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  1. As long no one minds me spamming this.
  2. Platinum trophy name is awesome. The Behemoth has a great sense of humour. This is definitely going on my list. (Pit People is great too if you have a PC).
  3. Yes. Keep messaging them. Splinter Cell Blacklist just got restored as well. WB Support still seems clueless about this, seemingly unwilling to get in contact with devs at Netherrealm ( canned answers, "We're sorry, is there anything else we can help with?" or "We don't know"). Game isn't too old and the rest of the features work (other platforms seem unaffected). Persistence is key.
  4. This will be my first time. Super excited, can't wait. Trophy list looks good. Nice icons, wasn't expecting anything different from TT in regards to requirements. Hopefully good sales will help spark The Wolf Among Us 2.
  5. DUSK Inspired by Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Redneck Rampage and all your '90s favorites, while featuring a soundtrack by metal music mastermind Andrew Hulshult. Descenders Extreme downhill freeriding with Drum & Bass soundtrack 😎 Return of the Obra Dinn First person mystery adventure from the creator of Papers, Please. Hopefully a remaster of these: Giants: Citizen Kabuto Armed and Dangerous The Saboteur Grandia I, Ii, III, and Xtreme
  6. Found this one. It's not for support, but if WB Support doesn't want to dig, it's worth a shot. [email protected] Some links to help the cause. Spam em. WB Support Request WB Community Forums WB Support Twitter Ed Boon Twitter Netherrealm Twitter
  7. Check the movement with the D-Pad as well to be sure. Though it does sound like it's the analog stick. IMO it's a good idea to have a 2nd controller on hand, especially when on sell (<$40). Also janky controllers are still good. Could use them for D-Pad or games that are not as demanding.
  8. I see a lot of the usual suspects, so I'm going to go with online games I still install and play here and there. 1. Tribes 2 128 Players w/ vehicles and jetpacks. Best time ever. Way more fun than Battlefield. Difficult though because weapons are projectile based and require leading/arc and timing. 2. Rust Home invasion simulator? Yes and also life lessons about trusting people and a healthy dose of anxiety. Seriously though, a lot of fun brutal FPS. 3. Natural Selection 2 This game is great. Player vs creature players. Team based FPS but also has a captain role that's kinda RTS. Like Tribes, I can talk about this game all day. 4. Half Life 2 ( and mods like Dystopia) 5. Titanfall 2 6. Warcraft III 7. Age of Empires II 8. Unreal Tournament 2k4 9. Neverwinter Nights 10. Portal 2 I miss the old days of creating mods/sounds/textures/etc. and being able to drop them into a folder and use them. Also the list would be different if certain games weren't a PITA to install on Winblows 10 or had a community server option since the official servers are closed.
  9. More content - Switch version Trophy Hunting - PS4/PC Personally I'll probably double dip, starting with the PS4 version in hopes they update it with the new content, but they most likely won't. 😶
  10. Yeah most likely won't be buying another Netherrealm or WB game after this. Started Shadow of War just in case. Some links to help the cause. Spam em. WB Support Request WB Community Forums WB Support Twitter Ed Boon Twitter
  11. Can't wait for the playable Chopsticks character too. Really enhances the food in the game, and the Wasabi Boost looks interesting. Spork buddy sidekick is kinda meh. But with the Spicy Ginger Hoodie attached to the pre order definitely makes it worth it.
  12. Seriously. We all need to do it too. I've sent a few tickets to WB Support and basically got: "Unfortunately, we do not have any information to give you on this subject. In order to find more information on this subject, we recommend that you check our official Twitter page and online forums..." This is a feature that was commonly requested for MK Mobile. There's no reason to get rid of it, and leave the rest of the online functionality intact.
  13. Some of the trophies, like this one, don't pop until at the end of the chapter. 😶
  14. Yeah seriously DLC done right! I gotta get through The Witcher 1&2 on PC before I do Witcher 3 again but on PS4. One of few games I have on multiple platforms (damn I even bought the GOG version). Glad to hear you stuck with it OP.
  15. It is, but on the PS4 store it's white text on a white background which I think was causing part of the issue.