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  1. And you get Timesplitters 2!
  2. Just go with the IPs you like. Just a heads up, the older ones do not have voices. They just make noise. Cutscenes are still funny though. Also, the older ones are a bit more buggy and less refined. GF and I are going by release date, oldest to newest, because of this.
  3. Don't remember input lag when I played it. Did a quick search and people are saying it's the TV settings. Need to use a monitor or "Game Mode" on a TV (sometimes it's restricted to a certain HDMI port). I would go patched all the way. Had a good time with it last year.
  4. You should be able to play solo without PS Plus. When I tried Co-op it would take me to the PS Plus PSN store page.
  5. Any updates on this? Haven't started it yet.
  6. F - Breath of the Wild I like most Zelda games. BotW isn't a bad game, but it isn't much of a Zelda game. I'd finish it if they made breaking weapons optional. Otherwise, I would have sold it but I made the mistake of buying digital thinking I would love it. Never again.
  7. Great! Can't wait for: God of War - Match 4 Horizon - Tower Defense Uncharted - Endless Runner Days Gone - Endless Runner on a motorcycle Astro Bot - Endless Runner Sackboy - Endless Runner The Last of Us Battle Royale Rachel and Clank - Tower Defense thanks
  8. The GOATY bundle (base game included) is also on sale for $6.24
  9. I'd like to know as well. Seen some recent videos of the latest patches, looks alright.
  10. Tribes (I know there's Midair CE but still) Dungeon Keeper Freedom Fighters Giants: Citizen Kabuto remake/sequel Klonoa Resistance Timesplitters The Order 1886 sequel Bully
  11. Well, it's been out since 2013 so no.... /s May 21 is the games official release date. Maybe then.
  12. There is a Fate Edition that includes the upcoming DLC. Says to extend the game 5+ hours.
  13. I would have bought an Xbox just for this (not interested in anything else that platform offers). Then it went to Steam a few years ago and I snatched it up. Would buy and 100% again if it comes.
  14. I've only played a couple of hours on PSNow but enjoyed it. I liked the art style and the story (so far). Elijah Wood voices one of the characters. I would have it finished by now but had to grind some PS3 games during that recent scare.