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  1. Any tips i struggle to get this even now
  2. WAY too hard you usually run into someone who will just cheese you out
  3. I have a physical copy that i just loaded up for the first time and when i goto multiplayer it bring me to the store to buy it and it shows up no problem..not really sure its worth $10 to get a platinum
  4. eh its super repetitive and some of the islands are a pain to navigate just happy to be done with it.
  5. glad you got it was bout to say it is def not glitched ..just have to finish game
  6. Don't think its bugged i did it bout a hour ago
  7. Not missing out on much, the game sucks...but didnt really expect anything great after the whole delay thing
  8. did you not finish the creation process? after you create the new capcom id it lets you put ur PSN in...i had no problems signing up at all..yeah it took a few minutes but once again no problem at all
  9. Missing one mementos "The carriers guild assault". .anyone have the carrier missions done so i can pop in and grab it...i locked myself out of the carrier missions on my + playthrough...this would be a really big help don't really feel like starting a new game as i'm also trying to platinum on ps4..
  10. Anyone who didn't have any bugged trophies consider yourself lucky i've had a few .
  11. anyone got any ideas? i got this on the ps4 version but it doesn't seem to pop when i got the 6 done on the ps5 version..
  12. hmm might be ur save file mine seems to work correctly
  13. Anybody else doing this bs right now? think im half way through and losing interest....such a tough grind😅
  14. These 2 fighting games absolutely fucking suck ,did anyone actually enjoy playing them when they came out?