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  1. Check out Pro Settings I consistently get -12 seconds on short races, and continue to build it on longer races. Not sure if the AI rubber bands that much these days. Could be the Icon stats.
  2. Alright so, I don't think you ever need to go to the pilot, everything can be done from two menus (Touchpad and Options buttons). I could be wrong here if it's part of the story mode, that was a while ago for me. You need to be level 30 and in World Tier 5 (WT5). You will have projects that need to be completed to go from WT1 to WT5. Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak unlock during that process and are at the very top of the map. If it's Red (Invaded), it will give you a list of missions that need to be done before it unlocks. You can turn this off though with
  3. Awful block on GDQ Sometimes watch games like Doom (2016) become incredibly broken. I could never watch glitchless runs though.
  4. This isn't be the first time. I wonder if it's going to become a thing...
  5. You can also set your rare/epic/legendary parts (blue/purple/gold). Select the part and click the Touchpad to Affix. Doesn't take that long. Just did it for TC to farm some legendary sets for the current Live Summit. You want Lucky but also Goldfinder. Be sure to run Ace difficulty as soon as possible. To shave some more time off, buy a vehicle with a high Perf level if it's higher than your current. So my SR Vanquish (135/280) was at 180. So I bought a GSX which starts at 230, and ran Hard races for a little bit. Then cheesed Ace difficultly shortly after.
  6. The option should be given to the player. (See PVP) Coming from PC a couple of years ago, I thought cross play was already a thing (and paying for Online was weird). XBONE / PS4 should have already been a thing. No point keeping these communities separate (Sony's fault, I know). XBTWO / PS5 should be with the above as well. Advantages here of course. But like with PC players, 2K tower player vs the budget player, that's fine. Co-op (vs AI/PVE): Everyone together, but should have a Report feature. If there are significant MVP awards, have a disable option. Player vs Player: Console players should have the option to disable being matched with PC players. Some games like Rocket League offer a pretty level playing field. Many games do not. It's more than just M+KB advantage. PC players have more Video settings than the consoles Brightness setting. PC players can up the FOV to see more around them, they can turn off shadows to light up dark spots. Completely dark at night time for you console player? It's day time for me with ReShade! (not a cheat) Then there are PC cheaters. Anti Cheat isn't 100%. It could take months to find and detect new ones. They start off paid/private before they are available to the masses. One of the reasons I quit Rust a couple years back. Rust has anticheat. Still get hit with 100 arrows to the head in 5 seconds through a wall from a mile away...
  7. Same. Got the steel book for $10 last year and the code still worked. Also last year, I looked through all my physical copies of other games and redeemed all my codes just in case. Some were supposed to be expired, but still worked as well.
  8. Another vote for chronology. However, earlier AC games are very different. If you want more of the RPG stuff, go to AC Odyssey. Just a heads up, Odyssey is huge.
  9. The game is in a bad state at the moment. The developers know and are not happy about it. The current situation has also slowed the progress of fixes, balances, and content. Title Update 9 is in the works, post this on the Ubisoft Division 2 forums if you haven't done so already. That helped get traction for the Dark Zone trophy.
  10. Updated - May 8, 2020 - Akor_ and Speed Force videos updated to most recent - Added an explanation video First off, this is a great game. It has some rough edges and odd design choices, but it's a lot of fun. With that out of the way, this is kind of a PSA. Vehicles by default handle decently, but they can oversteer/understeer, drift too much, and so on. This is where Pro Settings come in. You can fine-tune your vehicle and reduce this unwanted behavior. The best time to change these settings is as soon as you purchase a new vehicle as these settings are vehicle specific. From the main menu, go to Vehicles > Performance on the vehicle you want to edit, then click the TouchPad on the controller. An in-depth explanation of Pro SettingsThe Crew 2 - Visualization and Explanation of Pro Settings A quick visualization of Pro Settings The Crew 2 - Pro Settings Visualised by Horizon I'm still confused, just tell me what to use! Same here! I use settings from both Speed Force and Akor_ Both are great channels for The Crew 2 and other racing games. They post updates to their settings, along with other tips and tricks. Be sure to check them out! Latest Pro Settings from Akor_ The Crew 2 - All Vehicles and Pro Settings The Crew 2 - Best Vehicle per Discipline Latest Pro Setting video from Speed Force. This is a general list of settings per discipline, not vehicle specific. He does have vehicle specific settings in the description. The Crew 2 - Pro Settings for all Street, Rally Raid, Touring, and Hypercars The Crew 2 - Best Vehicles for each Class Just a heads up, an update could change the handling of some cars, and their settings might need a change. Hope this helps. Use these settings as soon as possible. I've enjoyed the game much more using this feature.
