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  1. In case anybody would like to try another method and has some friends that would like to help them - here's another method to achieve this trophy!
  2. Hello everyone! The Real Deal was a really difficult trophy to score solo, especially if you're someone like me that doesn't want to play races and shootouts and all that. Even with all the methods posted on these boards, I had trouble getting it. However, a group I partnered up with today and I determined a fairly quick and relatively easy method to achieve the three MVP designations required for the trophy. I'll list it step by step here. Find as many people as you can fit into your posse. If somebody has six slots, try to fill them all. Four is a good minimum as well. Join into the same lobby and posse, and use the quick menu to Quick Join the Race Series. Ideally, four to six of you will be in a lobby of less than ten. Point-To-Point and Point-To-Point Target races are the ones you'll really want to push hard on. If you all need to win, just jockey for first but remember you all need the wins. Whoever wins, that's great, they're finished quicker and can be focused on step four. If you're not in one of these races, back out and find another lobby that's doing one. Whoever is the "point man" or leader, whatever you wanna call it, they should be protected at all costs and encouraged into first place, with the rest of the posse killing surrounding players and drawing aggression from the rest of the crowd. The ensuing chaos and madness helps to slow everybody else down, and leave your leader to win the race. The winner usually gets MVP. Do this as many times as necessary to earn everybody the Real Deal Trophy. Small tip: focus on anybody with a high level or is acting aggressively, and once one of your people has a lot of distance, keep it that way. You're no longer racing, you're ensuring victory. Another tip: MVP appears to be a split between time spent in the lead, as well as the actual race outcome. Example: we had a race where the person who was supposed to win did finish first, but because I was in the lead the entire time and puppy-guarded the finish line, it gave me MVP. Keep this in mind when you have people that need the wins. I've done this method with 4 total and 3 total people in the posse, and everybody earned the trophy that didn't have it already within 3 hours. Once you get it down to a rhythm and a science of sorts, it's easy. Just need to find a few people willing to hammer it out. Good luck!
  3. Good luck, man!
  4. I was stuck at 348/350 blast shards, and found that these two were the ones I was missing: Number 8 on this page - it's too high up to detect at street level. Number 7 on this page - same reason, but there's the added problem of it being over the water. I hope this helps somebody! It drove me nuts for a few days.
  5. Dying Light 2 sounds great. But not reasons to buy console in the first year great
  6. Update: confirmed - battle bot progress does carry over into NG+.
  7. I have not reached this point in my NG+ yet, but I saved an extra file before I completed the game just in case. I'll update here when I reach that point (likely will be tonight) If I had to guess though, pretty much everything has carried over - Trust, Bromides, etc., so I would imagine that the S ranks also carry over.
  8. Thanks to everybody for the tips in this thread! I still need Yui, Margarethe, and Lancelot. NG+ grind here I come!
  9. Thanks, Sanevin! That's the most thorough explanation I've seen so far. Appreciate your help!
  10. I have everybody's unlocked except for Hatsuho... What in the world, man... Criteria seems so strange.
  11. Rams released Gurley. Smart move. Those knees are broken and he's gonna need to be on a pitch count wherever he goes. Anywhere that needs a spell back could use him. Put him in Arizona behind Kenyan Drake and give Murray even more weapons!
  12. UPDATE - I DID IT! I've tried anywhere from 4-10 honest attempts (which usually only took place if I got 7-10 coins on the first screen) since my last post (so, for the past five days) This does not change my opinion of this trophy, however. All of this time, I could've been growing crops, making money, exploring caves, but no, I had to get obscenely good at a twin stick shooter I'll never play again. Screw you, Fector. I beat you.
  13. I wish. Still pretty difficult.
  14. I WAS RIGHT. I have played JOTPK to try to get this trophy for 8 cumulative hours today, today was my first dedicated attempt to do so. I got to 3-2 without dying, and never made it that far in the 5 hours that followed. I don't get it, man. This is the most obnoxious trophy I've ever seen. ConcernedApe, I love you for what you created, but why did you have to make this trial such a horrible, agonizing experience? Sigh. I'll try again later...
  15. That. If it wasn't meant to be quality entertainment consumed by sensible consumers, I'm not interested. Trophies are secondary to enjoyment in most cases.