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  1. I'd say there's enough. I just did it this week and finished this morning. Played during the afternoon/evening(US West). Don't leave it searching (unless is 3 people waiting on 1 more). Back out and try again after 20-30 seconds. There are full games, people leave occasionally and you want that spot. I stayed in the Teamplay playlist. I will say this will get more difficult as Eternal gets cheaper. There is a community around this MP, and on the mic they are waiting for Eternal to get cheap enough.
  2. Lol I got thousands of coins and now nothing to spend it on
  3. I get it. First time I suggested it, some of my friends weren't sure about it. To break the ice, I got Megastar on Kill this Love. I was all into it, perfectly copying the girl on the right. After a few laughs, they got into it as well. Look at this gameplay video, each "mirror" has a colourful hand. You choose a "mirror" and copy the moves. OR if you want to warm up to it, you follow the bottom right track of the general hand movements. Highly suggest checking out the demo before jumping in
  4. I second RC All for One. Had a good time. Laugh if you want, but Just Dance 2020 is lot of fun. I've been using it at small hangouts, and I'm the only gamer. People can use their phones with the app. Comes with 40 songs, 500+ with membership and that price isn't bad tbh. GF can't stop playing it, but now I have kpop stuck in my head...
  5. Microsoft made the Xbox unnecessary years ago. Get a gaming PC. Cost only slightly more than an Xbox, and you'll be able to do a lot more with it. Only Xbox exclusive I cared about was Sunset Overdrive. Came out on Steam so I'm good. Let's see if M$ continues their track record of buying up and closing great studios.
  6. Could also try resetting the controller. There is a little button on the back, next to a screw on the right. Take a paper clip, hold the reset button down for about 5 seconds. You'll need a USB cable to hook it up to the PS4 again.
  7. Personally, I'd wait for Project Cars 3. It's suppose to be a mix of arcade and sim, allowing you to choose with assists. Then GT7 down the line. GT Sport seems more like a spinoff/demo. Polyphony did this often back then. I'm surprised PS4 never got a true GT game (PS3 got two). At least give us ports GT3 and GT4! 😫
  8. Glad to hear it worked Mine is OG as well. I assumed it's the "new" features they added making it unstable.
  9. Or see if your TV has a Game Mode. Sometimes it stops the delay. A while ago, TVs started a Soap Opera effect to "look better" but this extra processing causes a delay. Game mode doesn't use this, so no delay, and actually looks better.
  10. Firefox Preview comes with uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, and Dark Reader already installed. Just have to enable them in the settings. It's become my favorite mobile browser. Also NewPipe is an open-source YouTube viewer. Won't find it on the play store though. It's the only way I watch Youtube now (for vids off my subscribed channels). If you have a raspberry pi or a server, check out Pi-hole. Blocks nasties for all your devices. So yes, I use them a lot. Ads have gotten out of hand. I gladly support good content and whitelist sites I frequent that have bearable ads.
  11. ^ This You can level up the weapons to lvl 120 without the Lasers, but they won't put out as much damage. This is why some people complain about boss fights taking forever (like 20+ minutes).
  12. IIRC, In 1.18 you can get tons of Laser Sensors quickly. Basically, a weapon leveled up with Laser Sensors is more powerful. It was fixed after 1.18. Getting this item is very time consuming, and you need 99 of them.
  13. Thanks for the info, I'll give it a go. Power drain is turning off the PS4 and unplugging from the outlet for a minute. Helps clear out temporary data, which could cause issues. Software is far from perfect these days.
  14. They know about the Deltas. They talked about this in the last State of the Game. Problem is, people are not giving them enough info. This could be a problem with ISPs, which has happened in other games. You need to contact them with all the info you can give them. Your general location, ISP, exact Delta error, and so on.