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  1. The only show I look forward to every couple of years is The Venture Brothers... I'm already fed up with Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Marvel, Prime, etc. Now companies want to make their own streaming service because they had ONE good show they own. I watch mostly tutorials now... Gotta follow directors/writers/studios that care about quality. Indie/foreign stuff is great. Find a local theater that plays these.
  2. Definitely get rid of Collector, I tried it and it doesn't do much. The extra parts were wasted anyways, store/supply wise. I'm on my second 12 Weeks, and First Aid / Revive are way more helpful. Never had an issue getting supplies. Crafter is great when doing the Gift mission. Definitely look into Explosion Expert. Molotovs are OP.
  3. With a few maps, when the map I needed for a trophy showed up, I just asked the lobby and they voted for it. 👍
  4. I hope it gets fixed, I've been putting it off. Dealing with a lot of crash happy games lately on my way to 70%, but this arena might break me. 😆
  5. Indie dev blogs (RSS feeds). Like Rust blog on Facepunch. Or sometimes subreddits. I would like something that Steam offers with newsletters/change logs of developers/games you follow. For story/gameplay/music/fun factor I check out ACG on YouTube.
  6. Burly Men At Sea 67% Plat and can be done in about an hour with a guide. It was a PS+ game. It's not a bad game either, good art/story, sort of a visual novel.
  7. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Good solo game, great story
  8. Big hand mode: Ok Play as Elvis: Sure. Paintball bullets: Sounds fun. Anything else: Not interested.
  9. They own great IPs but ruin them repeatedly. Other devs keep their name afloat. (First week of 76br was a riot) I honestly wish they did what Vermintide 2 does with mods. Can't say for consoles, but on Steam, V2 takes good mods that don't give an unfair advantage (like texture/UI clean up, control binding preference/ etc.) and they become Sanctioned mods. Using them do not disable achievements or official realm. I shouldn't have my trophies blocked because I want to use a base bug fix or remove next-gen brown textures. 💩
  10. ICO is great. Played on PS2 an eternity ago. Played some on my first PSNow trial, forgot to play again on my last trial trophy clean up. 😭 Some parts ahead of it's time with a beautiful sound track. When it comes to the AI, I believe it's on purpose. If you look at their more recent effort, The Last Guardian, lots of people complained about the bullshit AI of the creature. But if you think about it, the creature doesn't understand you. Why would it? Just like when people yell "shut up" at their dog when they bark. Doggo doesn't know engrish, so to help fellow pack member making loud noises, they bark more. 😆 But we need more ICOs for sure. You can count the ICO like games out there on one hand, but at least they are good.
  11. Sony: We know our players, here's a football and a mobile game No. No to that. I do not support what's being said right now. That's a no from me. -PaymoneyWubby Not even touching my library just like Conan Exiles.
  12. Slightly off topic, anyone else find it hilarious that you can spot the EA/Ubisoft titles by their need to include ® and TM? I do... I wish the Far Cry Insanity Bundle included gold editions. Though that might be later when they jack up the prices again. Till then waiting for New Dawn UE to drop in price 😒
  13. 1.02 Patch Notes - Adjusted background music to resume where it left off when paused for battles or Tetra Master. - Fixed issue causing players to get stuck on the world map. - Fixed other minor bugs. It's been sitting in the backlog. Wasn't expecting an update o_0
  14. Basically games you love so much, that you have completed (or mostly) on one system and then bought again on another system. Now, we aren't talking about fast plats/region stacks. Plenty of those threads already. Titanfall 2 - BT! Titanfall 3 please. No Man Sky - Modded on PC, vanilla on PS4. Good times. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - I have this on the PS2, though I never finished it. Same with Bully. Save file from 2006 but the textures looked terrible on the big screen (CRT jaggies). Grabbed on PS4 and finally finished the story. Might do Vice City because I never finished that either. Damn free roam. Killing Floor 2 - So much fun, can't get enough. Way more achievements on Steam than PS4. Basically highest difficulty on every map vs just once on PS4... but it's harder with the controller vs m+kb. I would do Mafia II again, but that 1000 miles is keeping me away. I have more sitting in my PS4 backlog, but I'd like to see what other people have double dipped.
  15. I love free (Paid, if it's big enough) content updates that add more story. If Rockstar actually did what they said and added more story DLC to Grand Theft Auto 5, I'd be happy with that. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a good example. I hate -paid for- crap game "mode" DLC no one asked for that doesn't match/mesh with the rest of the game. Comes with you gotta drag your thumbs through it. For example Doom: would have loved more single player content, but we got multiplayer mode DLC instead. Fallout 4: would have loved more Far Harbor, but got workshop crap instead. Far Cry 5... DLCs should have been released as another title, for their ideas, sort of like a short adventure compilation.