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  1. I would also have 2 say lame and fake.Yes you get some dud screenshots but that what makes it even better when you get a great 1 organically without using exploits.So its definitely a no for me.
  2. Scored ND yet another 95 and made them a boatload of money and has tons of devout fans idk why they would change a thing.
  3. And this what happens when people take whats supposed to be a video game space and try and make it political.Lets leave politics to the politicians and not try to push our own agendas here its pointless those of us who are right no were right those on the left no they're wrong simple as that.
  4. Grample i see your at it again speaking the truth to people some who want to here it and others who need something they can cry about Uncharted 2 96% Uncharted 3 92% Uncharted 4 93% TLOU 95% TLOU remastered 95% TLOU 2 95% these guys truly cant be stopped.
  5. Very well said this guy loses the validity of his argument very early into.
  6. Very well said on both fronts in the future i will take your approach and not even watch trailers because they are spoilers in a way and on the other hand cancel culture and the movements always want to find something to complain about and be negative about instead of spreading positivity and then wonder why the wake up depressed every morning sheesh maybe they should look in the mirror and find that it is only themselves that they are holding back.Ps sorry if i got to deep.
  7. I couldnt agree with you more basically took the words out of my mouth i appreciate you posting an honest opinion here.
  8. Completely avoided the spoilers/leaks and obviously glad i did the game is amazing and although not perfect doesnt deserve the low scores that crybabies who dont know how to compartmentalize are giving it.
  9. Definitely would agree with you 10/10 for the OP.People always have something to complain about in the modern age the game is critically acclaimed people always crying about something and thinking you have to go along with there PC runamuck.
  10. True True True Very well said great breakdown Couldn't agree more.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself but i would also through in dont knock twice.
  12. Its free and automatically added in the update. The game truly isn't that bad.Actually very charming and the trophy is 8 minutes in.
  13. Because the game is a buggy piece of trash thats why.
  14. Game wasn't in KC.Fact Check.