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  1. The game has been sitting in my closet for a while and I'm not sure wether to go for it or not. I really don't want to end up rage quitting the game with unearned trophies.
  2. Been a member for over a month now and I'm already feeling disgusted with the platform itself, literally feels like I'm about to puke. Let me clarify why I'm making a thread about this, it seems as though "staff team" are nothing more but your average members. If you want help from those guys with technical support, forget it. You'll be answered by other members instead and that's my whole point, there is no actual "support" services coming from this platform. Meanwhile the owner of this site sits on his greasy fucking chair 24/7 making money off retards that contribute into his premium subscriptions. The platform does a good job for trophy statistics as well as the leaderboard ranking but if you were talk about the community or any sort of support then that's a whole different story, one that will make your head throb endlessly. From this post I expect a bunch of degenerates ganging up on me for shaming their petty environment and that's fine I'm not even going to bother replying, so go ahead please. If any admin or moderator reads this, I would truly be greatful to be removed off your platform, okay thanks. πŸ˜…πŸ‘
  3. I would like to know if there is a way to do so, any sort of help is appreciated.
  4. It's definitely one major feature they should be implementing already, thanks for the answer.
  5. Irrelevant game
  6. DLC content not even showing.. I can't find install options. I pre-ordered game with dlc codes for the game already.. I'm so mad omg. 😑 What is wrong with Capcom..?
  7. At this point I can hardly care about getting any free games, these past few months have been so dreadful. Nothing worth playing as always.
  8. My stress intake is very low so I often break really easily when playing platformer-like games therefore I'm not sure if this is really for me. Still didn't answer my question but okay I guess.
  9. No, I'm missing the season pass.
  10. 😭 No, sorry guys.No more server sync platinums.. Devs announced that they closed their servers for good, look at their myspace account. 😭
  11. The game literally just came out, how is anyone supposed to rate it without a full playthrough? πŸ€”
  12. Avoid the vita, that handheld console has been dead for years.Thinking about selling mine sometime soon. Better off getting a new 3DS even if you're not a fan of nintendo, it has much more potential than the vita ever had since launch.
  13. Serial experiments lain
  14. If you don't have OCD like I do, feel free to trash your room with "50-100" games.
  15. >when no one knows about EB games They're pretty much in the same situation. Selling Rick and Morty accessories , saw a pickle Rick sleeping bag once.. as well as trading cards from various cartoons etc. Shame they're getting rid of their PS3 game stocks, I guess they don't sale that well I suppose. There's no doubt that they're all running out of buisness. Going digital only might not appeal to most people but It's quite handy if you think about it, not having the struggle to make space for physical copies.
  16. Henlo mister Sly! 😊
  17. PS4 Pro 1TB glacier white, it looks so clean & minimalistic. I heard It's a gamestop / ebgames exclusive but they always restock them, so not that rare I'd say. Literally have no idea why anyone would more than a terabyte on their drives. A simple gamedata cleanup should suffice. The 4k feature seems so irrelevant as well, hardly any games support it and when they do well.. the experience stays the same, nothing impressive. The only reason why I chose the Pro version is for the decreased load times, I'm all about the efficiency.
  18. I remember getting a pack of thumb grips for free due to some promotion. My thumbs were all sore from two weeks of playing fps games, had to get rid of them. Default controller is the way to go, in my opinion. All the accessories make it seem like a marketing scheme.
  19. Yeah dude, awesome. 10-15 frames per second sounds like a good deal to me.
  20. Guess I should be reading more video game related articles. Thanks for confirming.
  21. I assume the vita version will be digital which means it won't sell too good in the first place. Bad idea from the devs but it was about time for a sequel, really looking forward for the PS4 version. Hopefully it won't cost as much as a triple A game, *fingers crossed*.
  22. Infamous Second Son. Terrible voice acting along with out of sync facial expressions. Teenage humor. Poor storyline on both endings (evil & good). My favorite part was uninstalling the game, such a relief.
  23. 40$ sounds like one of those Amazon tablets (if they were on sale that is) I wouldn't get your hopes up anyway. A gift remains a gift, hence you should always be greatful for it no matter the cost. As for the the go-to option, I would highly recommend anything that runs on Android.