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  1. I wanna have a go too.... count me in if you wanna boost at some point
  2. Im in... ill nominate a game once i finish off spiderman
  3. i always get sidetracked by these kinda things so when i get back to the story i'm usually overpowered
  4. the last guardian knack 2
  5. I have the disc version and when i only 3 episodes are installed, the 4th one says march 26 which is the release date of that episode but i cant install it. Any solution?
  6. I got hit by both the ray and the purple ones when i got the medals
  7. Hi all Im so close for the plat on hyper sentinel but i am missing 2 medals that i cant figure out what i need to do to earn them. 2C avoider medal - avoid being hit by any surge enemy 3B on guard medal - avoid being hit by the sentry guard. Ive tried literally everything so any help in understanding will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi I also thought that the surge enemies are the purple ones but looks like they're the group of coloured enemies that come as a swarm of 5 For the other challenge The sentry guard is the missle enemy that attacks from side to side and that you cant kill and not the middle cannon... Hope that helps mate, let me know The photo you posted got me confused as well, this is not correct mate... at least not for those medals
  9. mine is for this little skill game called binaries with only 17 achievers - game is highly addictive and a real challenge. i really enjoyed it so recommend more people should try it - still can get into the first 50 list 😜
  10. Before the patch all kills were stealth kills making this trophy a lot easier, i found it best done now killing an enemy while he is talking to someone else
  11. Hope this helps... If you found this helpful id appreciate a sub..
  12. Hey guys Im trying to gold that last botz level with the magnet... im getting all the stars and killing all enemies yet i still get a score of 42600, gold is 45000... what am i doing wrong? How can i score more points? Thanks
  13. Thanks mate!! that did the trick... 47250 💚
  14. Ok, cool ill try that then. Cheers
  15. Dont forget me mate...
  16. Cant now, but its the last level, the one that rolls the credits when you finish it... doesnt seem to have time bonuses. Its the 3rd boyz invasion level with the camera on, it has a watery raised platform and you need to use a magnet to build the antirobot thingy
  17. hi all this is the full video of me looking for the collectables on the monster ball map, i've added time stamps for each one and for the alchemist room unlock - hope this helps...
  18. i love you too mate 💚
  19. hi i am selling my copy if you like to have it, i am now looking for the russian version to complete all rayman origins platinums let me know if you are interested
  20. Hey all I want to get all versions of rayman origins done... already have the vita version EU and JP, i am only missing the russian version... Since i just platted the Japanese version i would like to offer a trade for the russian version with someone from the community, im sure there will be someone here who would love the japanese copy.
  21. Youll do it eventually, dont give up, the plat popping is a great feeling on this game
  22. I bought mafia 3 4 hours before they announced it as a freebie
  23. i love twin stick shooters and rogue-lite games, Once this game comes up on sale im picking it up Clearing my backlog now
  24. defo getting this one, looks like a mix up between isaac and gungeon, i knew this thread would be usefull 💪 as english not being my native language i will now correct my mistake. thanks