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  1. ive spent an entire week on those challenges, 2 days on the challenge 8 alone, i did it all legit, im all for using glitches and exploits, if they can make your life easier, but i dont know if the game has any, and even if they were, its all has been patched out, im not even sure how u can exploit the bike challenges. Yes they are tough, but not impossible, with time, practice and patience everything is achievable
  2. ive done all of his deliveries yesterday, with patches and everything, so i should say its not glitched
  3. u can use any save file u want, as long u have access to Kendo's gunshop
  4. honestly i dont get it. what was even the point to release it on consoles, when everyone been asking for it on mobile in the first place
  5. loved the game, hated the dlc, i hope its just an error or something
  6. im actually so proud by having The Dunwall City Tials on my profile. I remember when i first tried it, i thought it would be impossible to get, then a year later, i returned for it, and got it within a week of trying, by far that was the hardest trophies i got
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2 - The Force is Strong With This One the level progression in this game is so insanely long. a year ago ive spent 2 weeks grinding that rank 50, while only playing "Heroes vs Villains", because u getting a lot more xp in that mode than on any other, there wasnt any double xp events or anything, i guess i couldve waited for it, but i wanted to get over with it as fast as possible. i played some other games with these kinds of trophies, i mean a couple of months later i also did Battlefront 1 and the grind wasnt that long or that bad. - Choose Your Path it was one of the hardest trophies in the game, i did it legit, didnt know about this place back then, i got it while grindind the rank 50, they changed the trophy requirements now, it made my efforts obsolete. i completed way more difficult games after that, but playing this, i was having the worst possible time ever.
  8. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) since u cant get 2 multiplayer trophies anymore
  9. the winstreak of 3 is actually pretty easy to get, but it also can be boosted with a friend, most of the trophies can be boosted, except "Trouper" and "Apple of his Eye" and yea there's arena, i enjoyed gwent in witcher 3, i even played this game when it still was in close beta, i completed some really difficult games before, but arena trophy felt really unobtainable for me. i got it eventually, but it wasnt fun, and also "Shiny" trophy is glitched, i think, because i had like 155 cards and trophy popped when i created 156 so if u never played the beta, have 0 scraps to create new cards and dont want to spend real money to get it, then u really shouldnt start this game, but its only my opinion...