  11. I'm glad they got rid of it. It was a bad feature. Sorry to those looking for this trophy. Massive remove the Thieves Den to help streamline rogue status and the vender was annoying to check. Sure, you could follow a YT channel that checks for you, but still. For those new to this, if you went to the Thieves Den looking for the vender, there was a chance for him to not be there. Super annoying. More so if he ended up having nothing worth buying. Massive also believes they can work on the live game (like Windows 10, instead of builds and lots of testing). However, with things like COVID 19 and the rampant use of cheating/exploits, progress has slowed. I'm sure they will replace the trophy with something else, Thieves Den does not need to come back. Give them time to fix the many other issues, because It's barely fun to play at the moment...
  12. Dropping this here just in case for new players. Now's your chance to get some one on one time with a veteran agent! Get on the fast track, get trophies, get rewarded!
  13. Calling all agents! Division 2 has started a Refer a Friend system. Veterans: Please share your link if you are interested. Please also remove your link when you are finished recruiting. New Recruits, there are many secrets in this great game. This will definitely help in understanding how to run missions and how the current gear works. You can also receive rewards and help with some of the trophies. When I started this game, I noticed a lot of outdated info on websites and videos. Full FAQ here: Highlights: 1. What is the Friend Referral Program? The Friend Referral program is a way for our Veteran players of The Division 2 to earn exclusive in-game rewards and share their love for the game with new players (Recruits) by: Inviting Recruits to join their adventures in Washington and gaining their support whilst showing them the ropes, and most importantly by having fun and playing in co-op together. 2. How do I participate as a Veteran? To participate and invite friends as a Veteran, you need to own a copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on PC, Microsoft Xbox One, or Sony Playstation 4, and have played more than 2 hours. 3. How do I become a Recruit? Be invited by a Veteran before you start to play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, or within 7 days of your first login to the game. Veterans and their recruit must finish 3 missions in co-op. During this time both parties will receive 20% boost to XP. After 3 missions both parties receive the Stinger LMG. More rewards listed in the FAQ. Here is my veteran link: If you use my link, please send me a message or friend request on PSN.
  14. Not at all. You have to interact with things and use communication. I found myself yelling: Boomer on my tail! Cover! Cover! ......Damnit Lucy! Circles in 3-2-1- jump in. Shoot the chonker in the a**! Lucy is a robot dog, who fires a turret in all directions. If you get hit by it, you're dead.
  15. That is the Raid. It requires 8 players because it's 5 bosses (and some puzzles). It's a lot of fun and laughs! The trophy is easy to do in Discovery mode (everyone is new and learning what to do). It's not just shooting NPCs, there's more to it. If everyone dies, it resets the current boss. This let's you regroup and come up with a different strategy for that boss. First time took an hour to complete... damn robot dogs lol I was on the fence about this game (and Division 1). I tried it out in December and couldn't put it down. I was on a hiatus from Ubisoft. Come to find out it's a great series! Fun gameplay, lots of secrets, lots to do. I 100% (gotta do it again) and still can't get enough. This game is easily worth the full price. Please note March 3rd, the gear game is changing! Right now, you can hit Elite NPCs like a truck with certain builds. You can also throw pokeballs that kill everything, constantly. We don't know if this will still be possible with the coming update. Also, on March 3rd: A huge expansion ($30) is coming. I would expect more trophies because this is another open-world set in New York, with Warlords to find and take down. Not only is it more story, but they also have more plans to continue the life of this game. The best time to jump in is now!