficulty specific trophies, missables requiring multiple playthroughs etc) since it was free on plus I ended up starting it and honestly I’m glad I did. As far as RPGs go, Greedfall isn’t the best. The story isn’t the most engaging and conversations go on far too long, not to mention that there’s a lot of repetition in terms of quests (they all follow the same formula of go here, talk to this person, go here and fight this). That being said though, I did have fun with it. I was lucky in my blind playthrough to be able to get 4/5 endings with some save scumming so then I just had one more to do on extreme difficulty. Extreme difficulty wasn’t too bad either. The first island was the toughest, but after you hit the open world I feel like everything is manageable. Guns and magic were a pretty OP build and even with skipping 90% of the side quests, I still handled the final boss with ease. I think if I paid full price for this game I’d have been very disappointed, however this was a pretty good plus game and I had fun going for the plat. I’m also pretty proud that I actually finished a hard difficulty run because that’s not normally something I do