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  1. This is one of many reasons why I haven't grabbed a PS5 yet.
  2. Songs That Never End Games that keep getting content. Division, Destiny, Killing Floor, and so on. NeedsOT Needs online trophies. I try to prioritize these, I put them in this folder so I don't forget. I still do, but it's the thought that counts. So Close Needs a trophy, maybe a few. Probably a grind left to do. 4K Games for the GF. It's mostly Lego. PSPlus Try to clean this up because I often let the subscription run out. If it's a bad month, I won't put in the new code until a good month comes up. So I try to keep my PSPlus backlog low. FAT For motivational purposes. Everything else goes here.
  3. The came starts you in a hub. Everything is here, instead of a menu. The hub is Public by default. You have to go to the globe to set it to Private if you prefer. The globe is at the Giddy Park entrance, next to the multiplayer warp gate. You have to talk to a couple of NPCs to access the single player areas. They will take you there. I suggest doing the Hub quest, it explains all the areas around the hub.
  4. And you get Timesplitters 2!
  5. Coffee
  6. Just go with the IPs you like. Just a heads up, the older ones do not have voices. They just make noise. Cutscenes are still funny though. Also, the older ones are a bit more buggy and less refined. GF and I are going by release date, oldest to newest, because of this.
  7. Don't remember input lag when I played it. Did a quick search and people are saying it's the TV settings. Need to use a monitor or "Game Mode" on a TV (sometimes it's restricted to a certain HDMI port). I would go patched all the way. Had a good time with it last year.
  8. You should be able to play solo without PS Plus. When I tried Co-op it would take me to the PS Plus PSN store page.
  9. Any updates on this? Haven't started it yet.
  10. F - Breath of the Wild I like most Zelda games. BotW isn't a bad game, but it isn't much of a Zelda game. I'd finish it if they made breaking weapons optional. Otherwise, I would have sold it but I made the mistake of buying digital thinking I would love it. Never again.
  11. Great! Can't wait for: God of War - Match 4 Horizon - Tower Defense Uncharted - Endless Runner Days Gone - Endless Runner on a motorcycle Astro Bot - Endless Runner Sackboy - Endless Runner The Last of Us Battle Royale Rachel and Clank - Tower Defense thanks
  12. The GOATY bundle (base game included) is also on sale for $6.24
  13. I'd like to know as well. Seen some recent videos of the latest patches, looks alright.
  14. Tribes (I know there's Midair CE but still) Dungeon Keeper Freedom Fighters Giants: Citizen Kabuto remake/sequel Klonoa Resistance Timesplitters The Order 1886 sequel Bully
  15. Well, it's been out since 2013 so no.... /s May 21 is the games official release date. Maybe then.