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  1. This is a simple task...I've gotten 40 platinums in a single day each game from start to finish...100 platinums today is a joke...I can do that in a week max.
  2. Its clearly save usage...the bug pops all trophies instantly...look at top person for knack its 12 seconds..
  3. emails wont help you...timestamps are impossible the flag will remain..
  4. I never got 6 cutters lol most ive ever got was 2 at once...I can make a video to show my method...
  5. That's false there's a clear method...never go score, armor, or guns route...go health route once to get health pack in the mid-rounds and the rest of the rounds go supplies or money route...therefore, you get tons of money to buy and upgrade spam supplies. Also only max out and use the rifle the entire 10 rounds...I use this method every time and its super easy...
  6. Get it physically...
  7. Why don't you release JP trophy lists? You would make so much more money I would buy all your games in JP version!
  8. It can't be that...each link is a different trophy list and there's 8,298 trophy lists.
  9. When you go here https://psnprofiles.com/games and click on the latest game which is God's Trigger the website link is https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8960-gods-trigger and when you go to the oldest game which is Super Stardust HD the website link is https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1-super-stardust-hd. The number in the website links are in order when the trophy lists are added to the site it seems. So there should be 8,960 games. However, I only see 8,298 games tracked. So my question is: Why isn't there 8,960 games tracked?
  10. It doesn't matter if the videos are his...the fact that someone else achieved a time similar to his proves that its not impossible to get a fast time like he did
  11. Its not impossible...anyone with admin access to servers that contains your trophy data can delete your trophies. Trophy syncing is a two way process either from console to server or server to console...remove your account from your console and they delete your trophy data from the server and your trophies are gone
  12. Recommend solo...enemies take way more damage and kill you faster with 2 people...co-op trophy just have 2 controllers and keep letting the second person die lol
  13. Beat Hakoom? I will never be able to do that hell I'd be happy getting to Level 50 in a year...He has way more access to games than me I mean I have a lot like 700-800 but no where close to him
  14. I'll add you. No cheating here all legit I probably will fail getting to 100 in a year but I have a huge list of games to go through so it'll be close
  15. Also I'm trying to see how long I can maintain an average of 100+ trophies per day and go from PSN Level 1 to 100 in 1 year...