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  1. I feel stupid now, the highest kingdom power I have is 9.. I can't reach power 10 with 1 kingdom let alone 5 at power 15
  2. Hi, so I've finally upgraded 5 kingdoms to level 15 but the trophy didn't unlock, is this a known issue? and can I solve it?
  3. I was confused about how this game shows on my trophy advisor even though I never bought it, when I go to the shop it only gives me the buy option, so I checked the slow as hell download list on my Vita and went manually down all the way to August 2013 and found a Breakquest: Extra Evolution Freemium ! It must have been delisted later. will give it a try and see how it goes.
  4. Totally disagree, my money, my rules. Even with sales and "free" ps plus games I find myself having less and less time to play blockbusters and focus more on short sessions games, my backlog is so huge with games I've "supported" but never got to even unwrap (spiderman, horizon..). Also shouldn't they care more about total life revenue rather than launch week sales.. it's not like the games go stale in a year. Series I've always bought and enjoyed on launch: everything Nauthgty dog, Motorstorm, Quantic Dream, Media molecules, Final Fantasy (except the remake because I thought part 2 was coming sooner rather than later but lol)
  5. Here is a list of games on Vita that I want to buy before the shutdown with their prices on the UAE store in dollars: Must: Ray Gigant 18.99 Army corps of hell 8.99 Killzone Bot zone DLC 3.29 LBP DC comics DLC 7.29 FF X / X-2 30.99 Frobisher Says DLC 3.29 Floating Cloud God 4.49 Nekoburo cats block 4.99 Maybe: Resistance burning 12.99 Silent hill memories 12.99 Silent hill memories dlc 4.99 Breakquest 8.79 Orgarhythm 8.79 AR games Digimon games 1 or 2
  6. found it at 653 KM deep.. took most of the day to reach!
  7. so today I captured all heroes and evolved all the monsters, the only thing left is to find one Mara monster in the dungeon, but I've been digging all day with little luck, currently at 475 KM deep, when will it appear?? also, do we know if ad-hoc party through a PS3 can unlock the multiplayer trophy?
  8. it is a fun game, just got back to it today after leaving it for so many years! I am aiming to complete the rest of the trophies except the ad-hoc .. as for your question, I don't think there is a puzzle game with platinum trophy
  9. Sony sent an email about it, here are the important bits: You can download your owned content onto your PS3, PS Vita, or PSP by accessing the Download List on the respective device.• If you have purchased a PS3/PS Vita cross-buy bundle and have only downloaded either the PS3 or PS Vita version, you will need to download the other version prior to the closure of PlayStation™Store on the relevant device.• You will still be able to re-download and play game titles you have claimed through PlayStation®Plus as long as you remain a member of the service.
  10. I got mine last week by buying an engram from Xur, it wasn't a red war one, but the trophy popped
  11. If it's on the card, does it mean you can buy it used and still access it?
  12. Any update ? I'm facing the same issue T_T
  13. This is probably from the early days of PS3 , I have missing stamps for Tekken 6 back in 2010, no big deal. If you go to Trophy log on psnprofiles they put the missing time-stamped ones at the very end so the order is pretty accurate. You have asked if someone would consider opening a new account? you have 1400 plus trophies, it would be a waste to just start from scratch. I'd only consider it if I was level 1 or 2 still.
  14. I'll pass, it is not fun enough to wreck my nerves and thumbs for.