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  1. I'm not too sure about that as never even thought about if it's lives additional to what you start with but as I had 10 I'll never know. Personally I'd try to get level 1 done with all extra lives so you'll be on 7 without losing a life. You could even cheat a little by uploading your save to the cloud every checkpoint to make sure you have enough lives for the final battle but as this is more of a run through than finding collectables and doing secret encounters you'll have plenty without it. All the best with it.
  2. You start the dlc with 3 lives and can find a maximum of 11, giving you 14 live sin total. 4 on level 1, 3 on level 2 and 4 on level 3... The dlc isn't too bad to finish with 5 lives, I finished it an hour ago with 10 lives left.
  3. Any chance you could help me with authentic plus?
  4. Finally gone back to this game after a long time and it just won't connect to the online portion of the game. Has it been shut down? Need all the online trophies unfortunately so would be annoying if the platinum is no longer achievable...
  5. Go into one of the zones where you need to be wearing a mask, then let the timer go to zero. Once it gets to zero wait a further few seconds, get your backpack out and craft a new one and then equip it and should unlock it. I had a similar issue but you have to let him to struggle to breathe first. Hope this helps
  6. I'll have a search round there, thanks mate. That's the south though so didn't think it would be that far down... Odd how these northern, southern, etc animals work as I find a lot of western animals in the east.
  7. Anyone know of a few spawn locations for the Northern Copperhead Snake? Wondered around the map for a while now and it's the last animal left to skin for Skin Deep trophy (studied it earlier in the game during a mission if I recall). Mostly been searching northern end of the Roanoke River...
  8. Yeah it's still the same, As I've done more animals now I'm currently sitting at 98% Zooligist, and 97% Skin Deep but when I use the tool, it shows 98% and 14%. As far as I'm aware I'm just missing Western Moose to study and skin, Devon Bull and Eastern Turkey Vulture to study. and Northern Copperhead Snake to skin.
  9. Been using this for the past few days, however when I went on today to continue tracking down the last 20 or so animals it shows that I'm 94% done with studying, but only 4% skinned. Guessing this is an error with the main website?
  10. As the title says, an easy way to get all the collectable cigarette cards. Step 1: buy premium packs from general store Step 2: discard all premium packs Step 3: repeat If you wait til you've finished the game, you can buy all the upgraded satchels(during the game you needed certain pelts I believe) which increases all the capacities for all items (not ammunition). Meaning you can buy 10 premium packs for 10 cigarette cards at a time, shouldn't take too long to get all 144. Then mail all the sets for your money back... Between $50-100 per set.
  11. Only needed your honor to be at level 4 during chapter 6 in order to trigger Ms. Downes in Annesberg. Plus you could of simply played the game how you wanted to up until that point, I decided to ride around Saint Denis and just greet everyone, took a few hours to get it to max level if you kept your honor in the centre...
  12. Unsure about this... I had a completed save where I obtained the platinum and did pretty much everything on (bought on day one), I bought it again when the DLC released and it ended up wiping that save file and replacing it with a new one upon start up, so that completed save file was lost forever and unfortunately wasn't backed up on the cloud storage. So my advice would be to make sure its backed up before starting up the game for the first time.
  13. How did they not fix this with all the patches? It's a simple requirement trophy yet its glitched... Anyone got any work arounds? So far I've deleted and re-installed everything, used my completed save game killing cops and enemies in both main game map and DLC map and tried a new game yet still won't unlock...
  14. Anyone have a certified item (Preferably easy to level to veteran) and a very rare item? Got a few crates I'm willing to trade; 1 Nitro, 1 Overdrive, 1 Player's Choice, 1 Turbo, 1 Velocity and 3 Victory. PSN is Joseph-Follows.
  15. I'm up to try this, sick of getting to wave 19 then failing. PSN is Joseph-Follows.