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  1. https://lbp.me/v/cj2y48/ Please leave a comment on the level and I will P4P. Thanks!
  2. Updated. Thanks! Updated. Thanks! Updated, but unfortunately the quality of your image wasn't good enough, so I created an image myself. I hope you like it! Updated, except for Beer Pong. I've left it open for now, because the game just released so there's a good chance there will be higher-res material available in the near future. ... and to BudsieBuds for uploading well over 600 headers, yey. I tried, but I just couldn't resist, hehe.
  3. All updated. Thanks guys!
  4. For me it shows Fallout 3 as the last played game on your profile.
  5. Some games come up twice after searching for them. Should be simple enough to add for example (G) for German and (J) for Japan after a game's name. For example: - Saints Row: The Third - Saints Row: The Third (G) - Dead Island - Dead Island (J) Thanks!
  6. I'm actually with you on this one, that's why I think they should only be visible for the logged in user. That way the games are included in the Trophy Advisor and on the list, but there's no use in trying to show how many games you might own.
  7. I really didn't mean to offend you! Let me clarify; I bumped into this post just reading through the topic and remembered seeing your avatar in this one. It was meant as a joke and I'm sorry if it didn't come off as one. I appreciate your reaction though.
  8. This. You fully understood what I mean.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking about that. Maybe they shouldn't be visible to others to prevent messy lists? It is after all for personal benefit, not to show to other users which games you own.
  10. Hi guys, I'd really like to see the option to add games to my list without having to play them. Why? Well, mainly because I'd like to see them in the Trophy Advisor and I would be able too make a quicker decision of what game I'm gonna play next. There are many games I 'own' that I haven't played yet, mainly the Instant Game Collection games. I could explain in detail, but I think this example image speaks for itself. What do you guys think?
  11. Hi guys, I was just looking at the settings menu and noticed that there is an option to set the timezone, but no option to choose if you want to use AM/PM or 24:00. Seems like an easy feature to program for the site. Thanks in advance!
  12. I'd love to see the ability to add games to the trophy advisor. I've got a lot of unplayed games, either lying around or from PS Plus. It makes choosing what to play next a lot easier, atleast for me.