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  1. Not sure if message board activities count. I got this shortly after ep6. There are 23 quest across those islands (3 can become locked out). Did you already do things like Minotaur/Arena/etc.? Also Gold diamond quest?
  2. Just wanted to say, thank you all for the tips. Much appreciated. Was stuck at 99% for a while. In the end it was that Valley of Two Kings's sliver (I swear that outline blends in like it was on purpose) which put me at 99.5% and lastly Nisyros (South side). Trophy popped right when I went through that entrance gate. Been at the North dock before. Guess that wasn't enough. lol Don't think it's bugged, but I do believe we should've been given some extra room, like 99% and call it good. Malakas.
  3. This game has....costumes? Like to disguise oneself as a rat? JK I would say yes, IF it's your kind of game. Good length, story, and polish. If I didn't have a ridiculous backlog, I'd grab it. Here's s great review from ACG.
  4. Looks like a lot of fun. Trophy wise, a few could be difficult like in Transformed, but not impossible. No grind for online. I'm excited. This and CTR are the only racing games I'm grabbing next.
  5. My goals - 50 platinums (33 ATM) - 2000 trophies - Find a funny named trophy for 2500 trophy milestone - 100% PS+ games because I might not renew - Get at least 500GB off my hard drive. This is the most difficult as I keep installing 2 for every 1 I finish. 40 installed ATM 😡 Yay folders. - Beat The High Road in Crash Bandicoot 😭
  6. Trophies are fine. No deletion. I play games I'm unsure of or have ridiculous trophy requirements on a second account. I figured this out after playing 3 games I probably won't 100%. Lesson learned. Example being games I rent from RedBox. I'll probably beat the main game quickly and be done playing it (if I even get that far). Games with 200 hour grind? Try in secondary, if I like it and it's a fun grind, it goes to primary.
  7. One of the earliest profile achievements I can remember is sending the gnome to space in HL2 (I still have my orange box). Been hooked ever since. Before that, personal achievements like unlocking every character in TimeSplitters just because I loved that series. For me - they add new challenges. Im playing a game that's fun/entertaining, so it adds replay value, more bang for the buck. - they add a different way to play (oh crap an explosion, where did my gnome go?). - the devs added a lot of lore/backstory/history to the world, many players unenthusiastically call collectables. I normally don't mind. - sometimes they are funny, maybe adding a piece of dialogue/scene that gives you a good chuckle. Now of course some trophies are badly designed... Lastly, I started a bad habit after my gaming hiatus of a few years. Feeling like "So many good ones passed by now I gotta catch up." I would start a new game only after a day of the previous. So with the help of PSNProfiles, it helps me see my progression and now I stick with a few until completed. I don't do games just for trophies though (no Mayo for me, to each their own).
  8. Too many to choose from... Notables: Agents of Mayhem, Little Nightmares, Watch_Dogs, Bendy, Black the Fall, Inside, Unravel, Hitman, Mafia III, Driveclub, Onrush, Gravity Rush, Flame in the Flood, Last Guardian, Pyre, Yakuza. Order 1886 - Loved the settinig (Tesla!). This was also the groundwork for the world/series they built. Devs want to make another, but it probably won't happen. Titanfall 2 - Definitely one of the greatest. Have it on PC and spent 200+ hours on MP. Grabbed it on PS4 as well. If you haven't tried it yet, grab it on sell. You won't be disappointed. Trust me 👍 No Man Sky - Only game I've Platinum and keeping installed. Also have it on PC. So much fun. Love the updates. Great devs on a big project. Honestly it was a good game at the start. Starting Murdered Soul Suspect soon. I moved it up in my backlog. Can't wait.
  9. You'd have to jump through hoops and set up a dev account with Sony, then get a dev kit. Just to make a custom theme, since it requires some coding and creativity to work around the limits. Theme devs can't talk about it. Plus to put it on the store... that's another hassle. Sure, it's not very customizable. But should it be? It's just supposed to get you to your content. I got over it and use a #000000 background image. Doesn't lag as much going through menus compared to a heavy theme. Jailbreak, I could be wrong. I've heard themes is part of the reason PS3 got cracked. Probably the reason Sony keeps it shut on PS4. Makes it more difficult. Safety is another reason.
  10. Mafia III 100% here I come 😎 Finally.
  11. For trophy progression, I'm kinda worried it might not work for a lot of games. For example Steam. A lot of games show your progress in the achievements, but a lot games don't. Still, very excited about it.
  12. RykerXD - Open Sez Me Jak & Daxter
  13. Good advice here, but also your character level matters, not weapon level. If the enemy's level is higher, you do less damage. You might need to level up for the new area.
  14. Most Wanted, Underground 2, and Carbon. I still have them for the PS2. Just beat NFS 2015. It's not bad. It's a good start, though I never watched the cutscenes. They obviously put in a lot of work and polish. Could've built up from there like the earlier games did. Instead we got Payback... and I'm not sure what to think of it. (Haven't played it) They need to take the good stuff from MW/Ug2, sprinkle in some Hot Pursuit. Remove the "always online," if I want to race online, that should be my choice. Do that in NFS 2019 and they'd get $60 from me. (I never pay full price) Edit: Also let us save/load tuning settings.
  15. I only have Origin on my PC for Titanfall 2. Geat game if you've never played it. Trust me. 👍 Thanks but no thanks EA. Maybe if you got another American McGee's Alice up your sleeve...