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  1. I was stuck at 348/350 blast shards, and found that these two were the ones I was missing: Number 8 on this page - it's too high up to detect at street level. Number 7 on this page - same reason, but there's the added problem of it being over the water. I hope this helps somebody! It drove me nuts for a few days.
  2. Dying Light 2 sounds great. But not reasons to buy console in the first year great
  3. Update: confirmed - battle bot progress does carry over into NG+.
  4. I have not reached this point in my NG+ yet, but I saved an extra file before I completed the game just in case. I'll update here when I reach that point (likely will be tonight) If I had to guess though, pretty much everything has carried over - Trust, Bromides, etc., so I would imagine that the S ranks also carry over.
  5. Thanks to everybody for the tips in this thread! I still need Yui, Margarethe, and Lancelot. NG+ grind here I come!
  6. Thanks, Sanevin! That's the most thorough explanation I've seen so far. Appreciate your help!
  7. I have everybody's unlocked except for Hatsuho... What in the world, man... Criteria seems so strange.
  8. Rams released Gurley. Smart move. Those knees are broken and he's gonna need to be on a pitch count wherever he goes. Anywhere that needs a spell back could use him. Put him in Arizona behind Kenyan Drake and give Murray even more weapons!
  9. UPDATE - I DID IT! I've tried anywhere from 4-10 honest attempts (which usually only took place if I got 7-10 coins on the first screen) since my last post (so, for the past five days) This does not change my opinion of this trophy, however. All of this time, I could've been growing crops, making money, exploring caves, but no, I had to get obscenely good at a twin stick shooter I'll never play again. Screw you, Fector. I beat you.
  10. I wish. Still pretty difficult.
  11. I WAS RIGHT. I have played JOTPK to try to get this trophy for 8 cumulative hours today, today was my first dedicated attempt to do so. I got to 3-2 without dying, and never made it that far in the 5 hours that followed. I don't get it, man. This is the most obnoxious trophy I've ever seen. ConcernedApe, I love you for what you created, but why did you have to make this trial such a horrible, agonizing experience? Sigh. I'll try again later...
  12. That. If it wasn't meant to be quality entertainment consumed by sensible consumers, I'm not interested. Trophies are secondary to enjoyment in most cases.
  13. Hey dudes! I'm taterman! Playstation gamer since 2006, been hunting trophies since about 2016, have been enjoying hunting platinums for a while now! Big fan of the Persona series, most RPGs, some action-adventures games, and almost anything that I can kill zombies in. I like pop-punk and rock music, and classic slasher flicks. I'm a huge football fan, but EA has completely wrecked any hope of a quality football game. Go Pack Go! My most unpopular opinion is that Texas Chainsaw Massacre has not stood the test of time, and is a bad movie.
  14. I had no problems with this either. As long as page 2 is all checked off, it should pop... Interesting. I hope you can figure it out, if you do, post a fix here for posterity!
  15. I have a few major trophies left. -Find all the artifacts (Complete museum) -Find all stardrops (which will pop when I complete the museum and get that stardrop) -10,000,000 G -Fector's Challenge. I am not doing any farming or animal cultivation, just artifact hunting and hoping my Bone Flute, Skeletal Scapula and Hand show up. I am saving everything that I get from Gem Replicators and wine (using Blueberries and ancient fruit from my greenhouse, fermenting in the basement as well), then doing Fector's Challenge, and only after that is done will I be turning in every piece that I've collected and saved for 10,000,000G. Just to end my experience with Stardew on an overwhelmingly positive note and the highest revenue day of my SDV career. But... Fector's Challenge may make me rage. I have played it only a few times and I can already tell it's gonna give me trouble. Wish me luck, pals.