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  1. Any trails of cold steel 1-4 banners
  2. Yeah the freeze one got that, really don't know what i missed I've started a 3rd play through now and I'm writing down every single chest i open so hopefully get it this time round.
  3. Yes detection quartz is on and yeah i had a save in finale just before going to campaign and i went and searched every area i had access to and all chests are opened. Hmm alright i'm going to give it a 3rd try and for the hell of it i'll record every single chest i open, I don't mind doing it again if it's my fault will be REALLY bummed though if it's just glitched. 100% Got all in Terra and Castle and there's also the hard to spot chest at the bottom of the water shrine that's easy to miss aswell, really don't know what the heck i've missed >.<
  4. Completed my first run of the game the other day and was sad to see this didn't pop so i put it down to an error on my end...Just finished my nightmare play-through while paying EXTRA careful attention to the guide and....still no trophy for opening all the chests....reloaded a save in finale and went and checked all the chests i could get back to and sure enough i have ALL of them. Either the guide is missing a chest or it's glitched i never had this trouble with ToCS1...
  5. I want the Persona 5 Royal character themes!!!!!
  6. Cept the game isn't a musou game....
  7. This game has had a bad reputation for YEARS. 2 weeks isn't going to change that.
  8. Well damn..............Wish i'd read this before i bought it used.
  9. Has to be a seal from forsaken.
  10. This trophy isn't bugged i just got it today.
  11. I've got a hellwalker, Got a level 50 pipebomb you could dupe me?
  12. Hold triangle to hack enemies.