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  1. This was my first thought. Looks like my SanDisk SSD, only thicker. This SSD thing is a strange selling point they were pushing earlier. But anyone can do a SSD upgrade. It's the first thing I did with my PS4.
  2. 5 hours. Can't get into the gameplay (the action/attacking part). Everything else appeals to me, so I try. I played Morrowind and Oblivion back when they were relatively new, and I think I gave those twice as long before I quit. I like The Witcher and Fallout. Its just to me something feels off with the ES games, and then I lose interest.
  3. Yep I was waiting for Hollow Knight to show up before I did another month of PSNow. I had a feeling it would be December though. Yay! Early gift!
  4. I got 75. Mine popped after a tower. Maybe it only checks after a tower is completed? I could be wrong.
  5. I didn't get it until about 65 modifiers. I bought all of the ones in the Krypt, not sure if they count. Then kept doing hourly/daily towers that I didn't have a high score in until it popped. Gonna count my modifiers...
  6. I've been working on 100% of a few other games to get them uninstalled and off my mind. I also worked on Hitman 2 a bit. Thing with this game, it's so good I forget about the trophies. I'm actually trying to 100% the game just for fun, figure out as many [Redacted] by myself, and get all the unlockables. I did Hitman 1 not too long ago but I mainly focused on escalations because only a handful were transferred to Hitman 2 legacy maps. Kept it feeling new, plus AI behaves somewhat differently between the two.
  7. Yeah I meant the DLC. There's like 10 events that require near perfection. Trophy is called Supernova. Main game is great. DLC is tougher.
  8. I think I used the Jav X or RTX. The V12 is too much, if I remember correctly and only used it in a few events. I figured the issue is more so the terrain and weight of the cars. Had to learn where not to drive and adjust the line. TTR was more rage inducing for me...
  9. My guess is its the same game, with the limited time stuff expanded into a "single player." Basically the game they advertised in the teaser trailer 4 years ago. Then, start the loot box/skin collecting all over again. People buying those have slowed down, so OW2 to bump it up again.
  10. Seems like you need the pass. That's terrible for 2 trophies... - I used PS Now for this game. Price dropped recently, so you could be better off with that. Might be able to platinum a few games for the same price. It's a fun game too. Really enjoyed the levels, trash talk, throwing a buddy off a cliff.... accidentally.
  11. American McGee's Alice (remake), Alice: Madness Returns (remaster), and a new Alice to complete the trilogy. That's all I'm interested in from EA. Burned out from all the other series they own.
  12. Thanks for tips. I've been thinking about getting the Platinum in this, but the MP grind is putting me off (and I have enough AC games to finish already).
  13. Use the videos I posted above. That exotic thing takes longer, as the name implies. Also during events, you can get a few planets done for you.
  14. OMG Is that Killzone above the Castlevania? I love steelbooks! I wish I got into it sooner, missed out on a bunch and the prices on those are now too high. But I went from PS2 to PS4 just over a year ago. I only get them if I like the design. They look so much better debranded with the slight minimalism. Sometimes they come with extras that I don't care about, so I'll try to talk myself out of it. My current favs that I own are Dark Souls Trilogy, AC Odyssey, KH III which was great with the box, Yakuza 1, 2 & 6, Dragon Crown Pro, Spider-Man, and GoW.
  15. Sometimes there's one or two rare animals that roam. They are harder to track. I believe day/night could factor in as well. They walk like they are on a mission. Basically you want a lower number of species on a planet when going for this, so you don't have to find these rare ones. I got lucky a few times and found them chilling right when I landed. There are land, water, flying, cave/underground, and don't forget about those dragonfly ones! Here are the videos. Lots of tips. You can also use the planets in the events. Other people already did the scans for you, so upload and profit (helps with money too).