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  1. So does one button mode not count? I’m confused 😂
  2. Does anyone have any fixes for a corrupt game? I’ve made it to October and a cutscene where I was trying to raise my social link with Ayane froze, so I had to force close the game which has corrupted it 🙃 if I uninstall I lose my save, so I was wondering if anyone has any fixes where I don’t lose all my progress?
  3. You’re better off not quitting out tbh. When I was boosting those trophies we started by quitting and reloading the session but it kept resetting the count. Just hit replay instead and kick anyone who joins
  4. Yeah it leaves October 17th
  5. Is the LAN glitch literally just doing hideouts in LAN mode? Or am I missing something? 🤔
  6. I had the same issues! Spent ages looking for a glitched lobby, finally found someone with a huge score but I couldn’t find any bodies at the ranch 🤔
  7. I would have much preferred a GTA IV remaster than yet another port of GTA V 😒 like don’t get me wrong GTA V is fun and all, but it’s been 10 years and ported to 3 console gens enough is enough. GTA IV really doesn’t get the respect it deserves in the fandom when all it wanted to do was take us bowling 😔 Also not what this thread is about, but I saw someone mention wanting GTA 6 instead (which I agree with, I’d also like a new entry into the franchise) but I can’t shake the feeling that after so long, GTA 6 is going to be a massive letdown and will become everyone’s new GTA IV 👀
  8. I just finished the game and I didn’t have many issues with it. I had a few crashes near the beginning when I tried to do my first weapon upgrade, but that sorted itself out. I did have to start backing up my save to the cloud around day 20 and 24 just in case, because there was a save error where it deleted all the saves in game 😂 Also agree with the longer load times so I’d hate to imagine them on PS4 😂
  9. Thank you all for the advice! I was looking for the most efficient way, so I’ll just stick with my current save and grind the last things I need
  10. So I’m thinking of tidying up RDR2 and I don’t have many trophies left, however I still need the 100% completion and 70 gold medals. I didn’t do a lot of the challenges in my first playthrough, so I’m guessing my clean up will probably be around 60 hours to get the remaining trophies. I’m wondering if at this point I’m better just starting again and going for gold medals from the start as well as working on the 100% from the very beginning? Advice from anyone who has the plat or currently going for it would be hugely appreciated 😊
  11. Does anyone know if there are any more race events planned before the shutdown?
  12. I don’t feel like the patches fixed much tbh. I was glitched out of the plat twice in two separate save files with bugs that were apparently fixed years ago 🙄 it’s a shame that the game is literally a dumpster fire because the concept is really good
  13. I guess for 50% off it’s not bad, but honestly I’d skip it. I really enjoyed FC5/New Dawn and was so disappointed by 6. This was way more similar to FC4 to me, and I hated that one too 😂 the map is pretty cool, but the story itself is incredibly bland. The characters are forgettable too (minus Chorizo the lil pupperino on wheels) which makes it really difficult to actually get invested in the game. I haven’t even finished it yet
  14. Agreed with the above, Sweet Thieves was definitely the easiest. At the moment, Adapt seems pretty easy to get wins in too because it’s a squad mode, unless I’ve just been lucky with who I get matched with 🤔
  15. I don’t suppose there’s a way to see how many wins you have? 😂