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  1. Welp, I felt really empty after platting P5 and wanted more content... so I bought P5R yesterday. X D


    I intend on platting this next! I’ve played 14 hours so far, and omg the amount of great changes is amazing. T^T 


    So happy to be back in this universe! :DD

    1. lanmao


      It's amazing how much they managed to improve on an already great game.  Enjoy!

    2. Bittersweet


      Beware, you'll also feel empty after platting P5R lol. The game is such a solid experience, though, so yeah~


    3. Auxiliarydex


      Oh, I know! I intend on getting Strikers when I’m done with this one. Hopefully it’ll be on sale by then. I have all of the previous games to go back and play too, so that’s definitely gonna take... a while to say the least. >v<


      Thank you both! ^v^

  2. Eeeeeee I just got the platinum !!! :DDDDD

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    2. Auxiliarydex


      Thank you so much everyone!! >w<


      Kaiser, when you do get around to it, I hope you have fun! It was a super fun one for me. :3

    3. KaiserVendrix


      Thanks very much @Auxiliarydex! Honestly I've played the game and Plat it before on a old account, but that won't stop me from doing it all over again one day =P

    4. MidnightDragon
  3. It took me so long but I finally beat the twins. >.<


    I didn’t follow a guide or anything for it, just went in and tried and it took quite a while but I did it! So now, the only trophy I have left to get for the platinum is the max out all confidants one, and that’s going to come automatically!! :DD


    Will update when I have the platinum!! :3

  4. Good afternoon! ^w^


    I, thankfully, managed to get all my confidants done so now I’m just waiting on Morgana and Igor to level up automatically. :3


    I’m on 12/19 right now, so almost at the end of the game, meaning hopefully I’ll have that sweet, sweet platinum soon. >u<


    All that’s left to do now is to complete the persona compendium (which I might actually go and do right now since I’ve finished the confidants) & defeat the twins! : D


    Have a nice afternoon! :3

    1. kindajustin


      Best of luck on the platinum!

    2. Auxiliarydex


      Thank you so much! ^v^


      Just finished the compendium so I’m getting super close!! :DD

  5. I’m so stressed rn. >.<


    I don’t have long left on this playthrough and my confidants don’t seem close enough to being done. T^T


    I’m on 19/11, I only have 10 max rank confidants. :c

    1. Auxiliarydex


      My incomplete list right now is:


      Fool - 9

      Magician - 9

      Empress - 3

      Emperor - 9

      Hierophant - 7

      Justice - 6

      Hermit - 9

      Hanged Man - 5

      Devil - 9

      Tower - 4

      Judgement - 6


      4 of which level on their own, so basically I have 7 to finish.. I’m hoping I can get it done in time as well as all of the requests. T^T

    2. douchebro


      i believe you got til dec, 22nd to max out all confidants. that's more than a month so hopefully you make the most of it 

    3. Auxiliarydex


      Thank you for the info! I always seem to forget which specific date it is until it’s my last free day. :b


      I have 8 days left and only 3 left to level (not including auto ones)!

      Right now, they’re currently at 

      Empress - 8

      Hanged Man - 8

      Tower - 9


      So, I should hopefully be able to do it! : D

  6. Hello!~


    This is my first post on here despite trophy hunting for a while + having an account for a while! I’m currently working on my Persona 5 platinum. : )


    Would love to make some friends! :3

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Welcome to the forums. If you have any questions or need any help, give me a holler.

    3. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Hooooi.  You'll meet plenty of awesome people here!  Hope you enjoy your time c:

    4. Auxiliarydex


      Ah, hello everyone! Thank you so much for your kind welcomes, I look forward to spending some more time here with you all on the forums! :3