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  1. I would say red dead redemption (ps3) started it about 3 times and stopped after about 3-5 hours in every time
  2. just make sure you have enough time... you need to win 9 tournament and if i remember correctly they circulate every week... would be a shame to do al but 1 tournament. glad i got rid of these trophies a ling time ago... now i need to go back for single player
  3. Vita never got the dlcs... but i think youll be able to sync your progress to the ps4 a d continue from there
  4. Rayman origins... i have it 3 times... i only need the russian/polish list now... Also alice madness returns was a good favourite of mine... Spec ops the line And the binding of isaac May i add a favourite plat + 100% Killing floor 2 - the game that keeps giving me trophies... every once in a while i check my list and from time to time i find that KF2 is not on 100% anymore, i redownload the game, get those collectibles and delete it again
  5. Im midway through the game now and i must say this is true a hiddn gem. Bought this game really cheap on sale (CD) without knowing anything about it, saw big guns with a small price and pressed buy. This decision turned out very successful as im enjoying every minute of it. Gameplay is smooth (maybe too smooth because you cant really feel like you are walking, more feels like sliding/strafing, but that doesnt make the game bad) Gun building is awesome But when tackling this game trophy wise i noticed an issue, at first i read that two trophies were glitchy, the ones that count for 1000 kills (spinbots and fist kills) but the latest update version fixed it, but then i tried to get the trophies for finishing the level without killing or getting hit and i found these two arent popping. So i deleted my save and tried again and figured id go for the kill boss drown in lava, still this wont pop on a new game and the others wont too. I deleted everything and restarted the console without connecting online and played again, all 3 trophies popped on the 1st cd version. The kill boss and drown on the 1st level and the two other trophies, no hits, no kills and no miss can be done on the 1st side mission ship. So id suggest starting 1st with your ps4 not connected online and after getting these trophies delete everything and restart on the latest update. Hope you enjoy this game as much as i do
  6. Running through a 100% list now, did you Spend 300$ at the pole position club?
  7. Fire fighter missions?
  8. El shaddai - ascention of the metatron Only missing G ranks for all levels.... but the requirements are too hard, gave up on it. Still one of my favorite games
  9. I want to get the fly the co op trophy... so if anyone is interested hit me up with a friend request
  10. i'll need help with some of the trophies here... anyone wanna play over the weekend? hit me up with a friend request - barakmh
  11. Im in... ill nominate a game once i finish off spiderman
  12. i always get sidetracked by these kinda things so when i get back to the story i'm usually overpowered
  13. the last guardian knack 2
  14. I have the disc version and when i only 3 episodes are installed, the 4th one says march 26 which is the release date of that episode but i cant install it. Any solution?