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  1. There will be a Season 3. I'll probably wait until they are done with these DLCs. Also, wish they would just make a map pack separate from cosmetics. I don't want any of the other stuff.
  2. Played a bit on steam early access. Definitely funny.
  3. It is PS3 only. Something that should have been ported to PS4 (along with the rest of the series). To others who wish to play, and don't have a PS3. I just found out recently there is a playable build of MGS4 on PC via emulation. Infamous Infamous 2 Infamous Festival of Blood Playing these for the first time at the moment. Great games, a lot of fun.
  4. Definitely worse. Also input lag. Adds a new layer of difficulty for some games...
  5. Working for me ATM, using PSNow (US).
  6. Yeah, they contracted another studio for maps. But so far many of these maps have been on PC for a while, created by the community.
  7. Prices
  8. An underrated gem. I liked it so much, it put the devs on my radar. Can't wait for Lost in Random from Zoink.
  9. I'd say no. When I first got a PS4 I was confused by the two services and thought they should be combined as well. Now knowing how to take advantage of them both, keep them separate! I don't ever want to spend more than $30 on plus. I only grab a month of PSNow if it's on sale (like now) or if there's enough new stuff to platinum a bunch (also like now). This service has saved me a lot of money. I don't want it changing.
  10. It's everyone at the moment. Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TVs, my nvidia shield. Phones and desktop seem to be fine though.
  11. Here's hoping we get Postal 2 and Postal 4 No Regerts somewhere down the line. In case you didn't hear, Postal 2 got a DLC called Paradise Lost in 2015.
  12. A great review from Skill Up. Definitely helps explain what this game is and isn't.
  13. So I've read you can choose the DLC in the campaign menu. Not sure if anything else from the DLCs shows up in the main campaign. Just a heads up, DLC is now on sale in the NA store as well. 😆
  14. I'm waiting on them to go back on sale ($5.99). Almost two for the price of one.
  15. Won't miss communities either. After they removed it from the app, I switched to subreddits and discord. Honestly, they have tools more suitable for communities. Hopefully, this will make other aspects of PSN better.