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  1. How is this a problem? People that look for new games to play can get a basic idea on the game and trophies and it's a good way to open general discussion in the forums.
  2. I am the author of the LBP guide here. As I don't have a profile here displaying my trophies anymore and can't edit the guide, you should contact the Guide Team about adding it to the guide supposing that it's not an illegitimate mean of acquiring the trophies.
  3. So the thing goes like this.. the Flower is a deity or something sent by the gods, the antagonists of the series, to exterminate mankind. It found a girl on the brink of the death and parasited her. That girl was Zero. She was a girl that was sold at brothels and caught a terminal disease and at the moment of her death the last thing she saw was the Flower. Its intentions were to use Zero until it went to full bloom and use its powers to destroy mankind. As a side-effect Zero became an Intoner and was able to use the power of the song. Zero freaked out and tried to commit suicide, however the Flower would not permit that and made 5 copies of Zero, the Intoners. Zero then understood that the only way to exterminate the Flower is by killing these copies, her sisters, because the Flower's power also existed inside the other Intoners. Then she would ask for the help of a dragon to kill herself, so the Flower will be destroyed before it reached full bloom, since dragons are natural enemies of gods in the series. That dragon was Michael, who we see at the Prologue and in Zero's DLC and later his reincarnation Mikhail. This is the basic gist of things. The whole story becomes even more confusing when you take the timelines into consideration and it will take an entire thread to explain.
  4. My childhood... I wouldn't mind any trophies as long as I get to play these games again. I've done everything that can be done in the Crash series before, even all platinum relics in Crash 3 and I still remember all secrets from the trilogy. I need to get a PS4 soon and go back to gaming.
  5. Alien Isolation. I really want to play this game.
  6. As BlindMango has mentioned, the guides are going to be re-uploaded. And that is ok by me, if the site has decided that. But if any thinks that they can do a better guide in any of these games, then please work on it. Also to the people in the posts above, no worries no offence was taken.
  7. Alright so I am going to make one last post about this and hopefully people will take some time to read over the entire thread, digest what's written in it and then come back with a cooler head, or at least the staff make an official say on this. I see people defending and attacking my case. This makes the whole thing debatable. No matter their side everyone keeps asking for proof but they also can't prove the opposite. So we have my word against the rest. True I can't prove I didn't use a save file other than mine, but you can't prove that I did. Are you going to label me as a cheater because you are not in the same boat? I see that it's not if someone has cheated, it's if his trophy list LOOKS suspicious. I invite you to look at games like AMY, whose trophy list among users looks the most suspicious but people are not accused of hacking there as well. The cheating policy is messed up because of the above. Take a look at games like AvP and the online trophies. You find it more fair that you can use a proxy server to unlock the online trophies in minutes than having a trophy glitch in your favor? You need to reconsider what counts as cheating. The whole public dispute thing is an invitation for drama. You may consider what happened so far with this thread as drama, you are welcome to think so, but I take it as potential feedback on the issues here. I find it more of a drama what has been happening to other dispute threads. It's wrong in so many levels. It seems many people have been thinking about this stuff and it's why we have so many opinions on this. The whole guides thing is left on the staff. Do what you want with them, if you think they'll be useful to the site get them back, if not keep them down. While people may not agree with how far I took things and how much attention I gave to this entire issue, I took it as far as I deemed it to be necessary. You may not care about such things as pride, but I do. If you don't, you are welcome to think so, but this involves other issues as well. If you don't care, then you can flag yourself in some games and just hide them. It's not that important according to you anyway. To most people participating in this discussion thank you for understanding, especially the last few posts. Truly thank you. Reading some of the more reasonable responses lean me to put the guides back. I need to go to work, probably will come back much later to check on the discussion.
  8. I am just responding to people, this is the basics of conversation and a healthy discussion. You come with an arguement, I respond with another one. The matter itself is sensitive one and bound to be a heated one, which may actually result in something good for the forums here. It seems that many people have been feeling that way judging from some responses. Having someone come here saying I don't care doesn't help the conversation.
  9. You have no reason to keep posting here then. You are one good example of the whole issue I mentioned about the whole dispute thing going public. Everyone can come here, throw some useless posts in the thread and leave. Then that person thinks he is cool after doing so. I don't care about your hours in trophy hunting and I don't care about your opinions. And I certainly don't want to hear about taking something seriously about trophies from someone that has wasted hours in videogames (and from the look of your account, someone avoiding playing hard games just to have an 100% account).
