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  1. Because its not lol
  2. Was able to get closed access to this one. This is a very easy list. Even reaching level 90 will be done within 1-3 hours through natural play
  3. I have been overseas and have not touched a video game since the end of January. Boy does it feel great to be back home!

  4. Never heard of the game before but the title intrigued me so I had to look it up! Looks like it is pretty straight forwards, and I am more interested in the fact that there is VR support! Depending on the price, I might be picking this one up!
  5. No it is not because you have to do it twice. You can get the infinite ammo weapons on playthrough one, and then use them for the second if you would like, and still get S rank
  6. The method I used to get to level 99 in KH3 with Sora took me less than 2 hours to get from level 40 to 99. Unfortunately, you have to have beaten the game (or gotten very close to doing so) to have access to the area I farmed XP. I was getting 40,000+ XP every minute to a minute and a half. Also easily farmed well over 5,000 kills for the respective trophy.

    1. KingGuy420


      I heard something about xp boosting meals. Were you using that / know what the meal setup is?

    2. FinalFormYT


      I did not know boosting medals were a thing but I wish I did now lol

  7. My Realm Royale trophy guide has been published! Take a look and let me know what you think! I love some constructive criticism 

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    2. PvtVoid


      Nice to see someone making a guide about this awesome game! I know it's subjective, but I would raise to difficulty to 4/10. Simply because I saw so many people struggling with the 11 kills. If you write 3/10 it'll make some people expect it to be easier then it is for them :) 

      You wrote in Absolute unit: ''if you or one of your teammates has 50 shards, you can forge a Resurrection'' It's not exact. The price of the shards varies by the amount of kills your team has. It's 30 shards + 10 shards per kills. 

      I would add a line in 
      Geared Out to talk about the loot goblin. It's an easy way to get legendary gear.

      What is Fireball ability from the Mage? 

      Overall it's pretty good man! Good job :) 

    3. FinalFormYT


      It is a ball of fire that passes through enemies in a line. Its an ability. I will also add your note about the loot goblin and resurrections! Thank you for the info/feedback :)

    4. PvtVoid


      Thanks for the guide! (Even if I got my plat already :highfive: )

  8. Just finished a hardcore playthrough with both characters on Resident Evil 2 without using any infinite ammo weapons, and wow was that fun/challenging 

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    2. alicexshy


      Yes omg man, congratulations! You are the best! 😍👍

    3. FinalFormYT


      Dude do you ever get bored of just nonstop trolling and complaining on every post? Im not trying to be mean or anything, but that is literally all I see ya do brother @alicexshy

    4. alicexshy


      How am I trolling? This was simply a compliment haha I mean it, you truly are the best.

  9. I just realized that next month im picking up 4 new games!


    Jump Force


    Far Cry: New Dawn


  10. Hmm idk looks can be deceiving. The guy who has the platinum is the Community Manage for the publisher of the game. (Team 17)
  11. Oh awesome! Thank You! haha
  12. Just submitted my second trophy guide for review! 


    Game: Realm Royale

    • Free to play battle royale game 

    Time/Difficulty: 20 hours and 3/10

    • The reason it is low for a BR game, is because 68 of your opponents are bots

    As a lot of you know, I submitted my first guide yesterday for Resident Evil 2, and the feedback was AMAZING! So it kind of pushed me to right another, as well as start Kingdom Hearts 3 tonight! Thank you guys!

    1. FinalFormYT



      PSA: dont voice text your posts

  13. Wonder what the Unique Expeditions are
  14. Yes indeed they can
  15. My first trophy guide has been published to the site! Take a look, and tell me what you think! (Resident Evil 2)

    1. alicexshy


      Makes trophy guide but doesn't have the platinum? 🤔

  16. Yup unfortunately he teleports. One time he literally even smashed through a wall and grabbed me lmao
  17. Unfortunately no. You can stagger him/make him go to his knees, but that's it
  18. How long does it normally take for the guide team to upload a guide? I was hoping to see it up today since its for RE2

    1. Mesopithecus


      I was about to say it all depends on how many other guides are currently in the queue to be reviewed, but it looks like your guide has been published ^_^

    2. BlindMango


      Yep, congrats! It's up! It's a pretty awesome guide too =D


      Typically it depends on how many other guides are in the queue and also how many things we have to fix on a guide

    3. FinalFormYT


      Sounds great! And thank you @BlindMango! It means a lot

  19. It does not matter the order in campaigns you play. There are some collectibles specifically tied to scenarios though. Hopefully my trophy guide gets published today
  20. They keep track of them. You don't need to collect them all again if you got them in A
  21. I spent the last 15 hours straight writing the trophy guide for Resident Evil 2. I imagine it will be published sometime tomorrow, so please enjoy, and ask any questions!


    Now I can play some games 😂

  22. Yeah I regretted not picking them up on my Claire speed run, so picked up all 6 on my Leon B speed run
  23. I grabbed the film from the sewers and then used that to get the two photos. You can backtrack up until the point you go to the Laboratory