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  1. Racing? I'm Interested. Lego? Very interested. 2K involved? No longer interested.
  2. Damn, I use Fritter. If it uses Twitter API then I gotta find an alternative. Don't care for Twitter, and I don't have an account. I use Fritter for notifications when content creators post on Twitter if they are going live or not.
  3. Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie GTA Vice City
  4. Got the Legion of Dawn physical for $5 a while back. Loved it. Actually a lot of fun. The problem was the lack of content. You'll want more but it's not there. Since this turned into a looter shooter at some point (Destiny), content would have been added down the line, if the sales were good. I followed the Anthem 2.0 discussion and kept it installed in hopes it was approved to fix the loot pools and add content (the concept art was great). Unfortunately, it was denied and people were reassigned to other projects (like Dragon Age) Definitely play it before they decide to turn off the servers. As always, don't listen to those who never touched it.
  5. I've never paid more than $25 for gold/complete. I definitely know to wait with ubisoft... Might be time to check out FC5...maybe AC Origins lol
  6. I'm curious about the Premium tier. Can the streaming be shared across accounts? (like before with PS Now PS4 tiles) Streaming isn't answered on the Share Playstation Plus page. Haven't had Plus since the change.
  7. Not banned but rolled back. GF and I were playing The Division 2 (TD2), going through the story. On a certain level, there is a lobby with a minigun. She went for the minigun because it's great in other games, not TD2 though. Didn't do much damage and she died after a few seconds. Good for a laugh. This is around the time NPCs would one-shot you through walls from two blocks over. One day we log in and she got rolled back nearly a month, around when we started. During this time you could also get extra damage if you used the minigun a certain way. We didn't know that. People were bragging about how they used the glitch and didn't get punished, while others complained that they were punished and didn't use the glitch. Massive ignored it. We haven't played TD2 since. Regret the purchase and Massive is on our ban list (do not buy list).
  8. No and no. Simply play through the level again, from the beginning to the Return Home gate. Since you have the gems already, just focus on getting to the end. The trophy should pop. Must have hit a rat accidentally, very easy to do so.
  9. I thought all EA/2K sports games were cash grabs for the past 10+ years... πŸ€”
  10. Some I haven't seen mentioned yet: Giants: Citizen Kabuto Armed and Dangerous Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 Conker's Bad Fur Day Sunset Overdrive Saints Row 3 & 4 The Behemoth games like Battleblock Theater and Pit People A lot of LucasArts games like the Monkey Island series
  11. Never got around to Max Payne 3. Love 1 and 2 on PS2 (still have them). Actually excited for this. Hopefully it helps them push a PS4 remaster of MP3.
  12. Same. Just finished U2 and started U3. Love the commentary. I have the video playing at the same time. I don't mind if he rants during the long gunfights, it kinda helps keep the tension down so I don't stick my head out for no reason and get killed. πŸ˜†
  13. If you are stuck in a spot, TheSeraphim17 has great Brutal walkthrough video guides on the Uncharted remastered trilogy with commentary. Playlist for U1 Drakes Fortune Playlist for U2 Among Thieves Playlist for U3 Drakes Deception
  14. Ideally, both.