  10. That's the whole issue in one sentence here. Why is it not innocent until proven guilty as the presumption of innocence states? Those people could have used a hack for all you know, the trophy was super glitchy and I was one that suffered during that time, as I knew the time limit of that trophy and started playing early just for that. From my experience it should always be all or nothing and avoid double standards. If you can't prove that people are guilty for unlocking the trophy after the time limit, then they are innocent. And looks are always deceiving. I take you to the Amy trophy cases. Sorry @Broni1337I laughed so hard at that comment, we are in a site involving trophies, people spending thousands of hours playing shitty games (their right to do so, I don't judge) just to get some trophies and you say too serious about a trophy? Please. I am not going to hide it, cause I admit that way that I cheated. And so you know, it's more than a trophy being flagged for all I care I haven't trophy hunted for years due to studies and work. It's the insult to my face. EDIT: Let me in turn rephrase the question. Why did the save appear solely after Dec 14 and not before? What made the save work after that date and not before it? We are all talking and making speculations. That's the issue, no one knows the real reason to a buggy game with a buggy trophy and we'll never know. I see people defending my case and others not, the whole problem is debatable.
  11. My bad I should have used my ironic writing style to an even greater level so it was understandable by everyone, but I thought the next paragraph would make it clear the way it started... 'In the end I wrote it all down not for the drama...' EDIT: I mean EVERYONE having the trophy unlocked should have the game removed from their list. It's a debatable case as you said.
  12. And I come back saying that it was my own save file for all you know. You know how easy it actually is to change the earn date of each trophy? Very much if I dare to say. But I won't do it, cause I don't have anything to be ashamed of. I choose to bring this matter to light and show everyone how bs that is. It's not allowed? Debatable? Fine, remove the game from everyone's trophy list. Don't include it to anyone's list. Either that or the site really needs to change its policy about what is considered cheating. I consider what I did for Aliens vs Predator more of a cheating than what happened to this game. Exploited an in-game mechanism to unlock the online trophies for AvP in mere minutes. Flag me for that game too and for any other possible glitch that I did in any other game. Amy users as well for the story trophies glitching and unlocking in different times. And sir this is where you are wrong. I never threaten, I always act. I said I am going to remove everything, my account included, not unflag this or I remove everything I have precious guides you don't want to lose. You want to call it hallucinating, misinterpreting, call it whatever but the only advice I can give you is to stop it. The drama is created by the site's policy to make this dispute thing public like it's some sort of Inquisition. I read quite a few of these threads and people go in there acting high and mighty passing their swift judgement with an ironic tone. You justified it by saying the work would be too much for the staff. It seems there are a lot of good judges that enjoy proving cheaters are cheaters, so add more staff members specifically for that. And you want it to call it insult, you can call it whatever you want, it doesn't change the fact that someone went over an 8-9 years old game indescrimatingly marking people as cheaters.
  13. Sadly it seems we can't understand each other. One of the points I am talking about is how people bashed my guides in the past (that's an attack) and ask for them to be replaced instead of giving feedback (that's not criticism). I don't consider feedback, sentences like 'It sucks' or 'I don't understand it'. They can use it or not, their opinion. Writing down I don't like it without explaining why always leaves you wondering and I will certainly not going to hunt people asking what I did wrong. You are talking about me ignoring any potential criticism and that it's the reason that I beat myself over. Totally wrong. I always added whatever people asked me to add or whenever they told me that my guides were lacking. I was getting bashed, not criticised. I don't consider attacks feedback and this is where we can't communicate well. As a sidenote all of my guides were proof-tested by someone who hadn't played the game and they rarely had problems with the game. Anyway, you are all hanging on one thing I wrote and keep discussing it ignoring the rest that happened and then after a few posts you are going to ask 'So how is this connected with everything?' The big post I made in this thread is where I point you. I am done explaining myself over and over, with a little concentration and focus everyone can see what my points were in that post.
  14. True for all the guides I've written, I didn't make a single one of them so I would be praised or someone pat me in the head and say 'Good job, I'm proud of you'. It was enough for me that people were using them and when I saw a simple 'Thanks' as a comment, that was enough for me to keep writing more. But I also didn't write them for the opposite to happen with comments such as 'Your guides are not understandable, someone please write another one'. 'This guide has no information on how to do the tutorial, I'm going to look at another one'. I realize that I am not a good writer, or at least was, criticism was always welcome in my guides, but sheer negative feedback without explanation is not welcome. Even the worst guide in the site has had some time invested in it and the least you can do for the author is to tell in a polite way what he can improve for the next time. I also can't believe that you were writing guides without hoping that they could be of some use. If someone were to post to your guide what was getting posted in some of mine, I'd like to see your reaction there and if you would be any motivated to write anything else. Ifs and buts don't change anything and if the flag was not there, then the removal would never happen. The discard of guides is a very easy process to do, just as undoing this discard is as well. Sometimes extreme measures must be taken. And no, it wasn't to give awe to my case, as said it was because of pride and enough is enough. Well we like drama here. I don't care what others do and frankly I never did. I always looked at my stuff and not at what others do while gaming. I also find it amazing that people search for proof in a game over 8 years old. You'd expect most people to remember what they did that long ago with every detail... Especially when most of them never played the game.
