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  1. My Realm Royale trophy guide has been published! Take a look and let me know what you think! I love some constructive criticism 

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    2. PvtVoid


      Nice to see someone making a guide about this awesome game! I know it's subjective, but I would raise to difficulty to 4/10. Simply because I saw so many people struggling with the 11 kills. If you write 3/10 it'll make some people expect it to be easier then it is for them :) 

      You wrote in Absolute unit: ''if you or one of your teammates has 50 shards, you can forge a Resurrection'' It's not exact. The price of the shards varies by the amount of kills your team has. It's 30 shards + 10 shards per kills. 

      I would add a line in 
      Geared Out to talk about the loot goblin. It's an easy way to get legendary gear.

      What is Fireball ability from the Mage? 

      Overall it's pretty good man! Good job :) 

    3. FinalFormYT


      It is a ball of fire that passes through enemies in a line. Its an ability. I will also add your note about the loot goblin and resurrections! Thank you for the info/feedback :)

    4. PvtVoid


      Thanks for the guide! (Even if I got my plat already :highfive: )