  15. Wow 2 posts and 1 action and it led to this thread with people just bashing me without actually knowing and understanding what happened. There seems to be a lot of stuff I have to reply to but yeah I'll just deal with the main ones. And seeing that the other thread was closed as I was writing my response I guess I'll post it here: Starting with the small one there was someone that said I thought he deleted his account but he's still here; you are right I am here, sadly I must wait until I return back to my country in a month to get back to my PS3, account deactivation on this site requires me to use the PS3. So now that you know, please hang in there with me for a month more. Alright now to the main points. I see people writing stuff lol he cheated and got flagged, now he babyrages and deletes his content. Any explanation I'd dare to give would be discarded, because 'people know better', but nonetheless let's explain again. I told you what happened in the first post as well. I was playing my game regularly, I had won more than 5 interactive matches. Trophy didn't pop. I go back to the game after a year or so to get what other trophies I left in the game, the trophy pops after an online match. My question is this; How do you all know that I used a different save file and it wasn't my own save file that triggered it? My save file had a record of more than 5 interactive matches won. I have changed a lot of PS3s due to YLOD and I transfer my saves every time, it could be my save that people used to unlock their trophy. I told you my conciousness is clear, I never cheated for a game and never will. If I did, there are about 3-4 more games in my profile with unachievable trophies I don't have, so I could unlock them by unwanted means, but guess what, I won't, cause I don't cheat. I honestly don't see how this is any different than trophies like I Am Bad Company from the same game. For people that know of this game and how the awards were badly glitched, there was a fix issued after some time and then people would log in and get the trophy immediately. That's not the same thing, you'll say, well I beg to differ. I got the trophies for what I already did in both games much later after the requirements were met. If you still consider that it's cheating, well our views and moral points vastly differ. Anyway I am done explaining why my name is clear. I rest my case now, you honorable judges. And in the end I don't care about whether the flag is gone or whatnot (in the end it didn't, which proves my points even more since they didn't even wait for a response), I just wanted to call bullshit on the flag itself, when there is unjust towards you, you always want to shout and say that's not true. I don't really care what happens from now on this matter and to anyone saying that you do care because you wrote all of this stuff, well just wait until something unfair happens to you and then when you react, remember this. Now I wish to make my login here as short possible, so I'll reply for the other thread (this one) as well regarding the guides in this post as well. Sorry mods for the off-topic, but it was a chain reaction. I like how people think it's funny that my MGS4 guide is still on ps3t.org and they think I dumped out and overlooked that. Guess what, I know, I am the one that wrote and posted it there. The only thing that saddens me a bit is that my Souls guides, which I really really liked and consider them to be some of my best work from my days of guide writing are not up anymore (same for the other guides but not to this extent). By my choice yeah, but when I think that they were never really appreciated, I think it may be for the best. I've seen some posts in the forum of people actually asking to make a 'better Demon Souls and Dark Souls' guide with mine 'not being understandable'. When you experience something like this after tons of hours spent in these guides to make them as straightforward for the trophies as it can humanly be, you'd expect people to actually say something nice for a change. But when this happens to you, you want to remove them, instead I kept them all this time for the small amount of people that used them and appreciated them for what they were, but this final insult to my face of being a cheater was the last drop. In a heated moment I deleted all of my content in this site, since ungrateful people marked me for being a cheater as well. Salt to injury. What happens now with the guides? Frankly I don't care. The site still has permission to use my guides as I uploaded them here in the first place, as per site terms of use. If Sly or anyone from the staff wants to get them back, well tough luck for me they can actually do that. Ethics and morality don't match well with business, so I understand since I work as well and know how tough surviving is. But with my removal of the guides hopefully I sent a message even to the few people that it went for. What do I want to happen with the guides? I don't mind if they stay down or they get back up, the choice is yours, my message was sent. One category of people I am really really sorry for are the players that were using the guides when they were taken down. To them I frankly apologize and thank you for using my guides. I made them for that reason in the first place and I remember when I used to write a lot back in the day that it was an enjoyable process albeit time-consuming and tough. And yes I created this for the drama, it was all me. If that helps you with your stay here, then yes just say that. Childish and petty you may call it, but I call it being proud and enough is enough. In the end I wrote it all down not for the drama, but because my name is clear in any way. I know that I never cheated, getting marked by people, who will never understand, as being a cheater and hacker, doesn't help to my ego, but ok I'll get over it in time. Maybe I overreacted in the guides bit, but seeing that they were not much appreciated and accepted, I guess you won't miss them a lot. In any way and in case the guides stay down, if anyone wants the Souls guides or any other game that I made just send me a message and I'll send you the file I have saved them. I'll still be here until I go back to my country and my PS3.